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Judge's Corner

Missing Echo

Q: With the Echoing cards (Echoing Ruin, Echoing Truth, etc.), if the target is no longer in play when the ability resolves, does the spell still affect other cards with the same name?
-Karl B.
A: No. All targets of the spell are illegal, so the spell is countered. This means you execute none of that spell's instructions.
Q: If I have an Oracle's Attendants out and also a Noble Templar if my opponents attacking creature has Double Strike would I be able to use Oracles' ability to divert the first strike damage and then allow the normal one to still hit the Templar?
-Justin B.
A: Not unless the first strike damage kills the Attendants, or you otherwise remove the Attendants from play before normal damage dealing, no. When the card says ALL damage this turn, that's what it means. You can't ignore the effect if the Attendants are still there.
(If the Attendants are gone, the damage is unable to be diverted to the Attendants, since you can't divert damage to something that isn't there. [419.6c])
Q: Is the card Book Burning is banned or restricted?
A: The banned and restricted lists for all formats can be found at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=judge/resources/banned.
Q: I attack with Wild Mongrel, Symbiotic Wurm (enchanted with Rancor) and Fallen Angel... the Symbiotic Wurm gets blocked with a 2/2 creature, the Wild Mongrel and Fallen Angel get through. Can I sacrifice the Wurm for use with the Fallen Angel's ability and still kill the 2/2 creature and have trample damage the opponent?
A: No. If the Symbiotic Wurm isn't around when damage is assigned, it won't deal its damage. See also Mantra 2.
Basically, you can choose one or the other, but not both.
Q: On Grab The Reins, when it says sacrifice a creature, deal damage, etc... that does not mean you can sacrifice any creature right?  Only your creatures?
A: Correct. You can't sacrifice something you don't control.
Q: My other question about the same card is if you gain control of the creature, as the first ability reads, then entwine it, then you can sacrifice that creature because it is yours now anyways, right?
A: Correct. You always follow the instructions on the card in the order they are written. So since you gain control of the creature first, and then fling something, you can fling the creature you are gaining control of.
Q: This allows you to get rid of indestructible creatures, correct?
-Adam F.
A: Correct, provided you both take control of that creature and fling it.
Q: I have a Quicksilver Elemental in play and my opponent has a Crazed Goblin enchanted with a Quicksilver Dagger. Can my Quicksilver Elemental copy the ability of the Quicksilver Dagger and then tap to kill the Crazed Goblin and draw a card?
-Rusty K
A: Yes. Since Quicksilver Dagger gives the ability to the creature, it's as if it was printed on that creature. So the Elemental can copy it.
Q: What sets (blocks?) will be the next to rotate out of Extended? And when is this going to happen? I just built Aluren and someone told me I've wasted my money...
A: Assuming they follow their previous Extended rotation announcement, in late 2005 (probably October 20), Tempest block (Tempest, Stronghold, Exodus), Urza's Saga block (Urza's Saga, Urza's Legacy, Urza's Destiny), and Mercadian Masques block (Mercadian Masques, Nemesis, Prophecy), as well as Sixth Edition will all rotate out of Extended.
(The original 17 May 2002 announcement is located at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=sideboard/news/20020517a. I also used an Ask Wizards question from 23 January 2003 for help in answering this question.)
Q: I have a Mindslaver in play with an Endless Whispers and a March of the Machines.  The March of the Machines makes the Slaver a 6/6 creature, so when I activate the ability of the Slaver to take my opponent's next turn, the Slaver comes into play under their control because of the Endless Whispers.  Now my question is, if I activate the Mindslaver, now under my opponent's control, on their turn to take control of my next turn, do I make the decisions on my turn, or does my opponent?
A: Your opponent would control your next turn. He activated it (while his turn was under your control).
(Activate the Mindslaver, targeting him, to get it back on your side. Then, when it is on your side, you can activate it, targeting him, and since your Slaver effect has a later timestamp than yours, you will take control of his turn. [507.1a])
Q: I have an Ambush Commander, Fecundity, and 6 Forests in play. My opponent plays Wrath of God, and in response I tap for 3 mana. After the wrath resolves, I play Caller of the Claw. Do I get to draw a card and/or put a bear token play for each forest that was destroyed?
A: Yes, to both questions. The Forests were creatures when they were put into the graveyard, so they will both trigger Fecundity and count for Caller of the Claw.
Q: If I have 6 Islands in play and an Isochron Scepter-Boomerang and Shifty Doppelganger in play, can I take infinite turns with a Wormfang Manta by playing it to the Shifty, and then  Boomeranging it back to my hand at end of turn even if I have to sacrifice it?
-Omar S.
A: No. You didn't sacrifice the creature, so the Shifty Doppelganger won't return to play.
Shifty Doppelganger
Creature -- Shapeshifter
{3}{U}, Remove Shifty Doppelganger from the game: Put a creature card from your hand into play. That creature gains haste until end of turn. At end of turn, sacrifice that creature. If you do, return Shifty Doppelganger to play.
Q: When cast a spell, say Beacon of Creation, or use an effect such as Myr Incubator, do the creatures coming into play come into play simultaneously on the stack, or does each individual creature coming into play go to the stack?
A: They will all come into play simultaneously ..
Q: Case in point for Blasting Station.
A: But each creature will trigger Blasting Station individually. So if you put 20 Myr into play with Myr Incubator, Blasting Station's "untap me" ability will trigger 20 times. You can respond between each trigger resolving by sacrificing a creature to do 1 damage, so you can do 20 damage in this manner.
Q: If you block with Rukh Egg during your opponent's turn and Rukh Egg goes to the graveyard, can the 4/4 flying token you get attack right away on your next turn?
A: Has the creature been in play since the start of your turn (before you untapped)? Yes, so it can attack this turn.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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