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More Modular

Short Answer:

-Blockers, like attackers, are declared all at once. You can't declare some blockers, do some stuff, and declare more blockers.


Q: If I have a modular creature out that gets destroyed, and I redirect all of the +1+1 counters on that modular to another artifact creature, but that creature (the one getting the +1+1 counters) gets destroyed in response to me putting the counters on it, do the counters get sent to another creature or do the counters leave play?


A: The counters leave play. The target for the modular ability is illegal, therefore, it is countered.


Q: What happens to a modular creature when it is targeted by a card like Death Pulse. Are the +1/+1 counters still on the creature when it dies or do they disappear when the creature gets -4/-4?


A: The counters are still on the creature, and will be transferred using the modular ability.


Q: My friend's Slith Firewalker attacks and is not blocked. Damage goes on the stack. I use a COP: Red to prevent that damage. Does the Firewalker get a counter?

-Rich Q.

A: Prevented damage is not dealt, so the Firewalker would not get a counter.


Q: Can you attack yourself or block your own creatures?

-Susan E.

A: No on both counts. You can only attack an opponent. (This means you will never be able to block your own creatures.)


Q: If I have a Blistering Firecat out and attack with it, can I turn it face down with an ability and avoid sacrificing it?


A: Not with the Firecat's own ability, no. But if you have something like Backslide, and you use Backslide before your end step, then your Firecat will stay around, as it does not have the "sacrifice me" ability when it would trigger.


Q: If Player A attacks with a Darksteel Colossus and Player B blocks with a Fleeting Image and returns it to his hand before damage goes on the stack, does trample roll over to Player B or does none because there no place to assign damage?

A: 502.9c If all the creatures blocking an attacking creature with trample are removed from combat before the combat damage step, all its damage is assigned to the defending player.


Q: If you have a Darksteel Colossus in play, no creatures in your library, and a Proteus Staff, what happens if you Staff away the Colossus? Does it come back to play and you can rearrange your library, or does it just get rid of the counters, enchantments, etc. on it?

-Ray C.

A: The creature is put on bottom of the library before you start revealing cards. So the Colossus (assuming there are no other creatures in the library) will be the last card revealed, and will be put back into play. You can then stack your deck.


Q: If Lethal Vapors is in play then you cast Bladewing. I know the Bladewing will die but will the put a dragon card from graveyard into play work for the same Bladewing?


A: You cannot recur a single Bladewing in this manner, no. Lethal Vapors has a triggered ability, which uses the stack. So when it comes time for the Bladewing to choose a dragon to reanimate, you can't pick that Bladewing, as it is still in play.


Q: I have a question regarding an attack with an Auriok Glaivemaster while I have a Leonin Shikari & Bonesplitter in play.

I attack with the Glaivemaster and the Shikari, with the Bonesplitter equipped on the Glaivemaster, so the Glaivemaster is 4/2 first strike, the Shikari is 2/2

First strike damage (4 points from the Glaivemaster) is dealt. I get priority, and I move the Bonesplitter to the Shikari.

A: OK so far.


Q: Now the Glaivemaster is 1/1 again, the Shikari is 4/2. Regular damage goes on the stack.

4 points from the Shikari and 1 point from the Glaivemaster...

-Kem M.

A: This is incorrect. Since the Glaivemaster assigned combat damage in the first strike step, and it doesn't have double strike when it comes time to deal normal combat damage, it won't assign any damage in the normal damage step.

310.5. At the start of the combat damage step, if at least one attacking or blocking creature has first strike (see rule 502.2) or double strike (see rule 502.28), creatures without first strike or double strike donít assign combat damage. Instead of proceeding to end of combat, the phase gets a second combat damage step to handle the remaining creatures. In the second combat damage step, surviving attackers and blockers that didnít assign combat damage in the first step, plus any creatures with double strike, assign their combat damage.


Q: If I have a Meddling Mage out, and I remove the Mage from the game using Wormfang Drake's ability, would my opponent be able to play the card that I denied him when the Mage first came into play?


A: Yes. Meddling Mage's ability, like most abilities of permanents, is only in effect when it is in play. If it is not in play, the ability isn't in effect. (And when the Mage came back, you'd get to name a new card to prohibit.)

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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