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Title: en-Kor!
Questions: 20
Q: I have a Nomads en-Kor and Daru Spiritualist in play. I announce to target the Spiritualist with the en-Kor's ability a million times, then I use my Starlit Sanctum to sacrifice my Daru Spiritualist, but my opponent responds with a Stifle, what happens?
A: Bye bye Spiritualist. The Spiritualist was sacrificed as part of the cost of Starlit Sanctum. If a spell or ability is countered, you never get a refund on the costs you paid. Therefore, the Spiritualist is gone, and you gain no life.
Q: What if I cast Worthy Cause and he Counterspells it?
A: Same thing. Spiritualist gone, no life.
Q: Can I still respond from the Stifle/Counterspell with another Worthy Cause/Starlit Sanctum in each of those instances?
A: Sure, but you'd have to sacrifice a different creature. The Spiritualist is no longer there to sacrifice.
Q: My opponent has Platinum Angel, I already have a million life and casts Test of Endurance, during my next upkeep what happens?
A: The Angel looks at the Test of Endurance, yawns, and makes the game continue.
Q: If I cast Rule of Law during my main phase can I still cast one more spell even if I already cast a spell twice before the Rule of Law came into play?
A: No. Rule of Law looks at the turn, and asks "Have you cast a spell this turn?" It gets back an answer of "Yes," so it will prevent you from announcing any more spells this turn.
Q: If I target my opponent with Gaea's Blessing do I get to choose the target cards or my opponent?
A: It's your spell, so you choose the cards.
Q: Last weekend, my opponent played a Kamigawa card during the tournament. What penalty does he get (since CoK was not legal at that time)?
A: From the Penalty Guidelines:
101. Deck Problem—Illegal Main Decklist
Players are considered to have illegal decklists when one of the following conditions is true:
-The decklist contains an illegal number of cards.
-The decklist contains cards that are illegal for the format.
-The decklist contains cards that would make the deck illegal because it would violate a game rule (such as the four-card limit rule in Magic® games).
At all RELs, the basic procedure is to correct a player's decklist so it is legal and then let the player continue playing in the tournament with a deck matching the corrected decklist. Any excess cards (cards violating a maximum-number-of-cards restriction) or illegal cards should be removed from the decklist. If a player has a legal deck after these possible corrections, the decklist should be corrected to match the deck. Then, if cards need to be added to make the deck legal, the player should add only basic resources, such as basic lands (for the Magic game).... In addition, the player receives either a game or a match loss, depending on the REL (see the penalty chart below).
(from 103. Deck Problem—Illegal Main Deck (No Decklist Used))
When decklists are not being used, the general philosophy is to correct a player's deck and allow the player to continue playing. The head judge should work with the player to correct the deck. All illegal cards should be removed immediately. If cards need to be added to make the deck legal, the judge should require that the player add only simple cards like basic lands (for Magic).
Deck Problem—Illegal Main Decklist
REL 1-2: Game Loss
REL 3+: Match Loss
Since this was a type 1 tournament, the likelihood is high that the REL was 1. Therefore, a game loss would be issued.
Q: I have a Nomads en-Kor and Daru Spiritualist in play. I have already targeted my Spiritualist twenty times with the en-Kor's ability to make it 1/41. If I play About Face on the Spiritualist, what happens if I target the daru spiritualist again for twenty times after the About Face resolves? Will it be a 81/1 or a 41/41?
A: 81/1. Read the card.
About Face
Switch target creature’s power and toughness until end of turn. Effects that alter the creature’s power alter its toughness instead, and vice versa, this turn. 
Q: I have Hidden Gibbons in play, and my opponent casts an instant in his turn which makes my gibbons a 4/4 creature. During my turn I attack with the Gibbons and he responds with a Disenchant targeting my Hidden Gibbons...
A: This is an illegal play. Once the Gibbons becomes a creature, it is no longer an enchantment. Since it is no longer an enchantment, Disenchant can't target it.
212.1b. When an object’s type changes, the new type(s) replaces any existing types.
Q: Do blocking creatures tap when they block?
A: No.
Q: So can I block with a Crypt Sliver, and tap the sliver to regenerate itself?
-Steven K.
A: Yes.
Q: I know that when a creature changes controllers during combat if that creature was in combat at the time of switching controllers it is removed from combat.
Now if combat damage is already on the stack and then the creature switched controllers would it still take the assigned combat damage?
A: Yes.
Q: If I have a Sword of Fire and Ice on a Birds of Paradise, and I attack my opponent, and he takes it, I say, "ok I deal 2 damage with the sword to your Arcbound Worker", so he says in response I sac it to my Ravager. Do I draw a card still?
-Kyle F.
A: No. Sword's damage ability is one ability with one target ... the thing you're doing 2 damage to. If the target is illegal (or not there) when the triggered ability resolves, then the ENTIRE ABILITY is countered. This includes the card draw.
Sword of Fire and Ice
Artifact — Equipment  
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from red and from blue.
Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, Sword of Fire and Ice deals 2 damage to target creature or player and you draw a card.
Equip 2 
Q: I play tooth and nail with entwine I get out of my deck Myojin of Life's Web and Myojin of Night's Reach, then I play both creatures. Will they both get a divinity counter because I played them from my hand?
A: You did NOT play the creatures. You put the creatures into play from your hand. They will not get divinity counters.
The word "play" has a special meaning in Magic. For a non-land card, it means to announce the spell, pay the mana cost, and put the spell on the stack.
Since you did not do that, you did not play the creatures.
Q: If I decide to use Time Stop as soon as my opponent's turn starts, what exactly can he do before his turn is over?
-Ed E.
A: The first opportunity you will have to play Time Stop on your opponent's turn is during his upkeep. He will have untapped all his permanents by that point (and have any mana in play available for a Counterspell he may have in his hand).
He has not yet drawn his card, so if the Time Stop resolves, he will not draw for his turn. He will also not be able to play any non-instants or lands.
Q: I'm having a little confusion about the meaning of the word "causes".
Would Sacred Ground protect your lands from an Akki Underminer or Death Cloud if you chose to sacrifice the lands? Would it protect them completely from an opposing Possessed Portal,...
A: Yes to all of the above. It is "a spell or ability an opponent controls" that is causing the land to go to the graveyard.
Q: ... or damage with a Lich, ...
A: No. You control the Lich.
Q: or allow an endless Chain of Silence?
A: The answer there is "not really" (unless both players control a Sacred Ground). If your opponent targeted one of your creatures with the Chain or a copy of the Chain, and you choose to copy it, then the land will come back. But if it is your chain of Silence (either a copy or the card), the land won't come back.
Eventually, even if your opponent keeps bouncing it back and forth, he'll have to stop eventually, as he'll run out of lands.
To get the answer if a land will come back, you just have to ask who controls the spell or ability. If it is your opponent, you will get it back. If it is you or the game (for things like lethal damage and 0 toughness), it won't.
Q: Do enchantments effect all players unless otherwise stated or is it the other way around...enchantments only effect the one they enchant unless otherwise stated?
A: If a global enchantment does not say who it affects, then it affects all players.
Q: Say someone plays an enchantment that has cumulative upkeep like Infernal Darkness, who’s responsible for the upkeep...the one who played it...or the one it enchants?
A: The person who controls the card with Cumulative Upkeep (99% of the time, the person that played it, unless it's been Donated) is the one who is responsible for paying the Cumulative Upkeep cost.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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