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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Can I Assign Blockers Yet?

Q: Player A controls a morph creature (Goblin Taskmaster) and it is enchanted with Player B's Arrest. Player A has no other creatures than his morph. Player B has a Goblin Replica, a vanilla 2/2 creature, and a flying 1/1. Player A is at 3 life.

Player B casts Electrostatic Bolt on Player A's morph, leaving him with no blockers. Player B swings with all his creatures, and Player A responds with Raise the Alarm, blocking the two 2/2s. In response, Player B casts Second Sunrise, declaring that his Arrest comes back and enchants one of the tokens, making it an illegal block.

A: Aaargh ... slow down.

We have a classic case of players playing too fast.

Here, you have to specifically ask if Player B intended to play Second Sunrise before blockers were declared (i.e., did Player A move too fast - "Cast Raise the Alarm, block" without letting Player B do something before blockers were declared).

I'll take the two situations in reverse order.

a) No, Player B let Player A block before he cast Second Sunrise - blockers have already been declared. Therefore, the two soldier tokens block the 2/2s, die, and we move on, with player A having a face up Goblin Taskmaster.

(The Arrest won't be on it as you can't put a local enchantment on something that's coming into play at the same time - it's not in play to be a choice until the creature is also in play.)

b) Yes, Player B wanted to cast Second Sunrise before blockers were declared - back up to the game to that point, cast Second Sunrise, put the Taskmaster into play face up and the Arrest on one of the tokens, and declare new blockers (which means the Taskmaster can block).


Q: With trample, if you assign all damage to a creature, and it is prevented, does the extra trample still roll over because you assigned damage equal to its toughness?

A: Yes. Trample doesn't care what happens after it assigns damage ... it will (try to) do damage exactly as it was assigned.


Q: If Player A has 6 forests and an Ambush Commander, and Player B plays Infest, can Player A sacrifice his Ambush Commander to save his forests as a response?

-Ray C.

A: Yes, assuming he has the mana to activate the ability.


Q: when Hunted Wumpus comes into play do both players put a creature into play?


A: No. Read the card.

Hunted Wumpus


Creature -- Beast


When Hunted Wumpus comes into play, each other player may put a creature card from his or her hand into play.


Q: Can I use Flaring Pain and Earthquake to creatures with protection from red?


A: Yes. Protection prevents the damage, and Flaring Pain will stop that. Since Earthquake doesn't fit any other parts of protection, the creatures will die.


Q: If I use Delaying Shield to temporarily prevent damage, can I permanently prevent the end of turn damage with a CoP: White?


A: No. Loss of life is not damage.


Q: Say I equip a creature, and then I equip Whispersilk Cloak, or Lightning Greaves. Does the equipment get unequipped, or do they stay on the creature?

-Alan C.

A: It stays on. Enchantments and equipment already on a creature don't target that creature.


Q: If I played Energy Flux with a Darksteel Forge on the field, along with a Mycosynth Lattice, would I have to destroy any of my permanents?


A: Yes. The artifacts are sacrificed, not destroyed.

Energy Flux



All artifacts have "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this artifact unless you pay {2}."


Q: If I have a Dragon Scales in the graveyard, and play Pristine Angel, will the Scales come into play on it?

A: No. The protection will prevent you from being able to move it into play on it, even for a second. (The Scales will trigger, but when the trigger resolves, you will be unable to move it onto the Angel.)


Q: What if I attack with the Angel (or find some other way of tapping it) and then try to cast Dragon Scales on it? What happens then?


A: The Angel will untap, and then when the Scales goes to resolve, its target is illegal (due to the protection). Therefore, Dragon Scales will be countered.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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