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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Taking A Flamebreak

Q: I use Flamebreak and it deals 3 damage to a 3/3 creature and destroys it. Flamebreak says the creature can't be regenerated this turn. So when can it be regenerated?


A: It can't. But the restriction on only not being able to regenerate this turn is a very necessary one. If it wasn't there, that would mean that the creature could never regenerate, as a continuous effect without a stated duration is permanent (it lasts until the end of the game). (418.3a)

(For example, play Flamebreak with an Ancient Silverback out. Let the turn end, and then do lethal damage to it next turn. Without the "this turn" on Flamebreak, the Silverback couldn't regenerate.)


Q: If I have a Neurok Prodigy in play and my opponent has a Razor Golem and attacks. Is it possible for me to block with the Prodigy and then use the Prodigy's ability to get him back in my hand?


A: Yes. Block, then any time before damage is dealt, return him to your hand.


Q: If I play a spell to untap my Pristine Angel and the spell gets countered, do I still get to untap the angel?

-Daniel R.

A: Yes. All Pristine Angel's triggered ability cares about is that you played a spell.


Q: If I have two Wirewood Symbiotes out can I play the ability to return an elf to my hand and untap target creature twice?

A: You can get the effect you want, but not how you stated it. You play each Symbiote's ability once, resulting in two untaps. You can never play a single Symbiote's ability more than once in a single turn.


Q: I have a 1/1 creature equipped with Empyrial Plate making it a 5/5 and I attack and the creature is blocked with a 4/4 creature. During my second main phase can I equip the Empyrial Plate to another creature without the first creature dying?

-Nam N.

A: No. Once you move the Plate off the first creature, its toughness will be less than the amount of damage dealt to it this turn, so it will be immediately destroyed.


Q: Does playing a land uses the stack, or can it be responded to?

A: No. (212.6a)


Q: I'm playing a deck using Dwarven Blastminer, and my opponent has 3 plains and a Temple of the False God in play. Can I respond to his laying his fourth plains by blowing up his Temple?


A: No.


Q: Do multiple occurrences stack with "Whenever this creature deals damage, you gain that much life" such as when you attach 2 Loxodon Warhammers to a creature, or attack with an Exalted and use Stir the Pride? Do you gain twice as much life?

A: Yes. Each ability triggers and resolves separately.


Q: With today's new errata (Cumulative Upkeep being tracked by age counters), will Aether Snap remove the age counters from cumulative upkeep?

A: Yes.


Q: If you play by the rules of revealing the bottom card to determine who goes first, if one player reveals an artifact land and the other is a basic land, will the player with the artifact land go first (the player with the highest converted mana cost wins the right to go first)?

-Ray C.

A: No. You would have a tie, and have to reveal another card, because both cards have a converted mana cost of 0.


Q: I just played a Wellwisher. Just bringing the Wellwisher into play stops me from attacking with him. Can I use his ability as soon as he enters play...or does Summoning Sickness affect that too? And can I use that ability at the end of my opponent's following turn?


A: No to both questions. Wellwisher's ability is an activated ability (it is in the form "Cost: Effect") with the tap symbol in its activation cost, so it can't be played until the Wellwisher has started a turn in play on your side of the board. (212.3d)

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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