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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Anti-Magic Card Reading

>>>Q: With Anti-Magic Aura, does it remove any previous enchantments attached?
A: No. Once enchantments are on a creature, they no longer target that creature.
Anti-Magic Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature can't be the target of spells and can't be enchanted by enchantments except for Anti-Magic Aura.<<<
C: Why won't the text "can't be enchanted by enchantments" remove the previous enchantments?
A: Because I didn't read the card carefully enough. No, I can't even tell what I thought the card read.
All other enchantments will be removed.
Q: If I cast Reversal of Fortune on a person, and he/she has a Reversal of Fortune in their hand, can I copy it infinitely and leave it as a draw?
-Ray C.
A: No, because of the word "may." Since you are not required to copy a card, it is a player controlled loop. You choose the number of times you copy it, then you must either copy something else or choose not to copy a card.
Reversal of Fortune
Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You may copy an instant or sorcery card in it and play the copy without paying its mana cost.
Q: I have a 'set' of Urza's lands (Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, and Urza's Power Plant) in play.
If I put another Urza's Tower into play, will it produce one mana or three?
A: Three. To produce the extra mana, the second Urza's Tower looks if you have lands with the subtypes "Urza's," "Mine," and "Power-Plant." The one Power Plant on the table has types "Urza's" and "Power-Plant," and the one Mine has types "Urza's" and "Mine." Since you control lands that have all of the appropriate types, the Urza's Tower will produce three mana instead of one.
Q: Can I win the game with Mindslaver + Trade Secrets? As I make all the decision for my opponent, I choose to repeat Trade Secrets process n times, makes him draw until he loses the game.
A: Yes, under one of two scenarios:
a) He has the Trade Secrets in hand, and you have a library a little over half his size. (Since you will be required to draw half as many cards as him [since the "opponent's draw" is not optional], and you will have to not draw out yourself.)
b) You control a Vedalken Orrery (so you can play your Trade Secrets on his turn [it is a sorcery]). In this scenario, your library size is irrelevant.
Q: A 0/0 creature with two +1/+1 tokens on it is the target of a Shapeshifter that copy's the "power, toughness, and card types (creature, artifact, etc.)", does the shapeshifter take the BASE power and toughness or the ADJUSTED.
A: The Shapeshifter will take the base stats of the creature it is copying. So, unless you have an outside toughness raiser, it will die for having 0 toughness.
Q: If that is the case for tokens, is it also the same for temporary effects such as Giant Growth?
-Tommy Lueker
A: Yes. Creatures that copy another creatures power and toughness will always copy the base statistics.
Q: When I play Isochron Scepter, do you have to reveal the imprinted card?
-Omar S.
A: No. The card you reveal is not a target or a mode of the Isochron Scepter spell, so you do not reveal it then. You only reveal what card you are imprinting when the imprint trigger resolves (and you imprint it).
Q: If I have a Bringer of the Blue Dawn and a Bringer of the Green Dawn on the field and I want to use both effects, do I have to choose one or will both resolve?
A: Each card triggers and resolves separately. See Mantra 9.
Q: Can you explain me Chrome Mox?
A: When Chrome Mox's imprint ability resolves, you may choose a card in your hand and imprint it on Chrome Mox. If you do, as long as that card is imprinted on Chrome Mox, Chrome Mox may tap for one mana of any of the colors of the imprinted card. ("Colorless" and "Artifact" are not colors.)
Q: What happens if I imprint the Blue Bringer?
A: Then you will be able to tap the Mox for blue mana and only blue mana, as the only color of the Blue Bringer is Blue.
Q: With Refresh, does the creature have to die for me to draw the card?
Regenerate target creature.
Draw a card.
A: No. The card draw is part of the Refresh spell, and not part of the regeneration shield. You will draw a card when Refresh resolves (which is long before any point where the creature would need to regenerate).
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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