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Land's Colors


Questions: 12 

Q: Would a Circle of Protection: Black prevent the damage from a Starlit Sanctum, or would I have to use a Rune of Protection: Lands?
A: Neither. Life loss is not damage, so cards like Circles of Protection and Runes of Protection won't effect spells or abilities that make you lose life.
So a question that still remains is, what color is Starlit Sanctum?
To find the color of any card, look at its mana cost.
Starlit Sanctum has no mana cost printed on the card, so its mana cost is considered to be {0} for effects that ask for the mana cost.
Now look at the colors in the cards mana cost. The card is all of the colors in the mana cost.
Since there are no colors in Starlit Sanctum's mana cost, Starlit Sanctum is colorless.
(So, if Starlit Sanctum's ability dealt damage instead of causing life loss, a Circle of Protection: Black wouldn't stop the damage - you'd need a Rune of Protection: Lands.)
Q: I have a Goblin Welder in play, a Black Lotus in play and a Triskelion in my graveyard. Can I use the Welder's ability to swap the two artifacts, then sacrifice the Lotus to get 3 mana and then get my Triskelion in play?
A: No. If you do this, when the Welder's ability resolves, one target is illegal. Therefore, the ability won't do anything.
Goblin Welder
Creature — Goblin  
T: Choose target artifact a player controls and target artifact card in that player’s graveyard. If both targets are still legal as this ability resolves, that player sacrifices the artifact in play, then puts the other artifact from his or her graveyard into play.
Q: I attack an opponent with a 7/7 creature and he declares that he blocks with three 2/2's and one 1/1. My creature dies, but does he get off scot free or does he loose the 2/2's he played. it seems a little unfair for him to be able to assign as many blocking creatures as possible.
A: The controller of a creature in combat chooses how it deals damage, so you can choose to assign damage to the defending creatures however you like. (Usually, this will mean you assign 2 damage each to the 2/2s, and one damage to the 1/1, killing all the creatures.)
Q: I have a Nezumi Shortfang in play and I managed to flip it, means I have to tap to do it's activation cost. So the question is, does the Stabwhisker the Odious remain tapped or untapped when it flips?
A: It will remain tapped until a spell or ability untaps it, or your next turn starts (when you normally untap everything).
Q: An Arcbound Ravager attacks me and there are one Arcbound Worker in play, after the damage is dealt to me that opponents sac's the Worker. Do I have to take the 2 damage only ( because the sac +1/+1 to it) or 3 (plus the modular into it as instant)?
-Andrew K.
A: After the damage is dealt? That means the Ravager dealt only one damage.
Before the damage is dealt, you mean? The Ravager will get one +1/+1 counter from its sac ability, and one +1/+1 counter from the Worker's modular ability (and one that it got when it came into play), giving it 3 +1/+1 counters. Therefore, the Ravager will be a 3/3.
Q: Does Mephidross Vampire's ability (making creatures Vampires) work on creatures in your graveyard or only on the field?
-Robin C.
A: Creature cards in the graveyard are not creatures. Creatures only exist in the in play zone.
Therefore, your creature cards in your graveyard are not vampires.
Q: Can I search for a Orochi Eggwatcher/Shidako, Broodmistress (or any other flip creature for that matter) with Time of Need?
A: No.
508.2. In every zone other than the in-play zone, and also in the in-play zone before the permanent flips, only the normal characteristics of the permanent apply. Once the flip permanent in the in-play zone has been flipped, the normal name, text box, type line, power, and toughness of the flip permanent don’t apply and the alternative versions of those characteristics apply instead.
Example: The “heroes” in the Champions of Kamigawa set are flip cards whose alternative versions are legendary but whose base versions are not. An effect that says “search your library for a legendary card” won’t find a hero. An effect that says “legendary creatures get +2/+2” affects a hero in play only if the creature has been flipped.
Q: Can I sac the lands I tapped to play Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked to put more counters on it?
-Dawy V.
A: Yes.
Q: I tap my opponent's Tangle Wire with my Touchstone at the end of his turn. Do I have to tap permanents during my upkeep?
A: Yes. Unless the card states otherwise, artifacts' triggered abilities continue to work while the artifact is tapped.
Q: I have 4 cards that all have the "At the beginning of your upkeep" effect. At the beginning of my upkeep, do they all happen at the same time, or can I arrange them in any order?
-Nikolai K.
A: Since you control all of the cards that generate the upkeep effects, you can put them on the stack in any order you like.
If you controlled some and your opponent controlled some, you would put yours on the stack in any order you wanted, and then your opponents on the stack in the order your opponent chooses.
Q: I have a 2/2 creature, and there is a Night of Souls' Betrayal out. If someone plays a second Night of Souls' Betrayal, does my creature die?
A: Yes. There are 3 state based effects: the legendary status of each Night of Souls' Betrayal, and a creature with 0 toughness. All of the state based effects are taken care of at the same time, so your creature will die at the same time as the Nights of Souls' Betrayal go to the graveyard.
Q: If there is a Night of Souls' Betrayal in play, can I play a Ravager and immediately sac something to it to give it a counter, or does the effect of Night of Souls Betrayal get the Ravager first?
A: Your Ravager will die (due to having 0 toughness) before you can even play its ability.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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