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 Alex Hockey's Deck Garage

Hi. My nameís Alex Hockey and Iím becoming a regular deck mechanic! Iím 19, am in my 2nd year at Cambridge University and Iíve been playing magic since Tempest.

Iíll have a go at fixing any deck but if I had to pick my favorite ďofficialĒ format, it would be the new extended as I love playing with all my cards and my and the extended card pools are pretty much identical.  Submittal instructions are at the bottom of the page.


If you wanna submit a deck you need to e-mail me with the following info:

1. A decklist (duh!).

2. A description of the deckís problems (again, duh!).

3. A description of what your deck is good at (optional).

This is actually almost as useful as item 2. For example, if your deck always beats control, I can remove some anti-control cards safe in the knowledge that your deck will still be good against control.

4. How your deck works (optional).

In most cases itíll be obvious but if you only win if you get out a particular card, knowing this will save me some time. The same goes for any intricate combos.

5. Your card pool.

Whether its extended cards, standard cards, nothing before Invasion, nothing after Prophecy, no raresÖ Iíll try to comply. Nb, Iíve got very little knowledge of pre-Tempest cards so Iíll never suggest adding cards that old to your deck (If the deck you send me has old cards in it thatís fine Ďcos I can just look Ďem up).

Last thing. My e-mail address is (Alex has retired).

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