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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Street Wraith
Future Sight

Reviewed June 5, 2007

Constructed: 3.14
Casual: 2.93
Limited: 2.43

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 


* Game Store Owner

Street Wraith - Tuesday

I'm not on the bandwagon for the hype here. If I'm already playing Black, thens ure this card is useful. I'd event accept this card being useful in combo decks, just to filter cards. But I've heard a lot of people talking about adding it to random decks just for card drawing. That just sounds crazy to me. Why not just have better cards in your deck from the beginning? The card's interesting and useful, but I'm not going to hype this guy.

Constructed: 2
Casual: 2
Limited: 2.5


Street Wraith

Street Wraith isn't a spell. It's not even a card. Sure, it may have a mana cost, and rules text, and power and toughness. But really the only reason this ever sees play is because it cycles for no mana. Which means that as soon as anyone draws it, they immediately cycle it to get a new card. It's just a way for combo players to be able to play fewer cards and get to their win condition faster.
I suppose you could cast it too, but that almost never happens. It would be decent in Limited, but against any nonblack deck it will get cycled, too.

Constructed- 3.5
Casual- 3
Limited- 3.5

David N

Tuesday - Street Wraith

Very versatile card. Dual purpose of drawing and evasion creature card. The way I look at it is its 2 life to draw without being able to get countered. This card will help thin out your deck. Also if you really need a creature late its still 5 for a 3/4 which isnt great but isnt a dead card in hand either. Especially against blackdecks it is guaranteed damage.

Limited - 4
Casual - 2
Constructed - 2

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Street Wraith

As a creature, Street Wraith is slightly less impressive than Bog Wraith, a creature that has never really made an impact outside of limited. Most of the time, the real value of this creature will be its ability to cycle without paying mana. Two life is a reasonable price to try and draw yourself closer to a combo piece. The Wraith is playable, though not stellar, in limited, since its evasion is conditional and there are many creatures in the Time Spiral block with either flying or shadow.

Constructed: 4/5 (mostly in combo decks; less in other decks)
Casual: 3/5
Limited: 2/5
The Missing Linc

-Balding for just over 5 years
-Playing MTG for just over 10

Street Wraith
While many others will likely go on about the fact that you can play a 56 card deck now, I won't. I may be wrong but doubt this will see a crazy amount of play. Nonetheless, the 2 life cycling thing is good. I am happy with that loss in the right situation. Fills up my graveyard for threshold or the new Delve mechanic. This card will be used.

Constructed: 3
Casual: 3
Limited: 3

MTG Rules Advisor
Street Wraith:

Another card that enables a 56 card deck. This along with mishra's bauble would allow you to play a 52 card deck. Is it worth running? I dunno. Time will tell. This definitely goes in a combo deck. Maybe even the bauble I just mentioned as well.

Constructed: 4/5
Casual: 4/5
Limited: 2/5 (Just a body)

#1 Magic Noob in Canada since 2002
It thins out your deck by 1 card for 2 life or can be played as a 3/4
for 5 mana. I doubt the latter will be the main reason this gets played
(although its stats are decent if you want to search for 7 with Wild
Pair), so let's focus on the first.

Obviously, you'll want to thin your deck only in a combo deck and seeing
as how 2 life is nothing as long as your combo goes off, this card is
probably worth it. You might want to side this out against aggro though
as giving your opponent a free 2 life difference could spell a loss for

Some people think it's a automatic 4 but I'm still not sold. Cycling
all 4 copes is a pretty steep 8 life.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Casual: 3.5/5
Limited: 1.5/5, who cares about deck thinning?

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