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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Magus of the Scroll
Time Spiral

Reviewed October 25, 2006

Constructed: 2.9
Casual: 3.38
Limited: 3.78

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

Jeff Zandi

 5 Time Pro Tour

Magus of the Scroll

This is one of the more highly celebrated new cards in Time Spiral, and I must say I was very excited to hear about it myself. Cursed Scroll is a longtime favorite of mine, and I was so glad to see a new version of it printed that I was willing to ignore the severe shortcomings of the new version. Cursed Scroll is a one casting cost artifact, you can play it in ANY deck, your opponent is not likely to have many cards in his deck that will get rid of it. Magus of the Scroll is a dude, a little, tiny 1/1 red dude that only goes in certain kinds of decks, and EVERY deck you play it against will contain many ways to get rid of it. In limited, the ability of Magus of the Scroll is powerful enough to make you play him every time, just try not to overrate him too much. Cursed Scroll was a very safe play on turn one, an efficient use of your mana even though you would not be actually using the Scroll for several more turns. Magus of the Scroll is a suicidal first turn play in limited, in my opinion. The word is out, in the world of Time Spiral limited, every player knows that there are a number of one toughness creatures that must be dealt with. Cards like Grapeshot, that might not have been considered very useful in other sets, are very useful in Time Spiral limited for that very reason. In constructed, Magus of the Scroll will be very useful, almost as good as the original Cursed Scroll, in CERTAIN mono red decks. This card is very powerful, but unlike its brown bordered ancestor, it is all too easy to destroy.



* Game Store Owner

Magus of the Scroll - Wednesday 10/25

I like this card. But I do have to say "OVER-RATED!" *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*
Really. This guy is useful. Let's not deny that. But this card is most definitely not a Cursed Scroll. It's only a 1/1 creature. That's what keeps it balanced. You should definitely play this card. Just don't allow yourself to become overly enamored with it.

Constructed: 3.5
Casual: 3
Limited: 4.5


Magus of the Scroll

Obviously, revealing a card in your hand isn't a wise tactic if you've got super secret tech, but usually surrendering a piece of information like that is worth doing two damage for. The fact that you need to reveal the card at random is irrelevant; just have one card in your hand. Despite being a 1/1 for R, this is a late game card. Don't drop it on turn one. Play it as the last card in your hand, and use it as a pinger. And try not to get it killed by a random Grapeshot or something.

Constructed- 2.8
Casual- 4
Limited- 4

Jordan Kronick

Magus of the Scroll - To talk about Magus of the Scroll, you have to talk about Cursed Scroll. Why was Cursed Scroll so good? It provided reusable direct damage to all colors. It did it for a very small cost. And it did it on a card which was hard to remove. Magus of the Scroll fails at two of these things. The card is red, so it will only go into decks which already have access to the best burn in the game. It does have the same small cost, but unfortunately it is attached to a 1/1 creature. Artifacts might not be impervious to harm, but they're a lot more durable than a 1/1. The number of cards that can remove this are very high. Now, that doesn't mean this is a poor card choice. Grim Lavamancer was a 1/1 and it saw a ton of play. This guy will too. But don't rely on it to be your sole route to victory like you might rely on a Cursed Scroll. This guy is a team player, not a leader.

Constructed Rating - 3.2
Casual Rating - 2.8
Limited Rating - 3.4

Nick Tan

Magus of the Scroll

Sorry, but this Magus’ predecessor, the original Cursed Scroll, was way better than this Scroll-on-a-stick. The main problem with this one is that it’s a creature. And a 1/1 at that. That means almost anything can get rid of it. The ability is still random, and if you really want red burn, I will kindly point you in the direction of far better cards like Rift Bolt and Jaya Ballard, the REAL reusable burn. And she’s a hottie, while Magus resembles Doctor Doom- come on, the choice is obvious!

Constructed: 2
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 2

KC MetroGnome

Magus of the Scroll

This is one of those cards that will force you to go into a color if you see it in a draft. Even if you open it pack three, it means that you will be at least splashing red. Like Jaya last week, this card is a must-kill for your opponent, as reusable removal will win you the game. It will probably die before you get much use out of it, but that means you've drawn one of their precious removal spells. It could be okay in constructed in the right deck, I just don't know what that deck is. It's very fragile. In casual, this would certainly be a lot of fun, even if it gets killed in a big hurry by your group.

Constructed - 2 (too fragile, but I hope someone proves me wrong)
Casual - 3
Limited - 5


Magus of the Scroll

And now for the Cursed Scroll remake. This is yet another card for the RDW deck to have fun with, as it is a very efficient damage dealer. This pales in comparison to the original, though, because a) it's a creature (and being a 1/1 dies to every removal spell in the book) and b) it is not colorless, and therefore is shut down by CoP: Red. That is not to say it is a poor creature; it is good, but not awesome.

In casual, he's Cursed Scrolls 5-8 for your deck. Try it out.

In limited, it's great to have, and is splashable. Reusable damage is always good here.

Constructed - 3
Casual - 3
Limited - 4

Gackley Ferguson

Well what we have here is one of the Magus. Wizards have been doing this a lot in the past few sets, picking a type of card, and making one of each color. Bringers from Fifth Dawn, the Dragons from CoK, the Eidolons from Dissension...etc.

I have to say, I'm not that Impressed with the Maguses. Some of them have their place, and unfortunately I don't see this being one of them. The only real way I can see this being useful is if you can guarantee what card you're going to be selecting. I'd only bet this horse if you have one or two cards in hand. Otherwise you're spending 3 mana on the CHANCE that you're going to do 2 damage to a creature or player. I for one think that there are many more cards that will give you the same effect for less cost.

Constructed: 2.7/5
Casual: 2.7/5
Limited: 2.7/5

I gave all three categories the same score today because I don't really see this card as being useful. Its a 1/1 that can give you the chance of doing 2 damage. So at the very best, you cast it on turn 3 and hope to play its ability starting turn 4. If you play him any eariler you run the risk of him being burned away. Use this only if you can insure that the 2 damage will go through...otherwise I'd pass.

Cyrus Huang

Constructed: It's funny how this card is so similar to one of the greatest constructed cards ever is just not good. One reason is because of the card pool. Cursed Scroll was truly dominant in red sligh, back then with all the fanatics, jackal pups, and ball lightnings. We don't have anything like that now, but we just might when 10th comes in (incinerate + mogg fanatic) so it gets put on the shelf until then. The big issue though isn't that those decks emptied their hands so fast that curse scroll became a shock every single turn, gruul or zoo can do it almost as fast, but creature removal is just too prevalent in constructed. Artifact destruction is very insignificant nowadays and was back then, but every deck is packing some sort of creature removal now. You're much better off playing a far more efficient creature. You could say that this card suffers the Jaya Ballard issue.
Still people are going to put it in gruul and perhaps zoo, but they'll never be happy with it.

Limited: Yeah cursed scroll is a 5 in limited. Since it's an artifact with such a good effect, there is absolutely no reason for you not to play it. A red creature cursed scroll is a 5 though right? Well it's much worse in that it requires red (though just 1, so it's not that big of a deal) and is easily removed as a creature. I guess once in a million games it'll win you the game by being a chump blocker. Whatever, it's still a bomb. It's repeatable removal which is always sick. You play it.
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