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Judge's Corner

8.10.04  Title: Lotsa Mantra Questions
Questions: 25
Q: Player A controls a Leonin Elder, and has just cast a Neurok Hoversail. Player B said that he would cast Lose Hope on the Leonin Elder as the ability triggered (for 1 life). Would Player A gain life because the Hoversail has already resolved or none because before the ability triggers, the Leonin Elder is dead?
A: He still gains life. Once the Elder's ability triggers, it doesn't matter what happens to the Elder, the ability will still resolve. See Mantra 8.
(Player B wants to cast Lose Hope while the Hoversail is on the stack instead so the ability won't trigger [since the artifact hasn't come into play yet].)
Q: If I control a Solarion, and an opponent casts Aether Snap, can I let it resolve, and cast Battlegrowth to let my Solarion live?
A: No. See Mantra 1.
Q: Does the state-based effect: "You lose the game if you have to draw a card but can't" happen during your draw step or when you are forced to draw cards (like Inspiration, or Opportunity)?
-Ray C.
A: Yes. ANY TIME you have to draw a card and can't, you lose the game as a state based effect.
(State based effects aren't triggered, they just happen.)
Q: My opponent has a Synod Sanctum out. He then plays a Temporary Insanity or various other cards and temporarily takes control of one of my creatures. Then, he removes it from the game using the Sanctum.
If he waits a turn, when he sacrifices the Sanctum, will it return to play under his control permanently? (at least, until it is sent to my graveyard or returned to my hand)
-Sean H.
A: Yes. As I have said many times, cards do exactly what they say they do.
Also, when a permanent leaves the in play zone, it "forgets" its previous life. So the creature won't know it's supposed to go back to the other player, even if he sacrifices the Sanctum the same turn he takes the creature.
Q: Can artifact abilities be used on other players turns?
A: Yes, unless the card says otherwise.
Q: And are artifact creatures affected by summoning sickness?
A: Yes. The are creatures.
Q: With Eon Hub, say you put out a card with echo, would you have to pay that echo because the upkeep was skipped, or would the card perish because you couldn’t pay that upkeep?
A: As long as Eon Hub is out, you won't have to pay the echo, since echo triggers during your upkeep. However, if Eon Hub leaves play, you will have to pay the echo cost your next turn.
502.19a Echo is a triggered ability. “Echo” means “At the beginning of your upkeep, if this permanent came under your control since the beginning of your last upkeep, sacrifice it unless you pay its mana cost.”
Q: If a creature cant be the target of spells or abilities can it be counter spelled?
A: Yes. Creatures' abilities only work in play (unless the ability can only work in a zone other than in play).
Q: Someone Dark Banishes a card, can a player use Boomerang and return that creature to his hand before the creature is killed by Dark Banishing?
A: Yes.
Q: Or say a creature like Palinchron has the ability to return to owners hand, can it use its ability before it is killed.
A: Yes.
Q: On double strike cards if they attack a player and aren't blocked do they do damage twice?
A: Yes.
Q: If you have an artifact out with a static ability, and you tap it, does the ability still happen?
A: Yes.
Q: On imprinted cards, if the artifact is bounced back to hand is the imprinted card still removed from game?
A: Yes.
(Is there an echo in here? :) )
Q: Does False Prophet remove itself when it goes to the graveyard?
A: Y.... oh wait a second - NO! I get to say NO!
False Prophet isn't a creature when its triggered ability resolves (since it's not in play), so it won't be removed.
Q: I am attacking with a creature and he blocks it with an Arcbound Worker, he also has a Ravager out. Can he both block my creature and then sacrifice the Worker to the Ravager to add 2 counters to the Ravager (One from the Ravager's ability, and one from the Worker's Modular ability)?
A: Yes.
(Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.)
Q: Regarding Mantra 7 (You can't do something just because you want to. A spell or ability (or the cost of playing a spell or ability) must tell you to do it before you can do it.)
If my friend wants to discard a card from their hand during their turn even though it is the middle of their turn and they don't have 8 cards, can they do this?
A: No. A perfect example of Mantra 7.
Q: Another sore spot is sacrificing creatures, can someone just up and sacrifice a creature or do they need a Ravager out or something that explicitly states it like in Mantra 7?
A: The latter. You gave a good grasp of Mantra 7.
Q: Can I cast Tooth and Nail with entwine, search out an Eternal Witness (and some other card), and then pull the T&N back into my hand with the Eternal Witness's come into play ability?
A: Yes. By the time you play Eternal Witness's triggered ability, Tooth and Nail is in the graveyard, and is a legal target for the ability.
Q: I am confused on artifacts and tapping.  In the past I have heard that you can tap a Howling Mine and there by not let people have the extra card.
A: Yes, because the card says so.
Howling Mine
At the beginning of each player's draw step, if Howling Mine is untapped, that player draws a card.
Q: Would this work with something like a Panoptic Mirror? if it is tapped could they not get the upkeep bit?
A: No. See Joann's answer above.
Q: Mini question here, if I tap it with a Icy Manipulator, can they still fast effect an imprint?
-Chad B.
A: Yes. The tapping uses the stack, and can be responded to.
Q: Can I tap Genesis Chamber or any other card just because I want to?
-Mike K.
A: No. (Um, didn't I just answer this question for the last reader?)
Q: If a sunburst card is regenerated is it correct to assume that it loses its counters?  Or does it keep the counters that were originally given to the sunburst card?
-Matthew S.
A: It keeps the counters. When a card is regenerated, it stays in play.
Q: Do triggered and activated abilities go on the stack or do they go into effect as soon as they are used?
A: Triggered and activated abilities use the stack.
Q: For example: they use their Icy to tap my land, can I tap their Icy so that it won't go through?
-Omar S.
A: No. See Mantra 8 (and the question at the very start of this column).
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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