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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day
Daily Since November 2001!

Magic: The Gathering
Image from Wizards.com

Sigil of the New Dawn

Reviewed December 29, 2008

Constructed: 2.67
Casual: 3.75
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Sigil of the New Dawn

Card advantage wins games, and while white is historically very bad at drawing extra cards and the like, this can generate a lot of card advantage. When your opponent can't kill any of your creatures wit just one spell, when he knows he shouldn't even bother playing his Innocent Blood, when you can block and trade, and get your half of the trade back, is when your opponent's resources will get worn away over time.

Constructed- 4
Casual- 4.5
Limited- 4.5

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Sigil of the New Dawn

It's the week of the new year, a time when you can't help but think about what's happened and wonder what's to come. Whenever I look at this card, I wonder what would happen if white got more cards in this style. The effect is potentially very strong (there's a reason Withered Wretch was printed in the very next set), but most importantly, it's lots of fun to play with. Making any of your creatures immortal is quite the rush, although it might annoy your opponents after a while.

Constructed: 2/5
Casual: 4/5
Limited: 3/5


* Game Store Owner
Sigil of a "New" Dawn

This card is very mediocre. It's not as good as Enduring Renewal, even when you consider that Enduring Renewal requires you to reveal your hand and discarda ny new creatures you draw. Havinh to leave maa open to get creature back just isn't efficient.

If you built an entire deck around this card, it could be useful, but otherwise it would be hard to find a home for this one.

Constructed: 2
Casual: 2.5
Limited: 3
Aethereal Monday - Sigil of the New Dawn

Not a bad card, as it keeps the creatures flowing in the white deck. However, at 4 mana for a card that doesn't do anything when it first hits the table, it's hard to find a deck that you would want to play this in. Maybe in some sort of white skies deck, where your fliers keep coming back even after they kill them. Or, you could instead play the much better Oversold Cemetery, which is in this same set.

In limited, it's still inferior to Cemetery, but maybe if you had enough good creatures to use it with. Still, it doesn't do anything immediately.

Constructed - 2
Casual - 2.5
Limited - 2

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