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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Piracy Charm
Planar Chaos

Reviewed March 12, 2007

Constructed: 2.98
Casual: 2.75
Limited: 3.63

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Piracy Charm - Monday

This card is definitely useful. I honestly like the versatility of it. It's going to be a lot more useful in sealed than in constructed. If I was playing a low casting cost deck with blue, though, I might consider it.

Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 2
Limited: 3.5


Piracy Charm

My only complaint about this card is that it's called "Piracy Charm", yet there's no mention of pirates anywhere else in Time Spiral Block and the card itself doesn't really suggest piracy. I guess in a world ravaged by war and cataclysms, there's nothing left to pillage.

Anyway, let's break it down. There's islandwalk, which could help a big beefy attacker finish off an opponent, but that's IF you have a big beefy attacker (which blue isn't known for) and IF your opponent has an Island (is this what Vedalken Plotter is for?). Then there's +2/-1, which could kill a creature (maybe with combat damage on the stack) or turn your attacker into the king of beatstick that you'll wish you could give islandwalk to. This mode is either creature removal, or the equivalent of a Shock, so you'll never regret using this mode. Finally, there's the discard effect. If you've got superior board position, you can play this during your opponent's draw step and lock them out of a draw. Or you can just use it to support a discard deck, which blue can now pull off. Either way, you'll pretty much always be glad to see it.

Constructed- 3.5
Casual- 3.5
Limited- 4

Jordan Kronick

Piracy Charm - Yar! I must say I'm somewhat disappointed at the distinctly non-pirate flavor of a pirate-named card, but still this is a fine charm. In fact, it's a timeshifted version of one of the best charms ever printed - Funeral Charm. It's removal, it's discard and it's landwalking. Played at an important moment, any one of these effects can win a game. That's not bad for only one mana. Blue often has trouble dealing with small, easily replayed creatures. Piracy Charm really shines as a method to take out troublesome utility creatures.

Constructed Rating - 2.8
Casual Rating - 2.6
Limited Rating - 2.9

KC MetroGnome

3/12 - Piracy Charm

It was quite good when it was in black, so I'm not sure why that would change in blue. It gives blue two abilities it doesn't usually get (creature kill and instant discard) and one ability that doesn't usually matter (islandwalk). In constructed, the ability to knock off an X/1 creature (even one with protection from the normal colors of removal), or the ability to boost your own guy for a little extra damage to a player or a pesky blocker, is quite nice. Instant speed discard is broken, but only if you have other synergistic ways to keep your opponent's hand-size down. The islandwalk ability could be very useful in limited, or in casual games where that Lure-enchanted Thicket Basilisk is bearing down upon you.

Constructed - 3+
Casual - 3
Limited - 4
David Fanany Piracy Charm

Well, it's Funeral Charm except in blue. There's a reason Funeral Charm was timeshifted into the Time Spiral block: it was the best of its cycle and has three abilities which can be very useful. It's seen play in mono-black and black/white decks with The Rack, Castigate, Smallpox, and Jotun Grunt. Will Piracy Charm see similar play? Since it's blue, it doesn't automatically have the support that Funeral Charm had. However, being in blue gives you access to cards like Venarian Glimmer and Remand. It also gives blue decks a way to kill Llanowar Elves on the first turn; don't underestimate the effect that can have on decks that need the acceleration. In casual play, Piracy Charm's three abilities are often less relevant than in either constructed or limited, but lots of casual and multiplayer decks still depend on having finely-crafted hands or combos using X/1 creatures. It can be a solid or even game-breaking card in limited as well - removing creatures, forcing trades, and giving Spectral Force islandwalk. Ouch!

Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 2/5
Limited: 4/5
LennonMarx Monday March 12: Piracy Charm

Back in the day, Funeral Charm was good, or so I've been told. Instant speed discard is always scary because if you can recur it continuously, you can lock your opponent out of the game once you/they empty their hand. Considering that isn't an option in T2 (I don't think), and in extended there are better things to lock your opponent out with that can be imprinted on Isochron Sceptor (read: Orim's Chant), the discard portion of the spell is only situationally useful. The Islandwalk part can puch through the last few points if the opponent is blue, but again, situational. The +2/-1 part is the good part, not for the pump, but for the removal aspect. Especially in extended, this takes care of alot of probomatic critters for blue. The 3 elements separated are pry are junk, but together they are a solid card.

I can so see some crazy Eye of the Storm deck using this to wipe the board and take a chunk out of its opponent(s)'s hand(s). Still as solid as it was above, though there are likely to be more beefier creatures here, so the removal aspect is likely lost.

Any removal is good removal. If you're playing blue, I wouldn't pick this really high, but its solid and I wouldn't feel bad playing 1 or 2 in the main. The discard is basically a Time Walk in the late game, and the +2/-1 can keep pressure off early to let you set up. Good stuff.
PsychoAnime PsychoAnime

To start the week off we get another charming card, and yes, please notice the
pun. Piracy Charm, like the other charms, hold 3 different abilities.

1. Target creatures gets islandwalk until end of turn.

Back in the days of mono-coloured (yes, "colour", I'm Canadian), there's a
20% chance of encountering a deck with Islands. In this multi-colour format,
there's a 40% chance. This means islandwalk isn't as useless as it seems,
although maindecking this card based on this ability alone isn't the
smartest thing to do. This ability is a good "extra" to the other abilities.

2. Target creature get +2/-1 until end of turn.

It's blue removal and a combat trick so it can't be that bad. This ability
will almost always be used and can be extremely useful in a matchup against
Boros Deck Wins.

3. Target player discards a card.

Instant speed discard should always deserve recognition as it can become a 1
mana Timewalk under the right conditions. As well, this ability should almost
never be dead, and if it is, there's a high chance you're winning.

With 3 decent abilities, the versatility of all of them put into one makes
this card rather decent.

Constructed: 3.5/5, I could see this being put in a sideboard somewhere to
counter Boros.
Casual: 3.5, Charms are fun. Instant speed discard is fun.
Limited: 3.5/5, it's removal and someone's going to play Islands.
Piracy Charm:
Ahh, another charm. Let's break it down, shall we?

1. Islandwalk. Limited usefulness, but, hey, it's a charm, that's just one option.

2. +2/-1. This is the one I'd be most likely to use it for, either punch of the damage by a tiny bit, or remove a X/1 creature.

3. Discard a card. Not too big on this one, but, hey, it goes in some decks.

Constructed, I'm not big on this card for constructed, but, hey, it's not bad. It goes in The Rack discard. Also goes nice in the sideboard in some decks for use against X/1 creatures.

Casual, well, this is where The Rack discard would really shine, so, not bad here. Also takes out small utility creatures and lets you occasionaly punch through. Not bad.

Limited is where this thing shines, though. Removal, pump and lets you punch through for some damage sometimes.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Casual: 3/5
Limited: 3.5/5
Aethereal Monday - Piracy Charm

The only charm that is a timeshifted card. Funeral Charm is a pretty useful and versatile card, and I don't see why changing it to blue and changing the Swampwalk to Islandwalk would really change anything. So now, if you're running a U/B deck and you want to play eight Funeral Charms for some reason, now you can do so. The versatility of this card is what makes it nice.

In casual, it's alright.

In limited, a decent pick, but not a truly high one. The best ability here is the +2/-1, which can kill a problematic little guy (hi, Mire Boa). The Islandwalk can help you crack through a cluttered board for the final points of damage, too.

Constructed - 3
Casual - 3
Limited - 3

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