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Judge's Corner

Refreshing Blankets

Q: Let's say I have a bunch of Forests and my opponent has a bunch of Islands. Then I play Blanket of Night. Then, could I play Refreshing Rain (which says if my opponent controls a Swamp and I control a Forest, I don't have to pay the card's mana cost)? Essentially, would my opponent's lands be changed into Swamp Islands and my lands becomes Swamp Forests? If they were, could I use Refreshing Rain's effect?


A: Yes to all 3 questions. Your lands will be both Swamps and Forests, and your opponent's lands both Swamps and Islands, so you fulfill the alternate casting cost.

Blanket of Night



Each land is a Swamp in addition to its land type.


Q: What exactly does Wall of Shadows do?

A: Wall of Shadows


Creature -- Wall


(Walls can't attack.)

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Wall of Shadows by creatures it's blocking.

Wall of Shadows can't be the target of spells that can target only Walls or of abilities that can target only Walls.

The second ability means that it can't be the target of stuff like Goblin Digging Team's ability, or any of the Glyphs from Legends except Glyph of Delusion (Glyph of Delusion targets both the wall and another creature).


Q: Also how can this card be destroyed if in fact it can be?


A: Shock. Smother. Sparksmith. Mageta the Lion. Wrath of God. Plague Wind. There are more, but I'm sure you get the point. Any spell that damages or destroys a creature, or any creature with an ability to do damage outside of combat will work (as long as it doesn't specifically target walls only).


Q: I am a newbie to the Magic The Gathering game and I am trying to get a mono-black control deck up and running. I have two questions:

I have a card called Vault of Whispers and it states that I may tap it in order to add a swamp to my mana pool.

A: No, you do not "add a swamp to your mana pool." You add one black mana to your mana pool, which you can use to cast spells.


Q: Does that mean that I search my deck for a swamp and put it into play or do I play the swamp directly from my hand?

A: Neither. You add one black mana to your mana pool, no more, no less. The fact that a Swamp has the black mana symbol on it is just to remind you what color of mana it taps for.


Q: I have a card called Chrome Mox, it states that the card that I remove from the game as it comes into play is "imprinted" onto it. What does imprint mean?

A: That means you remove a card in your hand from the game when the imprint resolves, and the Chrome Mox will reference the color(s) of the imprinted card to see what color(s) of mana you can add to your mana pool.


Q: Does it mean that Chrome Mox's toughness and power are equal to the card that I removed from game?


A: Where do you get power and toughness from the Chrome Mox? Nowhere does it say power and toughness on it.

When a card is imprinted on another card, the card that has imprint will tell you what to do with the imprinted card.


Q: If I use Stifle to counter the ability of Dark Supplicant, will the sacrifice of the 3 clerics be prevented, or will they still go to the graveyard but not fetch the Scion?

-Matthew B.

A: They will be in the graveyard long before you can play Stifle, as they are a cost of playing the ability. They will not come back, as you do not get a refund of a countered ability's cost.


Q: Two Taunting Elves attack. Which one is blocked, or are both blocked?


A: The defending player's creatures can block whichever Taunting Elf they want.


Q: Barring any interference from the opponent, does Aluren + Genesis Chamber + Wirewood Savage + Cavern Harpy (bouncing itself) = a lot of cards and a lot of 1/1 guys?


A: Yep, that works.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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