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Judge's Corner

Paying for Belching

Q: I'm playing the Ironworks deck, and I have just an Ironworks and Goblin Charbelcher out. Can I announce the Charbelcher's ability, and then sacrifice the Charbelcher (and Ironworks) to get mana to play the ability?
A: No. When you play a spell, you have to get the mana in your pool before you can pay the costs of the ability. Since the Charbelcher isn't around when it comes time to pay the costs of its ability, you can't tap it (since you already sacrificed it for mana), therefore you can't pay the costs, and thus, you can't play the ability.
Q: When cards like Myr Moonvessel and Cathodion are put into a graveyard from play, a certain amount of colorless mana is added to your mana pool. If these cards are put into a graveyard from play on your opponent's turn, must the colorless mana resulting from the death of these creatures be used before your turn begins -- in order not to suffer mana burn? Or is the resulting mana usable in your turn, after your opponent's?
A: The mana must be used in the end of the current phase. If they are put into the graveyard during your opponent's attack phase, for example, the mana must be used before the attack phase is over, or you will take mana burn. This is long before it becomes your turn again.
Q: with creature abilities, can they be played in other peoples' turns?
-James S.
A: Yes. Unless an ability says otherwise, you can play it any time you have priority. You receive priority many times during your opponent's turn, and you can play the ability any of those times (unless the ability says otherwise).
Q: I was reading the text of Flamebreak and noticed it said creatures can not be regenerated this turn. My understanding was that when a creature was in the grave you could not regenerate it has this changed and why?
A: No, this has not changed. Flamebreak is applying the "can't be regenerated" clause to all creatures that are damaged by Flamebreak. Only creatures in play can take damage from Flamebreak, thus, the "can't be regenerated" clause can only be applied to the creatures in play when Flamebreak resolves.
As a part of Pojo's continuing quest to help you with decks in the post-Fifth Dawn era, I bring you the results of last Friday's FNM in Diamond Bar, CA. I don't have decklists, because we didn't do decklists. 18 players attended Friday's event.
(All records are after the Swiss portion)
1st place: Don B. - RG Beasts
2nd: Mark W. - Affinity
3rd: Sean S. - 3c Slivers (RWU)
4th: Mario A. - Elves
5th: Cory O. - UG Lightning Coils (Retriever/Krark-Clan Ironworks to put an arbitrarily large number of counters on the Coils)
6th: Kjell E. - Dragons
7th: Aidan B. - Affinity
8th: Phillip S. - Big Red
9th: Aaron B. - Ironworks Combo
10th: Adam S. - WR Slide
11th: Chris A. - DiscipleTog
12th: Jon N. - Tooth and Nail
Top 8:
Don beat Phillip 2-1 (Phillip was mana screwed game 3)
Mark beat Aidan 2-1
Sean beat Kjell 2-0
Mario beat Cory 2-0
Top 4 split the remaining prizes.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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