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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Etched Oracle - {4}
Artifact Creature

Sunburst (This comes into play with a +1/+1 counter on it for each color of mana used to pay its cost.) 1, remove four +1/+1 counters from Etched Oracle: Target player draws three cards.


Etched Oracle 
Fifth Dawn Uncommon

Reviewed May 6, 2004

Constructed: 2.25
Casual: 3.3
Limited: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Interesting.  Card draw is always great, BUT... the only way your going to be doing that with this card is if you 4 different colors of mana available when you cast it.  And even then, all you get is a 4/4 that you can sac for 3 cards.  Chances are, though, you aren't going to have 4 colors to cast it, so you end up holding it too long hoping to draw more colors, or you are going to have an inferior creature on the board. 

Wizards is obviously trying to balance out the first 2 sets of Mirrodin block's heavy artifacts.  They seem to be pushing toward multicolor synergy.  Unfortunately, cards like this aren't going to cut it.  They just don't give us enough incentive to go out on that small of a limb.  The 5 color limb is fraught with danger, as it is way too easy to get color screwed. While they are coming out with some card to help balance it (see Joiner Adept), I'm not sure they can do enough.  Hopefully they will prove me wrong...I can see the Domain strategy as being a lot of fun.

In casual, some players might take on the challenge of a 5 color deck as a whim. I can see this snaking it's way into some fun domain decks. Crystal Quarry has suddenly seen a huge surge in demand after the Sunburst mechanic was announced.

In limited, unless you also pick up a lot of mana smoothing, don't bother with this.

Constructed: 1.5
Casual: 3
Limited: 1.5

   Combos Well With:
Crystal Quarry - Odyssey - $3.99

Judge Bill

*Level 2
MTG Judge

*game store employee

Etched Oracle
The standard for blue card draw has been four mana for 2 cards as a sorcery effect. (See Concentrate.) If you are playing 4 colors, you now have access to the same type of card draw, without having to worry about playing heavy blue. Although, I'd have to question why you'd want to sac this to draw the three cards unless it was being destroyed. a 4/4 body for 4 mana is nothing to sneeze at.
Casual players will play this card as they like to play a lot of colors, and a 4/4 body for them is great. The card draw is just gravy. (And don't get me started on using Coretapper and Power Conduit with this...)
In limited, I wouldn't play this unless I was playing 3 colors, as a 3/3 for 4 is about average, and a 2/2 for 4 is pretty poor.
Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 4.5
Limited: 2

Ray "Monk"
* Level 3 DCI Judge
*DCI Tournament Organizer
*Game Store Owner (Gamer's Edge)

Etched Oracle


Like this card doesnít go in every Modular deck anyone has every built. Seriously, I like this card, itís not great, but itís very fun. I really think it should have been only three counters removed to draw a card. Compare it to Concentrate if you want to analyze the card drawing. In its current form, Concentrate would have to have a casting cost of UBRG to do the same as Etched Oracle. Would you play Concentrate if that were its cost?


Constructed:                 2

Casual:                         4

Limited:                        2


2 Grand Prix Top 8's

Multiple Pro Tour appearances

Etched Oracle


This seemsÖinteresting.  I keep wavering back and forth between saying that this is just too difficult to be good, and feeling like itís got a whole lot of potential.  For now, Iím going to say that swinging four colors outside of Affinity really isnít something to realistically expect, making this card not so good.  However, Iíd also recommend keeping an eye on itÖ


Öas I *definitely* see this making an impact in formats like Prismatic and Five-Color.  Iím really hoping to be able to add a few of these to my Pris deck online, though it really doesnít fit in unless the format has at least 250 cards.  I also see this as a feasible card in Mental MagicÖwhile four is another popular cost for artifacts, the ability to net so many cards for the cost is very, very nice.


While I donít really think this sounds so good for draft, I believe this is a very solid card  for sealed deck, simply because of the frequency that you can end up playing at least three colors in sealed.  As long as you can come pretty close to guaranteeing that heís going to be at least a Hill Giant, youíre doing okay.  Remember, he also works extremely well with Arcbound creatures.


Constructed:  2.0

Casual:  3.5

Limited:  3.0


* Level 1 DCI Judge

*game store employee

* gaming for over 15 years
Etched Oracle

This card has casual play written all over it. Sunburst is a mechanic that is supposed to reward you for playing multiple colors and most of the time it wont. With Etched oracle you are going to be rewarded if you can get it up to four counters so that you have the ability to draw three cards. Now the draw cards is nice but you have to have four different colors of mana when you cast it to get the counters or cast another spell that gives it counters. Maybe you could play dragon blood or some arc bound creatures and you could abuse it but I donít really see it happening. I would love to be proved wrong on this guy but I just donít see it happening.

Constructed 2

Casual 2

Limited 1.5


* game store owner (The Game Closet - Waco,TX)

* pro tour player

* Scrye writer since 2002

This guy is overbalanced, but I can understand why.  Unfortunately, unless you are able to put four colors into it, it's not that great.
I think some casual guys might be able to abuse this though when you put it in a deck that has a lot of ways to move counters around to it has arcbound creatures.  We shall see though. 
Overall, I don't like it, but I do think it is going to have some fun and interesting uses.
Constructed: 2
Casual: 3
Limited: 2

Jeff Zandi

5 Time Pro Tour

Level 2 Judge

Etched Oracle
Not a very good card unless you are playing a deck with access to four or,
God forbid, all five colors of mana, Etched Oracle is just plain old
UNPLAYABLE in a tight two color deck. It doesn't look like I'm going to be a
big fan of the new play mechanic of Sunburst. I think I would rather a
Starburst. Okay, now if you DO have access to as few as three colors, you
get a 3/3 for four mana that you can sacrifice to draw THREE cards. Blocking
and killing an attacking three toughness creature and then drawing three
cards sounds really good. Having to have three  or more different colors of
mana is the hard part.
CASUAL:            3.0
LIMITED:            3.5

 Van Zandt

Etched Oracle
You -must- pay all 4 of his sunburst (have him be a 4/4) for this guy to be
worthwhile... otherwise he's a sub-par hill giant or worse.  But with all 4,
  he becomes worthwhile cost-wise and more importantly, card advantage wise.
  All that said,  I don't see him being good enough in constructed, at
all...  unless you've got some cheap counter-creation engine, like forgotten
ancient, and even then, that's a janky combo, casual players only.
constructed 2
casual 3.5
limited 3

Secret Squirrel on the

Etched Oracle

HmmÖ colorless creatures that can use their counters to draw cards.. Block, sac, pay 1, draw 3 cards. This mechanic could prove to be quite annoying similar to Penavus, however, it depends how many of these cards there are. Itís 5 mana for 3 cards plus a blocker (after damage on stack). Iím not too sure how thisíll do in constructed.

In limited, itís either going to be really good, or really bad. I canít make that decision right now, so I think itíll be average. Itís a blocker + 3 cards, but you need to leave the mana open, and people will expect you to do that trick with it. Iíll be interested to see how this turns out.

Constructed: 3
Casual: 3
Limited: 3

I think the Sunburst Mechanic will prove to be a big let down and people won't bother playing with the cards much after the set rotates out (unless the cards are REALLY amazing). The Etched Oracle seems interesting but I think it is more likely that you will see this in Arcbound decks rather than in decks that try and load up 4 colors of mana. That would be the best way to break this card.

Constructed - With Arcbound and other counter transfering abilities this card could be a central part of many interesting decks - 3.0

Casual - Sunburst screams casual to me and the slower environment might make the Etched Oracle more playable - 3.5

Limited - On one hand you will probably have at least two colors on the other hand you don't want 4. I think he will at best be an expensive Bear without tricks - 1.5

PEZ - 4 mana is on the edge for most decks in this format and the ability isn't easy to meet with basic lands alone - 1.0


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