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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Vanishing Cliffs
Questions: 6
Q: I have a 4/4 Ravenous Baloth out, my opponent has an 8/8 under his control.  I attack with the Baloth, he blocks with the 8/8. Can I let combat damage go on the stack, use the Contested Cliffs to deal enough damage to kill my opponents creature, and sacrifice my Baloth to gain 4 life?
A: No. If you sacrifice the Baloth before Contested Cliffs resolves, it will be an illegal target. Therefore, your opponent's creature won't take damage. (Similarly, if your opponent's creature goes away before the Cliffs ability resolves, your Baloth won't take damage as a result of the Cliffs.) This is because ...
413.2a ...If a target is illegal, the spell or ability can’t perform any actions on it or make the target perform any actions...
and Contested Cliffs' ability reads:
RG, T: Choose target Beast you control and target creature an opponent controls. Each creature deals damage equal to its power to the other.
So both creatures are targeted, and the Cliffs have the creatures deal the damage.
Q: What happens if I use Contested Cliffs and my opponent kills my creature in response?
A: His creature won't take damage.
Q: If the opponent plays a spell to kill a creature with a spell/ ability that states that the creature cannot be regenerated, am I able to still give the creature a ‘regeneration shield’ knowing that it will do nothing?  (in other words, can I still use the ability for no ‘apparent’ reason)?
A: Sure, The creature doesn't even have to be dying to put a regeneration shield on it - you can use the regeneration ability whenever you like. (It can act as a mana sink this way.) (Of course, if the shield isn't used by the end of the turn, it'll wear off.)
Q: My opponent has a two Mirrodin's Core, each with a counter on it, and one of every basic land type. He plays a Solarion, and taps his basic lands for the five colors. Then, removing counters from the cores, he says he add a magenta and a maroon mana to his mana pool, and uses it to pay for Solarion.
-Ricky F.
A: Sorry, no. Magenta and maroon are not colors.
There are five, and only five, colors in Magic: white, blue, black, red, and green. If a spell or ability asks you to pick a color, you must pick one of these five colors.
Q: Can I splice Through the Breach onto Soulless Revival and then put the creature I returned from the graveyard to my hand into play?
A: Yes. You execute the spell's instructions in order. Since you played the Soulless Revival and spliced on the other spell, you return the creature first.
Q: My opponent has an Island and a Black Lotus in play. I draw, play Swamp and a Mox jet, and then I cast Hymn to Tourach. My opponent responds by playing Cunning Wish sacing the Lotus, he searches for Daze. The then uses Daze to counter my Hymn. Can he do this?
A: Yes. When both players pass, only the top spell or ability on the stack resolves. In this case, it is his Cunning Wish. Once it resolves (and he gets Daze), both players get priority again before the Hymn resolves.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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