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Judge's Corner

Sword of the Mana Burn

To start off with, a slight clarification from a reader regarding an answer in my last column. (No comments from me, as his rule citation is exactly correct.)

>>>Q: At the end step of my opponent, if my opponent passes priority to me, when I receive priority, I tap lands for mana and play nothing, does he get back priority or do I mana burn?

-Alex Y.

A: He gets back priority. The tapping for mana broke the pass chain, so since both players haven't passed "in succession" >(meaning without playing any abilities), priority passes to the other player.

(If he passes without doing anything, though, you won't have a chance to spend the mana before you take mana burn.)<<<

C: There's nothing wrong with the answer, I think it just needs clarification that if Player 1 passes priority to Player 2 without doing anything, then Player 2 will not take mana burn if the stack is not empty. I bring this up because I am positive that Player 2 is trying to mana burn himself in response to Player 1's Pulse of the Fields...I have seen people try this so many times it's not funny, and they never believe me when I say that they can't do this...that they only take mana burn at the end of a step/phase.

-Keith B.


Now, on to other business...

Q: I know this may sound like a newbish question, but how does Cloudpost make tons of mana?


A: Cloudpost taps for an amount of mana equal to the number of lands with land type locus in play. If there are 4 lands with land type locus in play, each Cloudpost makes 4 mana. If there are 8 lands with land type locus in play (which will sometimes happen if both players are playing loci), each Cloudpost will tap for 8 colorless mana.


Q: Can my opponent put a Skullclamp on a 1/1 myr token (from Genesis Chamber), destroy it because it gets +1/-1 and then be able to draw the two cards?


A: Yes. Token creatures are creatures, and thus can be equipped. All tokens do hit the graveyard before they are removed from the game.


Q: Do artifact creatures count as colorless?

-Lee M.

A: By definition, all artifacts are colorless (since the have no color) (barring of course a lace effect). Therefore, all artifact creatures are colorless (unless some other effect gives it a color, like Alloy Golem's effect).


Q: How does Trap Runner work?

-Ruben R.

A: From the Mercadian Masques FAQ (which, curiously enough, has disappeared from the FAQ page ... I had to visit the judge archive list to pull this up...):

A creature with "blocked" by Trap Runner's ability is treated as though it had been blocked by a 0/0 creature.


Q: My friend has Nomads en-Kor, Daru Spiritualist and Starlit Sanctum in play. Without having assigned any actual damage to the Nomad en-Kor, he says he can redirect an arbitrarily large amount of (potential) damage from the Nomads en-Kor to the Daru Spiritualist, giving it as high of a toughness as he wants, and sacking it to the Starlit Sanctum in order to gain that much life.

I'm not so sure his idea'll work. In my opinion, the targeting is part of the replacement effect and requires the replacement effect to come into effect. This, again, would require actual damage to be dealt to the Nomads en-Kor. My friend sais that the targeting is part of the "establishing" of the replacement effect and irrespective of actual damage having been dealt to Nomads en-Kor.

Who is right?


A: Your friend is right. The replacement ability doesn't give a rat's rear end whether it actually gets used. All that matters is that the Spiritualist is being targeted, which it is by the Nomads en-Kor's effect.


Q: I built a deck with no creatures, but it has cards such as Confiscate and Control Magic. If I gain control over a creature with equipment on it do I get control of the equipment as well?

-Mike D.

A: Cards do EXACTLY what they say they do, and no more. If you play Control Magic on a creature, all you gain control of is the creature. you do not gain control of any enchantments or equipment on it.


Q: I have a Soul Collector in play, equipped with a Sword of Kaldra. What will happen if I destroy a creature (with Soul Collector)? will it be removed from the game or come to my side of the field?

-Stephanie S.

A: The ability of Sword of Kaldra states "Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a creature, remove that creature from the game." Since the creature has left play (due to lethal damage), Sword of Kaldra's ability won't find it. Thus, it will return to play on your side.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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