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Judge's Corner

Multiple Grips

Q: If there are two Grip of Chaos out and I play Lightning Bolt does the spell get bounced around forever?
A: No. Each Grip will only trigger once, when the Bolt is played. The second Grip to resolve will decide where the Bolt actually goes.
Q: What if I had a Leonin Shikari, Lightning Greaves, and another creature, say an Auriok Glaivemaster in play. The Greaves is on the Shikari. My opponent Shocks the Glaivemaster and in response I switch the Greaves to him. Then in response, my opponent uses Pyrite Spellbomb for its damage effect to kill the Glaivemaster. Can I, in response, activate the Greaves ability so it would happen first on the stack?
A: Yes.
Q: When my opponent plays an Isochron Scepter, can I respond to the come in to play imprint effect?
A: Yes.
Q: And if so what happens to the card he wants to imprint if I Shatter the Scepter in response?
A: The card to be imprinted is chosen on resolution. So he can simply choose to not imprint a card.
Q: Also the same with Panoptic Mirror - If my opponent activates it to imprint a card to it and I kill it in response what happens to the card he was going to imprint?
A: Same deal. He can just choose to not imprint a card, since it says "may."
Q: Can I Skullclamp my 1/1 blocker before damage is dealt?
A: No. The equip ability can only be played when you can play a sorcery speed ability. Since you can't play a sorcery then, you can't clamp it.
Q: If I activate Rude Awakening and I pay the entwine and bring out the 2/2 creature that last until end of turn can they attack when I bring them out or will they remain there useless?
A: Huh?
Rude Awakening
Choose one -- Untap all lands you control; or until end of turn, lands you control become 2/2 creatures that are still lands.
Entwine {2}{G} (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)
If the land has been in play since the start of your turn, then yes, it can attack. (Repeat for all lands you control.)
Q: If I attach Slagwurm Armor to Myr Quadropod  making it a 1/10 then switch its power and toughness does it become a 10/7 since the Armor is still giving it the boost?
-Jonathan M.
A: No. It will be a 10/1. First you apply the Armor's ability, making it a 1/10. Then you switch the power and toughness, making it a 10/1.
(If you were to then remove the Armor, it would be a 4/1, since you simply remove the effect before the switch. Put the Armor on after the switch, and it is a 4/7. Switch it again, and it would be 7/4.)
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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