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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Endless Ball Lightning
Questions: 7
July 23, 2004
Q: If my opponent has Endless Whispers in play, and I play Ball Lightning and say go what happens?
-Omar S.
A: You will be able to attack with it every other turn. Your opponent will never be able to attack with it.
Call the turn you played Ball Lightning your turn 1 for reference.
Turn 1, your end step: Ball Lightning is sacrificed. Endless Whispers triggers, but since you've already passed the time "at end of turn" effects would happen, it waits for the next "at end of turn" window.
Turn 1, your opponent's end step: Ball Lightning is put into play on your opponent's side. (It won't be sacrificed that turn because "at end of turn" has passed.)
Turn 2, your end step: Opponent sacrifices Ball Lightning.
Turn 2: opponent's end step: Ball Lightning is put into play on your side.
Turn 3: Since you have controlled it since the beginning of your most recent turn, you can attack with the Ball Lightning.
Turn 3, your end step: You sacrifice Ball Lightning. Above cycle starts again.
Q: Player A: Taps Wellwisher to gain life
Player B: Plays Shock To deal 2 damage to wellwisher
Wellwisher dies but is her effect still on the stack?
A: Yes. When the effect resolves, the ability will gain you 1 life for each elf in play. (The Wellwisher is not in play at that point, so you don't count it.)
Q: How would this work in reverse order?
-Adam. M
A: The exact same way, only the Wellwisher would still be in play (since the Shock hasn't hit it yet).
Q: With Anti-Magic Aura, does it remove any previous enchantments attached?
A: No. Once enchantments are on a creature, they no longer target that creature.
Anti-Magic Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature can't be the target of spells and can't be enchanted by enchantments except for Anti-Magic Aura.
Q: If I attack with a Goblin Grappler, and my opponent uses a Wellwisher's ability in response (to gain life) and I untap it, can he tap it again and my Goblin Grappler is considered blocked?
-Ray C.
A: No. If he taps it a second time before blockers are declared, then the Grappler can be blocked by another creature (and will be unblocked if it isn't). Since the Wellwisher is tapped when blockers are declared, it can't be declared as a blocker, so Provoke does nothing.
Q: About the mana that say "Tap: add a forest (or any other lands of the color you use or something) to your mana pool"
A: This is incorrect. You DO NOT "add a forest" to your mana pool, you add one green mana to your mana pool. Forests just happen to tap for green mana.
(Please, Wizards, PUT THE TEXT BACK ON THE BASIC LANDS. =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\)
Q: ... my friends are playing them as take all their land out of your deck and putting it into play.
A: This is incorrect. That card will add mana to your mana pool, which you can use to cast spells. You do not put a land that produces that type of mana into play.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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