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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Kicking the Vial

Q: When I use Aether Vial to pull out Desolation Angel, can I still pay the kicker cost to destroy all land?

-Joshua M.

A: No. Since you are putting it into play in a manner other than playing it, you can't pay the kicker. Only your lands will be destroyed.


Q: I have 8 cards in my hand and at my clean-up step I discard a Myr Retriever with ONLY a Myr Retriever" in my graveyard...

-Dan H.

A: This won't work. Myr Retriever only puts an artifact in your hand from the graveyard if it goes to the graveyard from play. It is going to the graveyard from your hand in this instance, not from play, so it won't trigger. (Disciple of the Vault won't trigger either, for the same reason.)


Q: If on my turn, I play a instant called Fertile Ground (1G mana cost)...

A: Fertile Ground is an enchantment, not an instant.

(For the remainder of the question, I will assume you are trying to enchant an untapped land with Fertile Ground.)


Q: ... My opponent responds by using Icy Manipulator on my land, making it tap before I can tap it for mana, what happens to Fertile Ground and to the extra mana in my mana pool?


A: First, you won't have any mana in your mana pool if you do not specifically choose to tap the land for mana. If you just let the land be tapped with Icy Manipulator, no mana will be added to your mana pool.

The Fertile Ground, when it resolves, will enchant the tapped land. You will be able to tap it for an extra mana starting next turn.


Q: If I have multiple Mirari's Wakes in play, how much mana do my lands produce?

A: The lands will produce one extra mana for each Wake in play. See Mantra 9.


Q: Do lands have a color?

-Linda K.

A: No. Since lands have a mana cost of {0}, they have no color. (203.1)


Q: I was wondering what happens when I cast Overmaster. Is there anything on the stack?

A: When you cast Overmaster? Overmaster must be on the stack then.


Q: Is it possible to Stifle the "draw a card" or the "your next spell can't be countered" part?

-Julien M.

A: No. They are all part of the original Overmaster spell, and they are not triggered or activated abilities.


Q: If I play a Goblin Pyromancer and sacrifice it before the end of my turn, will the rest of my goblins still be destroyed?

-Roland V.

A: No. Since the Pyromancer isn't in play when the game deals with "at end of turn" effects, its ability won't trigger.


Q: I have a question about the Daru Spiritualist. Isn't this technically a source of infinite defense? If one of your clerics becomes the target of a spell, then the Daru steps in and gives it +0/+2, but then since it was targeted by that, then wouldn't the Spiritualist have to give it another +0/+2 and another and another and so on and so forth because the cleric became the target of an ability?


A: Daru Spiritualist's ability isn't targeted. See Mantra 3.


Q: When casting a spell that has a reduced cost (by affinity or a warchief), can there be a response that raises the cost, such as destroying an artifact that contributes to an "Affinity for artifacts" spell?

A: No.

409.3. Playing a spell or ability that alters costs won’t do anything to spells and abilities that are already on the stack.


Q: Can you trigger off effects on cards like Phage, Reiver Demon, and Furnace Dragon by Tooth and Nail, Elvish Piper, etc? If you can't, can you explain why they don't since they count as coming into play from your hand?

A: No. See Mantra 6.


Q: When Bloodstoke Howler is turned faceup, does it count itself to the +3/+0 until end of turn?

-Ray C.

A: Assuming it is in play face up when the triggered ability resolves, yes. It is a beast.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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