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Judge's Corner

Blinking Nexus

Questions: 4
Q: My opponent attacks with a vanilla 4/4 creature, I turn my Blinkmoth Nexus into a 1/1 creature to chump block. My opponent plays Echoing Decay on my Nexus to destroy it.
Do I still take 4 damage?
A: Yes. After you play the Nexus's ability, and it turns into a creature, both players must pass in succession on an empty stack to send it to declaring blockers - simply having an empty stack does not send it to the declare blockers step.
Therefore, there will be a time when the Nexus is a creature and can be gotten rid of before blockers are declared. Assuming your opponent plays the Echoing Decay then, the Nexus will never be able to block before it dies.
Therefore, assuming you have no more available blockers, you will be taking 4 from the unblocked creature.
Q: When do you imprint a card on Chrome Mox?
Read the imprint on Chrome Mox ...
"Imprint -- When Chrome Mox comes into play, you may remove a nonartifact, nonland card in your hand from the game. (The removed card is imprinted on this artifact.)"
Read it again.
"When Chrome Mox comes into play, ..."
This means it already has to be in play before you choose a card to imprint. So if the Chrome Mox is countered, you don't lose a card.
Q: Does the Crystalline Sliver prevent other sliver abilities from being granted such as Crypt Sliver and Magma Sliver?   
A: No. The creatures will still have the ability.
HOWEVER, the ability is quite useless, since you can't target the slivers. Since the abilities granted by Crypt Sliver and Magma Sliver both have "TARGET" on them, you won't be able to play them, since slivers can't be targeted.
Q: If before the end of Celestial Convergence, if I have decked myself, but retains the most life, and Celestial Convergence ends, do I still win?
A: This isn't possible. Either Celestial Convergence doesn't have any counters on it, or you've just been required to draw a card and are unable to.
If you have 0 cards in your library at the start of your turn, and one counter on Celestial Convergence, you will win, because upkeep comes before draw, and you will remove the last counter before you have to draw a card for your turn.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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