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Judge's Corner

Questions, Questions, Questions...

Q: Can I play Terror on a multicolored creature with B in its mana cost?
A: No, because it is black. A creature's colors are all of the colors of mana in its mana cost.
Q: Can my opponent counter a creature coming back in from Astral Slide?
A: No, because it is not being cast.
Q: If I have a Broodstar on the field and my opponent plays a Duplicant imprinting Broodstar does the Duplicant die instantly or does it work that for each artifact he controls the Duplicant gets power and toughness?
-John A.
A: It dies immediately. Duplicant doesn't copy of the creature's abilities, so it has an undefined power and toughness, so its toughness is 0.
Q: In your last article you said summoning sickness goes away during the untap step, but before you untap. Could you activate a tap ability, then have it untap and use it again?
A: No. No player receives priority during the untap step.
Q: Can you have more than one card imprinted onto Panoptic Mirror?
-Christopher Z.
A: Yes.
Q: If Artificial Evolution is used on a Mistform Ultimus, changing its Legend creature type to another, would I be able to play a second Ultimus, or would it retain its Legend type due to its ability stating that it is every creature type?
A: You would be able to play a second Ultimus. Changing the Legend on its type line will remove all "Legendness" from it.
Q: My Opponent has a Panoptic Mirror in play with nothing imprinted on it. I end my turn with two creatures in play. During his upkeep he taps the Panoptic Mirror and 4 mana to imprint Barter in Blood on the Mirror. Can he do this?
A: Yes. Nothing in the Panoptic Mirror's trigger asks for a target or mode, so the choice of which card to copy is made on resolution. Therefore, imprinting a card after it triggers will allow Panoptic Mirror to copy that card.
Q: I have a Sundering Titan in play, and I play Sculpting Steel copying the Titan, does the Sculpting Steel (Sundering Titan now) destroy lands?
-Juan H.
A: Yes. The Sculpted Titan comes into play as the Titan. Since it has the triggered abilities when it comes into play, it will trigger.
Q: With Mind's Eye or Spirit Cairn, can I trigger the ability multiple times, so that I can draw two cards for 2 colorless to my opponent taking a normal draw, or getting 4 Spirits off a Spirit Cairn when I discard?
-Ray C.
A: No. The ability will only trigger once for each time the trigger condition is met, so you will only be able to use it once.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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