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Judge's Corner

Endless Disciple

Q: If you have a sunburst creature go to the graveyard with Endless Whispers and a Disciple of the Vault in play, can you make your opponent lose infinite life in the way that the creature will die when put into play during the end phase?
-William F.
A: Your opponent will only lose infinite life after infinite turns have gone by. At end of turn, Endless Whispers effect puts the creature back into play, which promptly dies (since it is a 0/0). But since it is now the End Phase, the time when Whispers would put the creature back into play has passed. So you have to wait until the next turn for the creature to come back into play.
So you can only make your opponent lose 1 life per turn this way.
Q: Can you Shunt the ability of Permanents like Goblin Charbelcher?
A: No. Abilities are not spells.
Q: My opponent has a Darksteel Colossus on the field. First, I consume spirit for 10 on it, then target the Colossus with a Lose Hope. The damage wasn't lethal, but the counter MADE it lethal? Is there an order in playing these cards that will kill the Colossus?
-Chad Z
A: No. The Colossus is a 10/10 with 10 damage on it. Thus, the Colossus is supposed to be destroyed, since it has damage equal to its toughness. However, indestructibility prevents this destruction.
Q: Can I use Mind Slaver and, when I play for my opponent, can I choose to make them concede the game?
A: From The Mirrodin FAQ:
You can't make the other player concede. A player can choose to concede at any time.
Q: I play Defense Grid. now it's my opponent's turn. Do I have to pay 3 colorless more for instants or something or only my enemies?
A: You have to pay too. All effects affect everybody unless the card says otherwise.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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