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Judge's Corner

8.17.04  Title: Questions, Questions, Questions
Questions: 9
Q: If I activate Mindslaver in my turn and my opponent has Mindslaver in their hand and enough mana to play and activate it, and I have them play it, who controls my turn?
-David E.
A: Who played it? Your opponent did, while his turn was under your control. Since your opponent played the ability, he will control your turn.
Q: My brother and I were playing a draft with Fifth Dawn cards. I had just played Solarion, and then dropped a Endless Whispers. He cast Tel-Jilad Justice on my Solarion. What happens? Does it move endlessly back and forth? (If so, does this trigger off a Disciple of the Vault infinitely)
-Ray C.
A: It will only be put into play (and then back into the graveyard) once each turn. When it comes into play, it is a 0/0 and dies. But since the time for "at end of turn" effects have already passed, Endless Whispers won't put it into play again until the next turn..
Q: Say I had 12 basic lands in play. I play Explosive Vegetation, and then a 'twined Rude Awakening. Because mana abilities don't use the stack, could I tap those two new Explosive Vegetation lands for mana between the entwined effects of RA; that is, after they're untapped, but before they're made into creatures and affected by summoning sickness? Or are the two effects supposed to effectively resolve simultaneously (though in order)?
A: You can't do this. See Mantra 1.
Q: I'd ask the same thing about using a stolen creature's activated ability before the fling w/ Grab the Reins, but that seems to be more obviously no.
A: Correct. Mantra 1 again.
Q: If I have a Humility in play do all creatures come into play as ability-less 1/1?
A: Yes.
Q: Doesn't timestamping mean that Humility would only affect creatures that were in play when it was cast?  Or is my idea of timestamping wrong?
-Bill H.
A: I don't know where you've got this, but your idea is wrong. Humility's ability is a continuous effect that effects all creatures in play. It keeps checking and making creatures 1/1 while it is in play, even if you cast the creature after the Humility.
Q: On my first turn, I play a land and Lion's Eye Diamond. Can I announce Goblin Charbelcher and then sacrifice the Lion's Eye Diamond and discard my hand to pay for the spell or does the mana have to be in my pool before I announce the Charbelcher?
A: Lion's Eye Diamond has errata to bring it in line with its intended use:
Lion's Eye Diamond
Sacrifice Lion's Eye Diamond, Discard your hand: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool. Play this ability only any time you could play an instant.
Can you play an instant while you are playing the Charbelcher's ability? No. (Mantra 1.) So you can't activate the Lion's Eye Diamond then either.
Q: If I have Mogg Maniac enchanted with a Guilty Conscience, if I sac a Mogg Fanatic to do its one damage to the Maniac, how much damage will my opponent take?
A: One. Mogg Fanatic does one damage to the Maniac, triggering the Mogg Maniac's ability. Mogg Maniac is then put into the graveyard. Then Guilty Conscience is put into the graveyard, as it's not enchanting anything any more. By the time Mogg Maniac deals its damage, it is no longer enchanted by the Guilty Conscience, so the Guilty Conscience will never trigger.
Q: When someone uses Fist of Suns to play an X cost spell, do they still have to pay X or can they declare X to be any number since Fist of Suns says it can pay for ANY spell?
A: They do not and can not pay X. Fist of Suns replaces the entire mana cost. Since you didn't pay any mana for X, X will be 0.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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