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Sean From New York's Deck Garage

Hi there everyone!  This is Sean from NY, a frequent submitter to the deck garage, and now a deck mechanic myself!  You can just call me Sean though.  The kind of decks I'm particularly good at are casual decks, quirky combo decks, and theme decks.  I only ask a few things when sending a deck to me:
1) If you could sort the deck list into creatures, spells, and lands, that would be much appreciated
2) By each card make some reference of how many copies are in the deck
3) Let me know what kind of budget you're working with and the range of cards you have access to
4) Let me know what the goal or theme of the deck is
5) Let me know what problems or concerns you are having with the deck
Ok, that's it then folks, I hope I can be as helpful as Bmoor or any other deck mechanics who grace Pojo.com!  You can e-mail me at Druidstone7@aol.com (and please, copy and paste your deck list and questions into the e-mail, attachments make me a bit nervous).


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