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XX Fun

Q: If a player taps one R and six other mana and plays Meteor Shower, would the X+1=7 or would the (X) (X) cost mean X+1=4?
-Jared A.
A: Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower deals X+1 damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or players.
Since there are two X's in Meteor Shower's mana cost, you have to put the same amount in both X's. So for 6 colorless mana, you can cast Meteor Shower for X=3 damage, making the cost of that Meteor Shower {3}{3}{R}={6}{R}.
Q: Can you counter the same spell twice?
A: You can play as many counterspells on one spell as you want. But once a spell is countered, it is removed from the stack. Any other counterspells still targeting it will be countered for lack of a legal target.
(So, if you Fold Into Aether your own same spell twice, you will only be able to drop one creature, as the second Fold Into Aether will be countered for lack of a legal target.)
Q: What if you make 2 creatures in play legends, what happens?
A: Nothing, unless the 2 creatures you make legends have the same name. If they do, then the one that gets turned into a legend second is put into the graveyard, as it has been the legend with the same name for the shortest amount of time.
Q: If I Disenchant an Altar of dementia, how many times can they sack a creature?
A: As many times as they have creatures or can make creatures until Disenchant resolves. See Mantra 11.
Q: What if I play Brain Freeze when my opponent has 2 cards left in their deck?
-Omar S.
A: Then your opponent puts both cards into his grave. He will not lose immediately - he has to be unable draw a card before he loses, and Brain Freeze is not a draw effect.
Q: My opponent plays Confiscate on Panoptic Mirror and immediately uses the Tinker imprinted on it ...
A: He cannot do this. Panoptic Mirror only lets you copy a spell at the beginning of its controller's upkeep. Its copy effect is not useable at any other time.
Q; A fellow Magic player confused me and several of my friends by saying that while an Equipment card is attached to a creature, and you want to attach it to another creature, you have to pay the equip cost to "de-equip it* from the creature. Then you pay the equip cost again to attach it to the creature you want to equip it too.
-Loek M.
A: This is incorrect. You can never voluntarily "de-equip" an equipment from a creature by paying the equip cost. To move an equipment from one creature to another you control, you simply pay the equip cost.
502.33a Equip is an activated ability of artifact Equipment cards. The phrase "Equip [cost]" means "[cost]: Move this Equipment onto target creature you control. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery."
Q: I'm using the Aluren, Wirewood Savage, Cavern Harpy combo... Aluren and Wirewood Savage are already in play, I cast Cavern Harpy, then as a condition needs to return a blue or black creature, I return the same Cavern Harpy. Then my opponent cast Incinerate on the Harpy. Can he destroy the Harpy?
A: You do not immediately return a blue or black creature to your hand when Cavern Harpy comes into play. The ability requiring you to return a blue or black creature is a triggered ability, and uses the stack. Therefore, your opponent can respond to that triggered ability by playing Incinerate on the Cavern Harpy. If no other spells or abilities are played, Incinerate will kill the Cavern Harpy, and then you will have to return a different blue or black creature to you hand (if you have one on the board).
(Of course, you could respond to the Incinerate by paying 1 life to return the Harpy to your hand, which will go on the stack on top of, and resolve before, the Incinerate.)
Q: Humility is in play. I play Uktabi Orangutan. Can I kill an artifact, before the Uktabi Orangutan gets affected by Humility?
A: No. The Orangutan comes into play affected by the Humility. So when it comes into play, it is a 1/1 with no abilities (and thus doesn't have the ability to destroy an artifact).
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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