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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

4.13.04   Title: Affinity for Questions
Questions: 9


Q: How much does a Scale of Chiss-Goria cost if there are three artifacts out?

-Susan E.

A: It would cost 0 mana to play.


Q: Will a card like Lich's Tomb, in a way, force you to sacrifice a permanent instead of paying 1 life for a card like Necropotence or Yawgmoth's Bargain?

A: Not instead of, IN ADDITION TO. Lich's Tomb's ability is a triggered ability, not a replacement ability. The paying of the life will still occur.


Q: Can my opponent remove a card in his hand to untap Forsaken City and pay Stasis's cost that needs to be activated during an upkeep?

-Jordan K.

A: Yes. Both abilities from Stasis and Forsaken City are triggered abilities that trigger at the beginning of the upkeep. If he puts Stasis's ability on the stack first, then Forsaken City's ability, Forsaken City will be untapped (assuming he discards a card) by the time he has to pay Stasis's cost.


Q: If both players have a creature with morph face down on the field, and I play Echoing Decay, will they both die because they have the same name? or will nothing happen because they are nameless?

A: Morph creatures do not have a name, so only the targeted creature would die.


Q: My opponent and I each have one creature out. My opponent plays Pinpoint Avalanche, targeting my creature. If I respond with something like Boomerang to return my creature to my hand, will his Pinpoint Avalanche be forced to resolve on his creature, or are targets declared before the spell resolves, thus meaning that the Pinpoint Avalanche will be countered and have no effect?
-Matthew B.

A: The latter. Once targets are declared, they are not changed unless a spell or ability specifically says to change the target.


Q: With Panoptic Mirror, Can I imprint at any time?

A: Any time you have priority, yes. Panoptic Mirror's imprint ability is an activated ability.


Q: If I imprinted Time Stretch on the mirror would I have infinite turns?


A: Assuming you chose to copy the Time Stretch at least every other turn, then yes.


Q: If I play a mana on my first turn, and don't spend it, do I still take mana burn or do I still get to keep the mana until my next turn?

-Chong N.

A: Neither. If you do not tap the land for mana, you get no mana. If you tap the land for mana, you have to use it by the end of the current phase, or you will take mana burn.


Q: My brother is attacking my husband with an artifact creature with fear. My husband then blocked his creature with a green creature that has protection from artifacts.


A: Your husband can't do this. Creatures with fear can only be blocked by black or artifact creatures. Since his creature is neither, it can't block the creature with fear.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

Another couple of switches from last week bring our deck to:

U/W Control

3 Eternal Dragon

2 Akroma's Vengeance
4 Damping Matrix
4 Decree of Justice
4 Mana Leak
3 Pulse of the Fields
3 Rewind
3 Stifle
4 Thirst for Knowledge
4 Wrath of God

4 Cloudpost
4 Coastal Tower
4 Flooded Strand
5 Island
7 Plains
2 Temple of the False God

4 Circle of Protection: Red
2 Mind's Eye
4 Purge
2 Sacred Ground
3 Altar's Light

Round 1 - James F. - Ravager Affinity

Game 1 - I go first, and he takes a mulligan before we begin. I have all of the goods to stop him, from Wraths to counters. However, I leave his Ravager on the board a bit too long, and after I Vengeance (tapping out), he double Shrapnel Blasts me out.

Sideboard - In: 4 Purge. Out: 3 Stifle, 1 Decree of Justice.

Game 2 - We each take a mulligan. He gets stuck on one land, and I casually Vengeance his board. He scoops.

Game 3 - He mulligans again, but it is me with the mana problems, as I can't find a blue mana to use the counterspells or cards draw in my hand, and his double Genesis Chamber makes quick work of me.
Games: 1-2, Matches: 0-1.

Round 2 - Jose G. - Slide

Game 1 - I take a mulligan (a one land hand, and get another one land hand, which I keep) as he plays first. He gets 2 quick Rifts onto the board, and when I clear them with Vengeance, he drops the third and finishes me off.

Sideboard - In: 3 Altar's Light, 2 Mind's Eye, 2 Sacred Ground (Obliterate), 4 CoP: Red. Out: 4 Wrath of God, 4 Damping Matrix, 3 Stifle.

Game 2 - I get the Mind's Eye advantage, but we get dueling Dragons, and I can never keep one on the board long enough before he Wraths them away. I end up being decked before I can attack for the win.

Games: 1-4, Matches: 0-2.

0-2? You know what that means. For the first time in a very long time, I get to play ...

Round 3 - BYE

Even though he was also playing Slide, I squeak out a very tough matchup when he decides to just disappear on me.

Games: 3-4, Matches: 1-2

Round 4 - Tim C. - Slide

Game 1 - I stabilize, but he Rifts himself to get rid of the first Pulse. I make a stupid mistake, thinking he's at 20, and cast the second Pulse to put me at 19. Unfortunately, he's at 18, and cycles a Decree.

Sideboard - In: 2 Sacred Ground, 2 Altar's Light, 2 Mind's Eye, 3 CoP: Red. Out: 4 Wrath of God, 4 Damping Matrix, 1 Thirst for Knowledge.

Game 2 - I take control with a Pulse, and manage to cycle a Decree. He gets rid of the tokens, and Dueling Dragons go at it until he cycles a couple of Decrees. I manage to rip a Vengeance, but he cycles another Decree, and I have my other 3 Decrees on the bottom 12 cards of my library.

Games: 3-6, Matches: 1-3

Round 5 - Aaron D. - Slide

Game 1 - He lays down a Secluded Steppe, and I put my head into my hands for about 30 seconds. This game, he manages to Rift me out without much interference, as I can't catch a Vengeance or Pulse to save myself.

Sideboard - In: 2 Mind's Eye, 4 CoP: Red, 2 Altar's Light. Out: 4 Damping Matrix, 3 Stifle, 1 Wrath of God.

Game 2 - I get the turn 2 CoP, and start cycling my Dragon. I put out a bunch of mana, and he Obliterates. ("Oh, ****, I forgot about that."). Luckily, I still have 2 Plains in my hand, and draw into enough mana to cycle a couple of Decrees for the win.

Sideboard - In: 2 Sacred Ground. Out: 1 CoP: Red, 1 Altar's Light.

Game 3 - He gets the Dragon advantage in this game, but I have a Pulse to balance it out. I eventually draw a Dragon, get all my land, and sit and wait. I don't draw a Decree until time is called, and I have to Wrath his board, leaving me short of the mana I need to cycle a Decree for 12 (he was at 24) and attack over 2 turns. I also only have mana to make 5 Angels, so this ends up in a draw.

Games: 4-7, Matches: 1-3-1

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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