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 Alex Hockey's Deck Garage
10.30.02 Green/White Enchantress Deck

hi. my name is chris and i just made a green/white enchantress deck, which seems pretty good so far but i havent played it in serious games yet, as im trying to get some bugs out before i play in toureys. i can see some obvious problems about it, the biggest probably being Black creature destruction and red burn. the main focus on this deck is to get my "enchantress's" out as soon as possible and beat down my opponent with max card drawing and attacking power. one thing i know my deck is good at is card drawing and mana. with my 4 explorations i can get out tons of mana, and the card drawing is obviously from my creatures abilities. im willing to change almost anything about the deck , including the number of cards, as long as it still stays with the theme. by the way, please no "really" expensive cards, but if they are essential to your fix, go ahead and list them.

anyway, on with the deck list.


13 forrest
3 plains
4 brushland
4 elfhame palace
4 sungrass prairie

4 verduran enchantress
4 argothian enchantress
4 yavimaya enchantress
2 academy rector

4 mirris guile
4 wild growth
4 exploration
4 ancestral mask
4 rancor
4 sterling grove

4 enlightened tutor

1 Ivory mask
4 naturalize
3 hidden ancients
2 hidden predators
3 sacred ground
2 snake pit


I had all sorts of really cool ideas about this deck when I first saw it. However, after some consideration, I realized that all you need to do to fix this deck is add in some defense against red/black. Take out 4 Mirriís Guile and replace them with 4 Crown of awe and there you go!

Of course, I only realized this about 2 days before the article was due in (too late to do another deck) so Iím going to furnish you with the really cool ideas I had as well.

In this deck you really want to abuse the card drawing ability of your enchantresses. To do this you want to play as many enchantments as you can. The best way to do this is to get an enchantment out, return it to your hand and then play it again! If you can sac Rancor it will return to your hand so Iím after a card that has an ability with sacking enchantments as an activation cost. My first thought was Lithatog (which is doubly good as it can sac lands to pump itself up as well and Chris mentioned that his deck was really good at getting land out).

So lets see what gets taken out. Well Iím going to take out everything except the 8 card drawing enchantresses, the rancors and the explorations. Iím also making a mental note to lose some land (28 in this deck is too much IMO). Btw, donít worry that Iíve basically culled the deck of most of its cards Ė if you read my article last week, youíll know that many of the cards I take out go back in again.

I want to put in 4 Lithatogs. At the moment this means that the following cards are in the deck:

4 Lithatog
4 Argothian Enchantress
4 Verduran Enchantress
4 Rancor
4 Exploration

Iím really tempted to say hunting grounds but Chris said he didnít want expensive cards in it unless they were necessary. Sterling grove is a good card that will help in the midgame to protect your enchantments and search for other important ones. Words of wilding is a great card that will eventually allow you to overrun your opponent with bear tokens.

Although you are relying heavily on enchantments, an enemy enchantment could really screw you over so we need some enchantment removal. You could use either naturalize or disenchant but Iím going for naturalize as its green like most of the rest of the deck. So now we have:

4 Lithatog
4 Argothian Enchantress
4 Verduran Enchantress
4 Rancor
4 Exploration
4 Sterling Grove
4 Words of Wilding
2 Naturalize

That makes 30 cards and there are only16 enchantments in the deck. Iím going to finish the non-land part of the deck by putting in 3 glorious anthems and 3 Crown of Awe. The anthems will really let you power your bears tokens. Crown of Awe is there to protect the Lithatogs from removal.

Ok, so onto land. There are 6 white cards and 8 g/w cards so there have to be a number of white sources. Chris already has 4 Brushlands and 4 Elfhame palaces and I think that will be enough. I think this deck is a little low on the threats side so Iím putting in 3 Nantuko monastery. 9 Forests and 4 Plains round of the deck to 60 cards.

So the final decklist is:

4 Lithatog
4 Argothian Enchantress
4 Verduran Enchantress
4 Rancor
4 Exploration
4 Sterling Grove
4 Words of Wilding
2 Naturalize
3 Glorious Anthem
3 Crown of Awe

9 Forest
4 Plains
4 Brushlands
4 Elfame Palaces
3 Nantuko Monestary

This deck is probably as controlling as the previous deck, but has the added threat that Lithatog provides. And I really like the synergy between the enchantresses and words of wilding :)

A word to Chris: Try the suggestions at the start of the article first as they are easier and cheaper to implement than the changes suggested in the rest of the article.




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