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Judge's Corner

Banned Skullclamps

Q: What happens if I'm playing in a sealed deck tourney and get a Skullclamp in one of the boosters? Do I get any kind of replacement card for the loss of an uncommon?
-mr. warburton
A: What happens if you get a Skullclamp? You play with it. Skullclamp is not banned in any limited format, nor will it be as of June 20.
Q: Can you play Arc-Slogger's or Ravager's abilities the turn they are played?
A: Yes. They do not contain the tap symbol.
Q: When does Summoning Sickness go away?
A: Summoning Sickness goes away at the beginning of your untap step (before you untap).
Q: Does Crucible of Worlds allow you to play the abilities of lands while they are in the graveyard?  For instance Cycling?  Or could you re-discard the land to a Razormane Masticore since you can play it as if it were in your hand?
A: No to all of the above. To play a land means to put it into play. That's all you can do with Crucible of Worlds.
Q: I have an Isochron Scepter out, with an Unsummon imprinted. My girlfriend has Tel-Jilad Outriders (3/1 elves, protection from artifacts). I play the Scepter against the Elves. Can the Unsummon target the elves?
A: Yes. The Unsummon is blue. It is targeting the elves, not the Scepter.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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