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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Transmuting Dragons

Questions: 21


Q: Since Mycosynth Lattice's first effect is static and applies to everything that is being played, for example a Furnace Dragon, when the Dragon comes into play everything is removed from play (including the Dragon).

What if when the Furnace Dragon is played, I put his coming into play ability on the stack, and then I play Neurok Transmuter's second ability targeting the Dragon making him blue and not an artifact, thus leaving the Dragon in play at the end of turn? Or does the Lattice's ability still make him an artifact?

-Ben L.

A: That works. The Dragon will be blue (and not an artifact), since the effect of the Transmuter will be applied after the Lattice.


Q: If you imprint Promise of Power or another instant or sorcery with entwine on Panoptic Mirror, do you choose which ability or abilities to use? in other words can you choose either or both? It would seem that because panoptic mirror explicitly says that the copy is played disregarding mana cost that you would be able to included entwine, but I just wanted a clarification.

-Steven S.

A: You are playing the copy, so you make all choices with regards to playing that copy. That is, you choose which mode you want to play. Since Promise of Power has Entwine, you can choose both modes. If you do, you pay the Entwine cost as you play the copy.


Q: When you play Meddling Mage and name a card, this ban only lasts until he leaves play or does it last forever?

A: Meddling Mage has a static ability that lasts for as long as the card is in play. If the card leaves play, you can play the named card again, because the effect prohibiting you from playing the card is no longer there.


Q: If a creature that is enchanted by Fractured Loyalty becomes the target of Crystal Shard, who pays the one: the person owning Crystal Shard or the other?

A: Fractured Loyalty's triggered ability will trigger once Crystal Shard's ability is played. It will go on the stack on top of the Crystal Shard ability, and resolve first, giving you control of the creature. When the ability of Crystal Shard resolves (assuming nothing has happened since you gained control of it), the creature's controller (that is, you) has the option to pay {1}. If you don't, the creature will be returned to its owner's hand.


Q: If I have a Trinisphere, do storm spells require (3) to play the storm copies or not?

A: No, because the storm copies aren't played.


Q: If I have an Arcane Laboratory or Rule of Law, if I play a storm spell (Astral Steel) on my opponent's turn after he has cast a spell, do I get all copies or one?

-Ray C.

A: All copies. Arcane Laboratory and Rule of Law only prohibit you from playing more than one spell per turn. Storm spells aren't played - they're put on the stack without playing them.


Q: Can I use Whipgrass Entangler's ability on a creature twice?

A: Yes. You may play an ability as many times as you can pay the cost, unless there is an effect prohibiting you from playing the ability more than once.


Q: When exactly is Whipgrass Entangler's abilities played? Is it after attackers are declared and before blockers are?

A: If you want it to work, you can play it any time between the upkeep step and the declare attackers step (after attackers are declared).


Q: If I attack and they declare blockers can I use Whipgrass Entangler to make it so they can't block so they have to take the damage?

A: No. Once blockers are declared, the only way you can remove it from combat is by removing it from play or making it regenerate (barring cards that specifically say to change blockers).


Q: If I have Daunting Defender out and a Daru Spiritualist, does Daunting Defender's ability trigger the Daru Spiritualist?

-Linda K.

A: No. See Mantra 3.


Q: I am confused on the rule about regenerate. If I have a Horned Troll in play, and I use it to block a 3/3 creature, mine would die. If I pay {G} to activate its ability, does this remove it from combat?

-Casey H.

A: No. Only when it takes lethal damage (if nothing else happens in this case, when the creatures do their damage) will it regenerate. Simply activating an ability putting a regeneration shield on the creature does not make it regenerate.


Q: Can you equip opponent's creatures with your equipments?

A: No. Read the Equip ability.


Q: Is the minimum amount of cards in a deck still 40? Is the maximum 60?

A: In limited, the minimum number of cards you can play is 40. In Constructed, it is 60. There is no maximum. (Although, in a tournament, you need to be able to randomize your deck in 3 minutes, which can be hard for decks of 200+ cards.)


Q: With cards that have a casting cost of XX, do you pay an equal amount because X is always constant and do you pay the wanted number for X twice, say for example I play Chalice of the Void and I want X to be 2, do I pay 4 mana?

A: I think you've got it there. Whatever you want X to be, you have to pay double that amount for Chalice of the Void.


Q: With Steely Resolve, can you choose artifact creature type?


A: No. Artifact is not a creature type - it is a card type.


Q: If I have Worldslayer equipped to a creature (Like Memnarch) and I have Welding Jar on the field, when I deal damage to my opponent with Memnarch, can I use Welding Jar as a response to Worldslayer's effect to keep my Memnarch alive?

-John A.

A: Yes. (You have to play the Welding Jar's ability before Worldslayer's ability resolves.)


Q: For Furnace Dragon, does this include artifacts in the library/graveyard, or just those artifacts in play?


A: Artifacts only exist in play. Everywhere else, they are artifact cards. Thus, Furnace Dragon will only destroy artifact cards in play.


Q: How exactly does Bloodscent work?

-Breana M.

A: You play Bloodscent on an attacking creature. Then, when it comes time for blockers to be declared, EVERY creature that can block the creature Bloodscent was cast on MUST block the creature. It does not matter how tough the attacking creature is. Every creature that can block it must block it.


Q: what is Madness?


A: Madness was an ability on cards from Odyssey block (that is, Odyssey, Torment, and Judgment). It allowed you to play cards that were discarded (to a spell or effect) for their Madness cost instead of just discarding them.


Q: If I have Kamahl, Fist of Krosa out in play, and I use his overrun ability first, and THEN I turn one of my lands into a creature, will it be a 4/4 trample or just a 1/1?

A: Just a 1/1. It was not a creature when you played the second ability. Therefore, it won't get the bonus.


Q: I cast Skulltap, and sacrifice my Aphetto Vulture...which effect resolves first? The Vulture's or the Skulltap?

-Kyle F.

A: The Vulture's.

As you cast Skulltap, the Vulture will trigger. but the triggered effect from the Vulture will wait until Skulltap is done being announced, and then it will go on top of the stack on top of Skulltap. Last in, first out means the Vulture's ability will resolve first.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA


4 Frogmite

4 Myr Enforcer

4 Broodstar

4 Aether Spellbomb

3 Pyrite Spellbomb

2 Lightning Greaves

4 Thoughtcast

4 Thirst for Knowledge

4 Mana Leak

4 Override

3 Talisman of Progress

4 Ancient Den

4 Glimmervoid

4 Great Furnace

4 Seat of the Synod

4 Tree of Tales


4 Naturalize

4 Pyroclasm

4 Sacred Ground

3 Stifle

Round 1 - Tam N. - B/G Cemetery

Game 1 - He gets stuck with just 2 Swamps and a Cabal Interrogator the whole game, while I draw and cast all 4 Thoughtcasts. He scoops it up once I play a Broodstar.

Sideboard: In: 4 Pyroclasm (thought he was playing black weenie). Out: Broodstar, Aether Spellbomb, Override, Lightning Greaves.

Game 2 - He mulligans once before we begin. He gets a Wirewood Herald and a 2 power creature into play. I get a Myr Enforcer on the offensive, but he is able to get rid of it. I had 2 Pyroclasm on the draw, and drew another one later, but no red mana means a loss for me. (I had plenty of counters to counter the Caller of the Claw.)

Sideboard: In: 2 Naturalize. Out: 2 Frogmite.

Game 3 - What is the greatest number of mulligans you've ever taken in one game?

My new answer is "5."

My 7 card hand had no land.

My 6 card hand only had a Glimmervoid, but no 1 mana cost artifact to keep it alive.

My 5 card hand had only a Glimmervoid, and one 1 mana cost artifact. I should have stayed here, as that was pretty good (in retrospect), but I kept going through

A 4 card hand with no land

and a 3 card hand with no land

Into a 2 card hand of Override, Talisman.

I draw a land the next turn, Naturalizes it. I draw another, and he plays Molder Slug.

Games: 1-2, Matches: 0-1

After game 2, I should have just left 2 Pyroclasms in and went with all 4 Naturalize. Not like it mattered though.

Round 2 - Lam N. (Tam's brother) - Mirror Match

Game 1 - I win the roll, and we begin. he doesn't draw a source of blue mana, and meanwhile, I drop a couple of Frogmites and go through 3 Thirst for Knowledge. He gets his blue, but then I just lay my Broodstar and go to town.

Sideboard: In: 4 Naturalize. Out: Broodstar, Lightning Greaves, Override, Aether Spellbomb.

Game 2- He gets a Frogmite out, and beats on me with it. My attempts to play artifact creatures and equip them to a Lightning Greaves are met by Shatters, Electrostatic Bolts, and an Annul. By the time I get a creature to stick, he just lays a Broodstar and goes to town.

Sideboard: In: Override, Aether Spellbomb. Out: Thoughtcast, Naturalize.

Game 3 - His brother Tam (who I played last round) walks over to the table. I keep a one land, talisman, 4 counter hand on the draw. Lam proceeds to mulligan twice, and we blame Tam.

I don't draw a land on either of my first 2 turns. He fails to Shatter my land on his turn 2, laying Lightning Greaves instead. I don't make him pay, and a Frogmite starts taking chunks out of my life total. He is joined by his brother, and the ample artifact destruction makes sure I never have a creature to block with.

Games: 2-4, Matches: 0-2

Round 3 - Jonathan L. - Pentavus/Dross Scorpion combo

Game 1 - I get a Frogmite, quickly joined by a couple of Enforcers. He gets a Dross Scorpion, and I allow it, and then bounce it back to his hand on back to back turns before I counter it. His attempt at a Pentavus on his last turn to provide blockers is also countered.

Sideboard: In: 4 Naturalize. Out: Pyrite Spellbomb, Frogmite, Lightning Greaves, Broodstar.

Game 2 - is 5 turns of Myr Enforcer beatdown. He does not draw the Urzatron this time, and his attempts at a Scorpion is countered. He makes it to 7 mana, and tries to play a blocker in Pentavus. I Naturalize it, and swing in for the win.

Games: 4-4, Matches: 1-2

Round 4 - Eric M. - DiscipleTog

Game 1 - He takes a mulligan before we start. I get down a Frogmite, and then an early Broodstar. He gets down a couple of Disciples of the Vault, and I fry one with a Spellbomb before it gets out of control. He has a couple of Shrapnel Blasts to try to take me out, but I just counter the second and swing in for the win.

Sideboard: In: 4 Pyroclasm. Out: 4 Frogmite.

Game 2 - He gets an early Lightning Greaves, and plays and equips a Dross Skeleton. I Pyroclasm to take it out, and he plays a Myr Retriever. I play Broodstar, and start swinging. He tried to play a couple of Megatogs, but I have counters for both, and I go the distance.

Games: 6-4, Matches: 2-2

I decide to drop at this point, as I have to wake up early (for a Saturday) the next day for another tournament.

But that story will have to wait until Friday.

See you then.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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