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Enchanting Idols


Questions: 5

Q: At the prerelease, I had a Jade Idol and an Indomitable Will.  If I cast a Spirit/Arcane spell, and then enchant the Idol, will the enchantment stay on because it is "passive" and has already targeted, or does it fall off because it is no longer a creature?
-Ray C.
A: It would fall off because it is no longer a creature. Any local enchantment that has "Enchant [card type]" has to enchant that specific card type. If at any point it is not enchanting a card of that type, it is put into the graveyard as a state based effect.
Q: If Verdeloth the Ancient is in play, a creature that is a Treefolk AND a Saproling (like Mistform Ultimus), receives +1/+1 or +2/+2?
I think that is only +1/+1 because it is the same ability that give the bonus to Treefolk or Saproling (different from "Konda's Banner" that have two abilities (one for color share and other for creature share) and can give +2/+2 to a creature that shares color and creature type)
A: Your reasoning is exactly correct.
Verdeloth the Ancient
Legendary Creature - Treefolk
Kicker {X} (You may pay an additional {X} as you play this spell.)
All other Treefolk and all Saprolings get +1/+1.
When Verdeloth the Ancient comes into play, if the kicker cost was paid, put X 1/1 green Saproling creature tokens into play.
Mistform Ultimus
Legendary Creature - Illusion
Mistform Ultimus is every creature type (even if this card isn't in play).
Konda's Banner
Legendary Artifact - Equipment
Konda's Banner can be attached only to a legendary creature.
Creatures that share a color with equipped creature get +1/+1.
Creatures that share a creature type with equipped creature get +1/+1.
Equip {2}
Q: A kid I play with uses the Worldgorger Dragon/Animate Dead combo were you reanimate it and make infinite mana.
Am I correct in saying that because all non mana abilities use the stack, I can chain into its come into play effect with a Swords to Plowshares removing it from the game, and putting its leaves play ability on the stack resolving before its come into play ability, removing all of his permanents from the game with no way to return them?
A: Yes.
Continuing a scenario from last week's column:
>>>#2. A player played a Nezumi Graverobber on the second turn and on the third turn attacked into a 1/1 guy with a sac ability. He then after damage used the ability to remove a "target" card from the graveyard but the was none - flipped his guy was assigned and his opponent saced his creature. The "illegal" target or lack there of was discovered on the 1/1 controller's last phase. Neither player thought it was an illegal play at first as again this set is new.
Answer #2 well the problem here was - does the creature live, die stay huge.... we had timing issues- again time passed etc .etc.
In the end the player admitted he was going to sac his 1/1 Sakura Tribe Elder to get a land after damage was on the stack so then the other player would then have a legal target. They both agree to this - we didnít know what to do but accepted it as well since it would still work and it was a realistic conclusion... A warning was giving to the player with the Nezumi Graverobber for making an illegal action.
A: Again, probably the best way to handle it. The players came up with an acceptable solution themselves. (Of course, make sure the Sakura Tribe Elder is removed from the game under this scenario.)
Both of the above situations would be penalized more harshly at a PTQ (I say this because the current season of qualifiers is Champions sealed deck), but at a "friendly" event like FNM, you will want to be lenient with new cards.<<<
Q: My question is now - what would have happened if the players couldn't "agree" on something - what does the judge enforce ?
A: Actually, very little would change in this scenario. Since actions have taken place since that combat, you leave the game state exactly as is. This means the card is flipped, and the Elder is in the graveyard.
I would also give both players a warning (Procedural Error- Major) at all levels, as a "tracking method" so that the DCI could see if one of the players was doing this repeatedly.
Again, this is only if both players are truly stumped as to what should happen, and you don't feel one player is trying to manipulate the game. If you feel one of the players is trying to wrongly manipulate the game, feel free to swing the "cheating" hammer (DQ at all levels).
Q: Last week at our local FNM a player activated her Blinkmoth Nexuses after declaring her first blocker and attempted to block with them - I saw this and said it was illegal and then explained why. Her opponent said it was ok and knew that was what she meant to do. I allowed the play because her opponent allowed the play. If the event was rated higher then an FNM event I would have given her a warning and not allowed the play despite either players' opinions. If it was just an FNM and the opponent was against the play I would not issue a warning (very minor infraction) but I would not have allowed any illegal plays either.
A: We'll differ a little bit in our application of the rules here.
At an FNM, if I saw this happen as a judge, I would keep my mouth shut. Yes, the game is being played technically wrong. Events like FNMs and Prereleases are more about education and fun than they are about playing correctly though. I would take the Nexus player aside after the match, and explain what she did wrong though, so she doesn't do it again.
Since the opponent didn't say anything, I'd take that as his tacit approval for her to do that.
If the opponent were to say something, then yes, you would have to step in and disallow it, but I would take him aside after the game and give him my "Play Nice"(TM) speech, explaining the philosophy of events like FNM.
At an event higher than FNM, you are correct to disallow the player to activate the Nexuses and block. But since you were at the table, and caught it immediately, no penalties should be given.
You don't give a penalty because you were right there to keep the game from messing up. Since nothing went wrong, no need to give a penalty.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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