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Animate Shackles


Questions: 7

Q: I have Vedalken Shackles in play, my nefarious opponent has two Blinkmoth Nexi. He activates them both, I activate the shackles to grab Blinkmoth A, in response he activates his Blinkmoth A and taps it to give B more power and toughness.
My question is, am I stuck with a tapped creature that I lose at the end of the turn since it's not a creature and Shackles stop controlling it?
-Chad Boyer
A: You are stuck with a tapped creature until end of turn, but when the animation effect wears off, you will still get to keep the Nexus. Once the Shackles' ability have resolved, it does not matter what form the stolen permanent takes - as long as it is in play, and the Shackles remain tapped, you will keep it.
Q: If I have only 1 life, can I generate a mana with City of Brass, and respond the trigger that would deals damage with an instant (that will kill may opponent) and win?
A: Yes. The triggered ability on City of Brass is separate from the ability that gives you mana.
Q: It is impossible to do this (I would die) with the pain lands (for example, Underground River), correct?
A: Correct. The damage is part of drawing the mana on the pain lands. As soon as you draw the mana, you take the damage.
Q: It's also impossible if I announce the instant and then generate mana with City of Brass (In this case the trigger will resolve before the instant and kill me :-( ), correct?
A: Also correct, for the reason you state.
Q: If I put the Treacherous Link on my opponent's only creature and he blocks my Phage with it, does he lose the game?
A: Yes. The damage is redirected to him, and he dies.
Q: Yesterday we had a Kamigawa sealed event but we had some problems during the tournament. First I will give you the problems we had and then what we did about them - not truly knowing exactly what we were supposed to do as these problems have never occurred before.  For future reference with these types of problems can you give me the proper answers even though we can't change it now.
#1. During a match a player thought one of his creatures died during his opponents attack and put it into the graveyard. Then during the middle of their next main phase that player realized that the creature was not killed in combat....neither player at the time (because the cards were new) realized this until now.
Answer #1 I said neither player got a warning (since its FNM and the set was new) but the creature that died stayed dead. I said this because the amount of time that passed was too great as it could have effected both the opponents plays the previous turn as well as the players decisions before and after he drew his card.
A: Good way to handle it there. I wouldn't have changed a thing.
#2. A player played a Nezumi Graverobber on the second turn and on the third turn attacked into a 1/1 guy with a sac ability. He then after damage used the ability to remove a "target" card from the graveyard but the was none - flipped his guy was assigned and his opponent saced his creature. The "illegal" target or lack there of was discovered on the 1/1 controller's last phase. Neither player thought it was an illegal play at first as again this set is new.
Answer #2 well the problem here was - does the creature live, die stay huge.... we had timing issues- again time passed etc .etc.
In the end the player admitted he was going to sac his 1/1 Sakura Tribe Elder to get a land after damage was on the stack so then the other player would then have a legal target. They both agree to this - we didnít know what to do but accepted it as well since it would still work and it was a realistic conclusion... A warning was giving to the player with the Nezumi Graverobber for making an illegal action.
A: Again, probably the best way to handle it. The players came up with an acceptable solution themselves. (Of course, make sure the Sakura Tribe Elder is removed from the game under this scenario.)
Both of the above situations would be penalized more harshly at a PTQ (I say this because the current season of qualifiers is Champions sealed deck), but at a "friendly" event like FNM, you will want to be lenient with new cards.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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