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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Nightmare Void

Reviewed December 02, 2005

Constructed: 2.75
Casual: 2.68
Limited: 2.89

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

Jeff Zandi

5 Time Pro Tour

Nightmare Void

In limited and constructed play, Nightmare Void has proven itself to be a very valuable card. In either of these very different kinds of Magic, Nightmare Void provides a reusable way to get ANY card out of an opponent's hand. In Ravnica limited, it just never seems to be much of a problem to pay four mana, particularly late in the game, to strip your opponent's hand of whatever tricky card he is trying to hold on to for the just the right time.

In Extended constructed, this card has helped Psychatog decks a lot in the late game. In either case, the card is great not because you get rid of a card in the early game, but because you can use it and dredge it back at any subsequent draw opportunity giving you a way to keep your opponent's hand under control.



* Game Store Owner

Nightmare Void

This card is neat in concept. It's recursive hand destruction. Unfortunately, it's not cheap, from a mana standpoint. If I was playing a deck with hand destruction as the theme, I might play 2-3 three of them. Most likely just 2. However, in most other decks, it's going to be hard for me to find space for it. I suppose it could be used as a sideboard card against slower control type decks.

Constructed: 2
Casual: 3
Limited: 1.5

Paul Hagan

Nightmare Void

Is that all? I'm not terribly impressed with Nightmare Void. It costs way too much for a discard spell that doesn't hit multiple targets, and I'm not sure I'm willing to give up my one card to Dredge to get my opponent's one card that may or may not be relevant. This card, much like Muddle the Mixture yesterday, absolutely screams sideboard and doesn't really seem to have a place in a main deck anywhere.

Constructed Rating: 2.0
Casual Rating: 1.5 (so many better options...)
Limited Rating: 2.0


Nightmare Void

Irritating as hell in limited play. Your opponent can systematically strip your hand in a couple turns. It's a bit expensive for typical play, but can be quite decent in limited play and should be considered.

Could also be casual worthy for a deck centered around hand destruction.

Constructed - 2.5
Casual - 3.5
Limited - 4

Phoenix Tamer

Nightmare Void

Now besides being a little on the expensive side, this card is alright. I like that your not limited to which kind of card you have to pick, an the dredge ability adds a little extra. Yet, it is only one card, but it's only 1 black mana needed, so you have to look at the fact that you maybe shorted with black mana and even with one you can play it. Definatly Limited maybe constructed, not so much casual, afterall there is duress.



Jordan Kronick

Nightmare Void - This one's already seeing a lot of tournament play.
Any Dredge card is worth looking at, and this one is actually pretty sweet. Recursive discard is something they've played around with in the past. Whether it was the painfully bad Skull Fracture or the painfully slow Mind Peel, it's been mostly failures up to now (the one exception of course being Cabal Therapy). Nightmare Void succeeds in that it can dodge graveyard removal with a well-timed card draw. It only costs one black mana. It let's you choose the card to be discarded. It's about as good as we're going to get for one-card discard these days. Pinpoint discard is often looked down upon by casual players, but this one has at least proven itself in tournaments.

Constructed Rating - 3.5
Casual Rating - 3.0
Limited Rating - 3.25
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