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Judge's Corner

A Humble Ultimus

(Noxious Ghoul Error Corrected)


Q: In response to a comment you made recently: (18 May)
"Most Characteristic Setting Abilities are static abilities ... for example, Mistform Ultimus's "This is every creature type" is both a characteristic setting ability and a static ability.) ".
I have read previously that this text on Mistform Ultimus isn't actually an ability, static or characteristic-setting, but is really just an explanation of what the creature's subtype should be read as, because there just simply isn't enough room to print a couple hundred of creature types on one line. This also would mean that Mistform Ultimus would be immune to half of Humble, because it's only a reminder text of sorts, not a real ability. Please clarify this subtle difference.
-Jeff F.
A: I made a slight error there. Characteristic setting text is not an ability, it's just text on the card. So it can't be hit by Humble.
Q: With Spectral Shift, when someone is casting an Oxidda Golem, that I can change the text to affinity for Islands forcing my opponent to pay the full 6 mana or keep it in his hands?
-John S.
A: No.
409.3. Playing a spell or ability that alters costs won’t do anything to spells and abilities that are already on the stack.
Q: My question is if I have an Aether Vial in play with 0 counters on it can I tap it and put into play a Morphed Creature since the mana cost for morphs is 0?
The converted mana cost of a card is the amount of mana (of any color) in the upper right hand corner of the card.
Morph is an alternate cost to play a creature spell. Since you are not actually playing the creature, you can't apply the morph ability.
Q: Would a card that says "each creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn" get stopped by protection?
A: No.
Q: From the Fifth Dawn FAQ:
* You can activate Goblin Cannon's ability multiple times in response to the first activation. Goblin Cannon will be sacrificed the first time the ability resolves, but each activation still deals damage when it resolves.
Now I assume that the asterisk comment means that Goblin Cannon is doing this damage from the graveyard.
-Chad B.
A: Incorrect. When the second activation of Goblin Cannon resolves, it will use the "last known information" of the Cannon to determine what type of damage it is. Also, see Mantra 8.
Q: If I have Genesis Chamber out, can I play Artificial Evolution to change it from non-token to non-elf or something?
-Linda K.
A: No. Token is not a creature type.
Q: One time I was playing my friend and he had a Skirk Prospector and a Skullclamp out.  He Clamped the Prospector, then said, "the effect of the Clamp goes on the stack, and in response I sack Prospector for R and draw 2 cards."  Is this a legal move?
A: No.
Q: Isn't it true that when the Clamp resolves its effect happens immediately, and the Prospector dies of state based effect (having 0 toughness) and nothing else can happen "in response" to that?
A: Correct.
Q: So in this case, if what I said was true, and he Clamped it, then sacked it for R in response ...
A: He can't do this. Once he Clamps it, it will die before he is able to play any other abilities.
Q: If my opponent has Engineered Plague naming Elves, can I play a Viridian Zealot, then in response to the -1/-1 of the Plague, pay 2 and sack the Shaman to destroy the Engineered Plague?  Or can I not do this, for the same reason as the last question?
A: You can't do this, for a similar reason to last question. The Zealot comes in as a 1/0. Then, before anyone can play spells or abilities, the game checks for state based effects. There is one here, the Zealot having 0 toughness. So it is placed in the graveyard immediately (before you can play its ability).
Q: Also, if I have the black enchantment Haunted Crossroads out, and I clamp a Ravenous Rats, can I in response to the draw effect of Skullclamp, pay one black mana to put the rats back on top and draw it and one other card?
-Kyle F.
A: Yes, this is legal.
Q: I have a face down Wall of Deceit in play, and my opponent has an Auriok Glaivemaster which is equipped with a Bonesplitter, making it 4/2 with first strike. He attacks, and I block with my 2/2 face down card. Can I then flip it face up before first strike damage resolves to make it 0/5 to survive, and then pay the cost to put it back face down to deal 2 damage to the Glaivemaster and kill it?
-Matthew B.
A: No. Once first strike damage has resolved, if you flip it face down, it will be a 2/2 creature with 4 damage on it. Since the damage dealt to it is greater than its toughness, it is immediately put into the graveyard (and won't have a chance to deal damage).
Q: Player A controls a Mindslaver, and player B has a Panoptic Mirror with Time Walk on it. Player A sacrifices Mindslaver on her turn and targets Player B, player B passes. At the beginning of Player B's turn (now controlled by A) Panoptic Mirror copies and plays Time Walk. Will A or B control B's next turn (due to Time Walk)?
A: B will. Mindslaver only lets you control one turn. Once that turn has been controlled, Mindslaver's effect is done.
Q: If I cast a Patriarch's Bidding and get back 2 Noxious Ghouls and 2 other zombies, do all of the other creatures get -8/-8?
A: Yes. Permanents coming into play at the same time see everything that is coming into play for the purpose of determining what triggers.
Q: In what formats can I play Promos if any? i.e. The Kaldra cards.
A: Foil Promotional card can be played in any format the regular cards can. So, for example, starting June 20, you can play all 3 Kaldra pieces in Mirrodin Block Constructed, Type 2, or any other formats where Mirrodin, Darksteel, and Fifth Dawn are legal.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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