The Biggest Ass in Texas is a resident of Austin, where he works for a Customer Service Corporation. 

He has qualified for the Pro Tour four times but has not made day two yet. He has played competitively since Stronghold and has many top 8's under his belt.


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with Fletcher Peatross

Letter from the Editor - 10.05.01

First things first.  Thanks to thepojo for having a great website. 
Secondly, for giving me the opportunity to lead it's Magic division as the new Editor.  I look forward to the responsibility of leading one of the up and coming websites from its infancy into being one of the best magic websites available.
With the recent announcement of mtgnews closure, the falling of newwave's site (& others befoer that!) and watching other sites try and fill the void and fail, I look forward to the challenge that is presented to me.  It is a daunting task ... how to provide a steady source of content without being able to pay your writers.  How to provide material with which both amateurs and pros can find useful and interesting.
Right now, I don't think the site is doing that.  It’s struggling to be honest.  While the previous editor had a good vision, that vision was lost when his personal life made it impossible for him to continue here.  I am picking up that fumbled ball and running with it.  I will lead this site into the future.
My changes will be slow and methodical.  I have to learn the ins and outs of the Pojo.  I must figure out its secrets, its teaching, and I will pass them on to you, our valued readers.
You'll notice in the next few weeks and months that sections will change. 
The look will change slightly.  The writers will change.  Someday, this site might have me as the only thing the same as it is today.  But I doubt things will be that drastic.
If all goes well, all of these changes will be for the better.  I'm going to get on the writers and have more frequent articles.  We're going to offer new sections on different formats.
If you have any questions, advice, or are interested in a staff writing position (currently non-paying positions only), or just want to say hello, write me at  I will respond as best that I can.

-Fletcher Peatross

-Still the Biggest Ass in Texas