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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

8.06.04  Title: Subgames
Questions: 14
Q: Re: Shahrazad ...
First, before actually drawing 7 cards in the subgame, does each player shuffle their deck?
A: Rulings for subgames can be found in section 506 of the Comprehensive Rules.
506.4. The subgame proceeds like a normal game. Randomly determine which player goes first.
Since you normally start a normal game by shuffling, I would say you should shuffle here.
Q: Second, in the rulings..it is stated that the subgame is PART of the main game. Can I use Burning Wish (or any Wish) or Ring of Ma'Ruf to grab a card from the main game and add it to my hand in the subgame?
A: Yes.
506.5. All objects in the main game and all cards outside the main game are considered outside the subgame (except those specifically brought into the subgame).
Q: Can I grab a card from the graveyard of the main game?
A: Said card is an object in the main game, so yes.
Q: If I have 2 Fatespinners on the table, does my opponent have to choose two different phases?
-Gary S.
A: For each Fatespinner, he must choose a phase. Each Fatespinner doesn't know (or even need to know) what was picked on the other, so he can choose the same phase for both Fatespinners.
Q: Lethal Vapors and Tainted Aether are in play. If I play a creature, who chooses what happens first?
A: It depends on who controls what, since they are both triggered abilities.
If the same player controls both: That person chooses what order the triggered abilities go on the stack.
If different players control the two cards: The active player (the person whose turn it is) puts his on the stack first, and then the non active player puts his on the stack. So the person whose turn it isn't will have his effect resolve first.
Q: If the creature in the above question had a "when it comes into play" ability, would it go off?
-Omar S.
A: Yes. It came into play with the ability, so it will trigger.
Q: My friend believes that when the land that is enchanted by a Fertile Ground is tapped for mana, it produces a "land token" instead of adding another mana of color X to her mana pool.  Part of the reason for this is because she doesn't understand the difference between her mana pool, and the lands that she taps to play spells.  Can you explain this procedure to her or at least point me in to a place which tells how this works in laymen's terms instead of text that sounds like a legal contract?
A: As explained several times in this column, when something "adds mana to your mana pool," it does exactly that ... adds mana to your mana pool. Your mana pool is separate from the permanents that create the mana. If you add mana to your mana pool, it does not create another permanent.
Q: If I have a creature with Affinity for Artifacts in my hand and have a Mycosynth Golem out, do I get double Affinity (-2 mana/artifact)?
A: Yes. (See the Fifth Dawn FAQ.)
Q: If I give a creature with Trample Helm of Kaldra and kill a creature, do I do trample damage once or twice?
-Richard S.
A: Trample simply changes how damage is assigned. Giving a creature multiple instances of trample does not change how much damage it will assign (and eventually deal). Multiple instances of trample on the same creature are redundant.
Q: When a land that taps for 1 mana has Dawn's Reflection on it is tapped for mana, does it produce a total of 2 or 3 mana?
A: It produces 3 mana - one from the natural ability of the land, and 2 from the Dawn's Reflection.
Q: If I use Fire Covenant on a Mogg Maniac, and pay 19 life, does my opponent take 19 or 1?
A: How much damage is Fire Covenant doing? (No, DON'T LOOK AT THE MOGG MANIAC'S TOUGHNESS. IT IS IRRELEVANT.)
The amount of damage dealt by Fire Covenant (19) is the amount that Mogg Maniac will deal with its ability.
Q: I have Confusion in the Ranks in play.  My opponent activates his Isochron Scepter.  In response I play Galvanic Key (as an instant).  If I trade it for their Isochron Scepter, do I get to choose the targets of its ability or does he choose the targets when he put it on the stack?
-Richard B.
A: Once the ability is played, it exists separate of the permanent and is controlled by the person that played the ability. So, your opponent will be the one who will play the copy (including all choices called for by the copy, including targets).
Q: I have 2 Aether Spellbombs out and my opponent has a Mycosynth Golem, Platinum Angel, and Vedalken Orrery out along with about 11 other artifacts. Can I use both of my Spellbombs at once to bounce back the Angel and the Golem, or do I have to use them separately.
A: You will have to use them one at a time. See Mantra 1.
Q: If Vedalken Orrery is tapped, can my opponent still use the effect of Vedalken Orrery?
-John A.
A: Yes. Artifacts still work when tapped (unless the artifact says otherwise).
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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