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Judge's Corner

Tokens' Names

Q: I was overlooking Spirit Mirror, the white Enchantment from Tempest, and it calls the 2/2 token a Reflection. I was curious as to whether the token's creature type was "Reflection" or its name was simply "Reflection", or both, or neither.

-Dave K.

A: Both.

216.1. Some effects put token creatures into play. A token is controlled by whomever put it into play and owned by the controller of the spell or ability that created it. The spell or ability may define any number of characteristics for the token. A token doesn’t have any characteristics not defined by the spell or ability that created it. The spell or ability that creates the token sets both its name and creature type at the same time. A “Goblin creature token,” for example, is named “Goblin” and has the creature subtype Goblin. If a token’s name is two words or more, it has the creature subtype for each of those words. For example, a “Goblin Scout creature token” is named “Goblin Scout” and has two creature subtypes: Goblin and Scout. Once a token is in play, changing its name doesn’t change its creature type, and vice versa.


Q: If I have a Neurok Transmuter in play, and I attack with my 2/2 Tel-Jilad Wolf, and my opponent blocks with a normal non-artifact 2/2 creature, can I, as he blocks, use my Neurok transmuter to change his 2/2 blocker into an artifact creature so that my Tel-Jilad Wolf will get his bonus for being blocked by an artifact creature?

A: No. When the creature was blocked, the blocker wasn't an artifact.


Q: I understand that you lose the game if you must draw a card but can't, but I don't know exactly what that means. If I have 2 cards left in my deck, and I play Thirst for Knowledge, to draw 3, do I lose because I must draw a third card but can't because I only have 2 cards left in my deck?

A: Yes. Anytime you must draw more cards than are in your library, you lose the next time state based effects are checked.


Q: I have a 2/2 Phyrexian Slayer out, and I attack. My opponent blocks with a 4/4 white creature. Is the creature destroyed by Phyrexian Slayer's effect before damage goes on the stack?

-Kyle F.

A: Yes.


Q: When worldslayer comes into effect, do indestructible artifacts stay alive?

A: Yes.


Q: When I play Strongarm Tactics and my opponent has no cards in hand, does he lose 4 life?

A: Yes. He did not discard a creature card this way, so he loses 4 life.


Q: When I use Mindslaver, I can't make my opponent lose life due to mana burn; but can I still tap all his lands without the intention of mana burning him?

A: Yes.


Q: Sometimes when playing with my brother we make mistakes like forgetting to discard a card due to bottomless pit etc, what would happen if there was an error like this in a tournament, what are the proper procedures after one has made an error.

A: You'd be told to do it if you noticed right after the time you should have went by, and you would get a warning. If you did it again, you could lose the game.


Q: If I put an enchantment on a creature and then equip Lightning Greaves on it, does the enchantment go to the graveyard?

A: No. Enchantments only target the creature when they are first cast. Once the enchantment is on the creature, it no longer targets the creature.


Q: If you have Ruby Medallion in play and you are going to cast Fireball, can you pay one less than the wanted value of X?

A: Yes. First, you determine the total cost, then you apply cost reducers (and increasers, like Sphere of Resistance).


Q: If an opponent Stifles an activated ability that requires to sacrifice a creature, does that sacrificed creature still go to the graveyard?

A: If the sacrifice is part of the cost, yes. You don't get a refund of a countered spell or ability's cost.


Q: If you reveal a land at the beginning of your upkeep due to Gate to the Aether and you put it into play, is this counted as your one land per turn?


A: No. The once per turn land is limited to the special action you take during your main phase of playing a land. If you put a land into play by other means, it does not count as your once per turn land drop.


Q: Is the damage dealt to a player by trample considered combat damage?


A: Yes. All damage done by creatures in combat during the combat damage step is combat damage.


Q: If a creature is the target of a spell or ability, and you give it protection from the color of the spell, does that mean the spell is wasted, or would the spell goto the owner's hand because the creature can't be the target of the spell?

-Linda K.

A: Once the spell is played, it can never go back to your hand. If the creature is a legal target when the spell is played, but is given protection from the spell's color, then the spell will be unable to do anything to that target. If that was the only target of the spell, then the entire spell is countered.


Q: Can you tap any creature that produces mana the turn they come into play (like Llanowar Elves), whether or not they have haste?

A: No. You can not play an activated ability of a creature that includes the tap symbol unless the creature has been in play under your control since your last untap step, or unless the creature has haste.


Q: Can you tap Voice of the woods when it comes into play?


A: Yes, you can tap Voice of the Woods as part of the cost of its own ability, even if it has summoning sickness. This is because it doesn't include the tap symbol - it simply says to tap 5 elves.


Q: If both Aether Charge and Mistform Dreamer are in play and I pay the Dreamer's cost to change its creature type to beast, will Aether Charge trigger and deal damage?


A: No. The Dreamer is already in play - it is not coming into play.


Q: How does Abundance work with Sylvan Library and Brainstorm?


A: Abundance replaces a card draw with choosing land or non-land, and revealing cards from the top of your library until you reach a card of the chosen type. That card is put into your hand, and all other revealed cards are put on the bottom of your library in the order you choose.

Since the draw is replaced (assuming you also replaced your normal card draw), Sylvan Library sees no cards "drawn this turn," so you don't have to put any cards back. All of the draws were replaced.

Brainstorm doesn't care about the cards you drew. It simply wants you to put 2 cards back, so you put any 2 cards in your hand back on top of your library after you draw (or replace the draws by Abundance or anything else).


Q: Do you have to untap all your permanent during your untap phase?


A: Yes.


Q: If I have my Arcbound Crusher, and he obtains multiple counters, do I get to remove all of them to another creature when he dies or just one?

-Ed E.

A: All of them. The second part of the Modular ability says to put a +1/+1 counter on target artifact creature for each counter that was on the permanent that was put into the graveyard.


Q: When Mind's Desire is played, you remove one card for each spell played. I know that. But, do the cards played using Mind's Desire count as spells for future storm effects?

-Kevin H.

A: Yes. The Mind's Desire spells ARE played, so any future storm spells will count them.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA - Top 4

Well, after the thrashing I took last week in both pre-Darksteel and Darksteel Standard with affinity. I decided it was time to change decks. So I look us StarCity's page, for Rob Dougherty's Cleric deck from Thursday. I simply swap out the Doubtless Ones for Skullclamp, and run with it.

So your deck list is:

4 Weathered Wayfarer

4 Dark Supplicant

4 Planar Guide

4 Daru Spiritualist

4 Shared Triumph

4 Lightning Greaves

4 Cabal Archon

4 Rotlung Reanimator

4 Skullclamp

1 Scion of Darkness

10 Plains

6 Swamp

4 City of Brass

4 Starlit Sanctum

1 Barren Moor


1 Patriarch's Bidding

1 Withered Wretch

2 Dark Banishing

3 Terror

4 Cabal Interrogator

3 Akroma's Vengeance

1 Unholy Grotto

All of the reasons cards are there can be found in the StarCity article.

After some wrangling to get the cards I needed, I head down to the tournament site. We end up getting 25 players, which makes 5 rounds.

Round 1 - Michael B. - Rolling Blood (A Wall deck with uses an attacking Wall of Blood for the kill.)

Game 1 - I win the die roll. I mulligan a hand with only a Swamp for mana, and I get started. He plays a couple Wall of Hope, and I get the combo out and set my life to 1 billion. I then search out my Scion, and go to town.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - I again have to mulligan a one land hand, and he gets his Rolling Stones and Wall of Blood out early. Fortunately, I have a Cabal Archon out, and when he goes to pay 19 life, I sac the Archon.

After an explanation of what actually happens, he asks to take it back, and I decide to let him. I start to chip away at his life total by sacrificing the clerics to the Archon, and he goes with exactly enough life to keep him alive. He then puts Spirit Link on the Wall of Blood, and I have to sac out the clerics...

Except I sac the Archon before the Rotlung, leaving him at 1. I curse my luck, and draw ...

another Cabal Archon. How lucky.

Games: 2-0, Matches: 1-0

Round 2 - Phillip S. - Mono-Red Control

Phillip has been on a tear lately, and he has a very good deck to back him up.

Game 1 - I win the roll. We each mulligan a hand (mine was 5 land, Rotlung, and Skullclamp). I fail to find a black source, and a Sulfuric Vortex with a couple of hits to my life total is enough to do me in.

Sideboard: In: 3 Terror, 2 Dark Banishing. Out: 4 Skullclamp, 1 City of Brass.

Looking back, I don't think I could have sideboarded much worse. He is playing a controlling red deck, not an aggressive one.

Game 2 - We start swinging at each other, and then he drops Charbelcher. I try to put on some pressure, but when he misses with the Belcher, he casts Pulse of the Forge to take me out.

Games: 2-2, Matches: 1-1

Round 3 - Guy C. - Slide

Guy used to play a similar type deck to mine in previous weeks.

Game 1 - I win yet another die roll (!) and start to bring the attack. He plays a morphed Angel, and Slides it out. The life gain from the Angel helps him stay well out of range of dying.

Sideboard: In: 4 Cabal Interrogator, 3 Akroma's Vengeance, Unholy Grotto. Out: 4 Shared Triumph, 2 Skullclamp, City of Brass, Plains.

Game 2 - I get turn 1 Supplicant, turn 2 Wayfarer and Supplicant for the turn 2 Scion. He only gets 1 white mana, and thus can't get rid of my creatures.

Game 3 - Only a turn 3 Scion this time - turn 1 Wayfarer, turn 2 get a land, Supplicant, turn 3 Rotlung to get some zombies to go along with the Scion. He is completely devoid of white this game (and stuck on 2 land most of the game), so it's an even worse beating than the last match.

Games: 4-3, Matches: 2-1

I consider myself lucky to get out of that one. Slide seems like a hard matchup for this deck, and he just got mana screwed.

Round 4 - Henry N. - White Weenie

Game 1 - I win my 4th die roll in a row, and play first. I get out 2 quick Skullclamp, and after I stabilize, he makes the mistake of attacking into my Skullclamped creatures (with first strikers, so he didn't lose anything, but still...). I draw about 16 cards before he wises up. I have the Spiritualist on the board, but can't find a Greaves. A couple of Planar Guides give me a chance to dig deeper in my deck. On the last possible set of 4 cards, a Greaves turns up on the first card, I set my life to 1 billion 1, and he scoops.

Skullclamp was definitely the MVP here. I must have drawn like 30 cards off 2 Skullclamp.

Sideboard: in: 3 Akroma's Vengeance, Patriarch's Bidding. Out: 2 Shared Triumph, Lightning Greaves, City of Brass.

Game 2 - I get turn 1 Supplicant, turns 3 and 4 Rotlung. He taps out, and sends the team, putting me at 2, but I sac the 2 Rotlungs and Supplicant to get Scion. The 6 zombie tokens and Scion make 18, and a previous hit by a Rotlung makes 20, for the win.

Games: 6-3, Matches: 3-1

Round 5 - Alex V. - B/G Cemetery

Game 1 - He wins the die roll. He gets an early Ascetic and 2 Baloths, but I have the turn 5 combo to set my life to 1 billion. After an explanation of the Archon and 62 card deck win conditions, he scoops.

Sideboard: In: Patriarch's Bidding, Withered Wretch, Unholy Grotto. Out: Skullclamp, Shared Triumph, City of Brass.

Game 2 - He gets in an attack for 2, but that's all he has. I Supplicant a Rotlung away, and beat in with the Scion and tokens.

Games: 8-3, Matches: 4-1

The top 4 split the packs, and we get to go home.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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