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Master of the Floodgate


Questions: 11

Q: If I have two Student of the Elements and a Floodgate, if I use Gempalm Sorcerer's cycle ability to give all wizards flying, will the Floodgate gain flying and be destroyed when the students flip or will the students destroy each other (Legends rule) before my other creatures gain flying?
A: The Floodgate would have flying and be destroyed before the stack cleared. Note also, that there would be one Tobita, Master of Winds and one Student of Elements sometime during this stack.
This is because the flip triggers on Student of Elements are just a normal triggered ability, and use the stack ... the just don't flip immediately when they gain flying.
Q: Let's say I'm playing a 1.5 game in a tournament, and the current match is 1-1. My opponent, down on his luck in round 3, has Uyo Silent Prophet in play, decides to cast Shaharazad. He then using Uyo, he "forks" the Shaharazad 3 or 4 times, with 15 minutes or so on the clock, in an attempt to stall that game to a draw. If I called you over to judge this how would you rule even though his play is legal?
A: Have fun. *walks away*
This is a totally legal set of plays. The player is not playing slowly.
You have the right to concede any of the subgames, if you wish.
Q: If a player has been gaining ten life a turn with Tower of Eons for two turns.  Then you ask to see his mana, he has only 7 and a Sword of Kaldra upside down in the pile.  If he hadn't gained 20 life he would be dead what is the ruling?
A: Typically, I would just assess a Warning for Procedural Error - Major to both players. It really doesn't matter that the player is below 20 life at this point - he could have had other plays that might have kept him alive.
And yes, the player who brought this up (not using the Tower) would also get a warning. This is because it is BOTH PLAYERS' responsibility for maintaining a correct game state at all times.
Q: The other night at our Magic gathering, something came up in a match that seemed 'wrong' to me. I was not involved in the match directly but caught the general idea. Here goes.
Player A is attacking with a 2/2 creature. Player B defends with a 1/1 that has an ability to tap and do a point of damage. He blocks and then taps as he put it 'Before the damage is resolved'.
Now it just may be me... But if Player B's creature blocks... Then it dies. And if it taps... Then it can't block.
I'm fairly new to the game and need help. Please reply.
A: Welcome to Sixth Edition Rules. This is perfectly legal.
Q: I have a question about a nasty little infinite loop that came up.  If my friend played Panoptic Mirror and imprinted Time Stretch onto it, and continuously took extra turns, what would happen?  The game wouldn't end in a draw because it is not a mandatory loop, and rule 421.2 states "If the loop contains one or more optional actions and one player controls them all, that player chooses a number. The loop is treated as repeating that many times or until the other player intervenes, whichever comes first."  Now obviously we might get into a position where we cannot intervene and stop the loop, and since he has a choice of stopping it he can go on for as long as he wants.  Is this a legal way to play the game or would something stop this crazy Mirror?
-Jon S.
A: He would take turns until he lost or until no significant game actions take place (for example, Platinum Angel, no library, no cards in hand). Then, AND ONLY THEN, would I apply the "loop" rule.
Of course, he could choose to not play the Time Stretch at some point, stopping the loop himself.
He can't just say "I'll take Time Stretch turns until [condition]." He actually has to take the turns (in a timely manner) until one of the above conditions comes up.
Q: If someone plays a Chastise on an attacking artifact creature, can you sacrifice the artifact to an Atog just before the instant work so they wouldn't gain the life?
-Samuel S.
A: Yes. The Chastise will be countered in this instance.
Q: If there is an Aether Flash in play and I play a Grizzly Bear, can I use Healing Salve to prevent the damage from the Aether Flash?
A: Yes. Aether Flash is a triggered ability. ALL (and yes, I do mean ALL) non-mana triggered abilities use the stack and can be responded to.
Q: Does Konda's Banner also give the equipped creature the bonus (two +1/+1's)?
A: As long as the creature has a color and creature type, then yes, it will get +2/+2.
Remember, "colorless" and "artifact" are not colors, and "artifact" is not a creature type.
Q: I know that if you use Astral Slide on a flipped creature, it comes back into play unflipped.  Is the same true for Phasing?
A: No. In the same way Mistform Ultimus is the exception to most creature type questions, Phasing is the exception to the resetting of creatures when they leave play.
Phasing "remembers" how the creature was before it left play, and will return that creature card to play in the same manner. (Enchantments and equipment phase with the creature they are attached to.)
Q: If I have a Mycosynth Golem, a Mycosynth Lattice, and 7 artifacts out would Plated Slagwurm cost me 3 or 0?
A: It will still cost {4}{G}{G}{G} (but you can pay 7 mana of any color due to the Lattice). Being colorless does not make a card an artifact. Only cards in play are artifacts with the Lattice out.
Mycosynth Lattice
All permanents are artifacts in addition to their other types.
All cards that arenít in play, spells, and permanents are colorless.
Players may spend mana as though it were mana of any color.
Q: Will Wrath of God or Worldslayer kill an indestructible creature?
-Aaron S.
A: No. Wrath and Worldslayer both use the word "destroy." Indestructible creatures can't be destroyed by any destroy effect, targeted or not.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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