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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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8th Edition Uncommons

Reviewed July 29, 2004

Constructed: 2.2
Casual: 3.1
Limited: 3.3

Constructed: 2.8
Casual: 2.7
Limited: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Um....why do they figure these two go together?  Maybe because Confiscate costs so much that you'll need to untap after Rewind. Heh.

As far as playability in tournament constructed, Confiscate costs too much.  End it there.  Rewind might be playable just because of the lack of counterspells in the present environment.  But Blue doesn't like spending 4 mana to counter. So, eh.

In casual, Rewind is boring.  Confiscate is more along the lines of stuff that Timmy likes, something grandiose like stealing stuff from their opponent.

In limited, Rewind could be interesting if you are already heavy Blue.  Confiscate is very playable, and a definite addition to Blue builds.
Constructed: 1.5
Casual: 3
Limited: 4

Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 1.5
Limited: 2.5


   Current Price:
Confiscate - currently 8th Edition - $0.39
Rewind - currently 8th Edition- $4.49

Judge Bill

*Level 2
MTG Judge

*game store employee

Review them together? No thanks, as that's not how I voted. The vote for me was between Persuasion and Rewind. I thought, what happens if I vote for Persuasion? Some people on the message boards for this promotion claimed this would let a better counter than Rewind get into 9th Edition. I don't see that to be the case, as we aren't guaranteed a 4cc counter (or any counter, for that matter) if Persuasion makes it. I'd rather take the known in this instance that is playable over an unknown that might not be (Discombobulate, anyone? Fold Into Aether, anyone?). The fact that Confiscate is tacked onto the vote is a card that I have to bring along for the ride. Besides, Control Magic only costs 4, not 5.
In casual, they don't care about the Rewind, and they play Control Magic anyway, so this vote really doesn't affect them one way or the other.
In limited, I'd rather be able to take any permanent, even if I have to pay one mana more.
Constructed: Rewind: 4, Confiscate: 2.5
Casual: Rewind: 2, Confiscate: 3
Limited: Rewind: 1.5, Confiscate: 4

2 Grand Prix Top 8's

Multiple Pro Tour appearances



And here we are, ladies and gents, as mentioned earlier in the week:  the reason why Magic players should not be allowed to choose cards to reprint.  If we were going to be stuck with a 4cc counter, it should at least draw a card; instead, we got Rewind.  For this reason, this gets a poor grade, not to mention the fact that Confiscate is incredibly poor when compared to Persuasion.


Because of the varied range of permanents (artifacts, enchantments, etc.) that you sometimes have to face in casual games, Confiscate can be a great solution; combine the fact that the environment tends to be much slower and you have a pretty decent card for a fun environment.  As usual, counterspells in casual or group games tend to suck, so Rewind fails to contribute anything here.  Both of these are decent in Mental if youíre up against a wall, but both of these CMCís have far superior uses than whatís listed here.


While Rewind is just decent in draft, Confiscate can be ridiculously powerful, taking your opponentís best creature and allowing you to smash with it.  While itís expensive, we are talking about an environment that isnít the quickest here, and there are generally quite a few ways to stall.  Consider both of these reasonable picks, with Confiscate being a very strong one.


Constructed:  2.0

Casual:  2.5

Limited:  3.5


Jeff Zandi

5 Time Pro Tour

Confiscate and Rewind
When Confiscate first appeared in Urza's Saga, I thought it was a little
pricey. I was wrong. Six mana to take possession of ANY permanent is very
nice. Having said that, Confiscate is STILL a little bit expensive for
constructed, but the cost is just fine for limited. The reprinting of Rewind
in Eighth Edition SHOULD have been big news, but it just wasn't. Rewind was
picked for reprinting in Eighth Edition over Dismiss, but neither card is
that interesting for constructed play. While the general slow rise in card
cost that we have seen over the years in Magic has, in general, not damaged
the game, counter magic is one area when four mana really can be too much to
pay. When its time to cast a sorcery, play an enchantment or a creature,
four, five, six or more mana can be defended as a powerful move. Leaving
that kind of mana open and passing the turn to your opponent just so that
you can maintain the ability to play expensive counterspells that can
themselves be disrupted is bad Magic.

CASUAL:               3.0
LIMITED:               3.5

CASUAL:              3.0
LIMITED:              2.5

Ray "Monk"
* Level 3 DCI Judge
*DCI Tournament Organizer

Confiscate and Rewind (vs. Persuasion)


I donít have a lot to say about this one. It seems like an unfair bet. Both Rewind and Confiscate are good cards, and still played regularly in the Casual community, and even some times in competitive play. So the two for one vote made these two cards a shoe in. Maybe if they had offered up Control Magic versus Rewind and ConfiscateÖ.


Constructed:                 2/3

Casual:                         4/3

Limited:                        3/2



* game store owner (The Game Closet - Waco,TX)

OK. Let's take two cards that no one plays against and put them against a good playable card. That seems like a fair contest right? So why in the heck did WotC decide to give us Confiscate AND Persuasion vs. Rewind. They aren't even the same rarity. Confiscate and Persuasion get very little use. Rewind gets played all the time. It didn't need a partner in crime to beat either of these two other cards.

Constructed: 2
Casual: 3
Limited: 3

Constructed: 3.5
Casual: 3
Limited: 2.5

 Van Zandt

No clue why we're doing two cards here,  regardless of how they were voted
on.  Rewind I like...  but it's no counterspell.   It's solid for what it
does, though,  which is let you counter something and still have more mana
open after for another counter,  or to fact or fiction or somesuch. 
Confiscate is great in limited,  but so is control magic.  I think I'd have
preferred treachery overall.  You'd think with rewind they'd have considered
treachery too... especiallly since it's constructed worthy and confiscate,
for the most part, is not.
constructed 2.5/2
casual 3/3
limited 2/3.5

Secret Squirrel on the

Confiscate and Rewind
This time, readers got to vote between Confiscate and Rewind vs. Persuasion (seriously what kind of a vote is that?  Oh well).  Now we get to steal permanents for too much mana, and untap lands.  Great. =/  At least itís a hard counter, but the only spell you would use after countering a spell is Fact or Fiction, which isnít exactly legal in Type 2.  Confiscate will always be there as a cool casual card, but wonít be used in constructed because it costs too much.  Rewind will probably go down in value in favor of Condescend and tomorrowís card.  It will probably continue to see no play as you cannot really take advantage of the extra 4 lands.
In limited, both arenít that good in limited.  Especially in a core set, trying to play mind games isnít worth it.  Four wasted mana is not cool in limited.  Confiscate is once again, too expensive.
Confiscate ratings:
Constructed: 2
Casual: 4
Limited: 1.5
Rewind ratings:
Constructed: 3
Casual: 2
Limited: 2.5
Confiscate & Rewind --

Welcome to a day of completely unfair! A week or two ago, R&D decided to put these *two* cards against Persuasion! How is that even remotely fair? Confiscate is almost as good, and I'm pretty sure Rewind would win the vote all on its own! Are we sure this vote wasn't supposed to be Rewind vs. Confiscate and Persuasion?

Ok, end rant. Rewind is in because of last years vote, and its effects have been seen on the Standard metagame. Check out many of the blue-white decks running around right now, and you'll likely see at least a few copies of Rewind.

And what is more fun that stealing stuff from your opponent in casual play? You can't pack all of the fun cards in your deck, but you can at least take them from the other players! Six mana seems like a bargain! Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Confiscate in Constructed, though I could see it making a small impact against Tooth and Nail.

As far as limited is concerned, I usually won't play Rewind as I would prefer to use my mana to make a threat and not to prevent an opponent's threat. Confiscate is another story. Don't like what your creatures look like? That's OK! Steal your opponents'!

Constructed Rating: 3.0 for the two [Confiscate lowered it]
Casual Rating: 3.5
Limited Rating: 3.0 [Confiscate raised it]

Confiscate + Rewind
Constructed - Stealing permanents isn't as good as you may think it'd be. If you can find a permanent worth stealing, for W the opponent can get it back. Rewind is a little better. In standard, a format where it is hard to find good hard counters, this is one of the better ones. Four mana available? Cast this for free, or just counter a spell, and turn your U into 3 with a tapped cloudpost in play among other posts. Together, these form no special combo besides... Control.
Casual - Confiscate = Steal deck, plain and simple. Confiscate, persuasion, now Steal Artifact as it is much more useful with Mirrodin block. It is the king of stealing stuff. For Rewind, if countering isn't frowned upon by who you play with, this one isn't too shabby. Still leaves you open for an end of turn Inspiration/Fact Or Fiction/'Nother counter.
Limited - Having opened a confiscate in every single 88888 Sealed I have ever done, I am a fan of it in Both limited formats (draft/sealed). It's a steal your opponents bomb card, and not many people run main deck Enchant kill. For Rewind, It's counter your opponents bomb card! It's probably the best counte for limited in 888 (in my humble opinion). Both cards are good picks if your already mainly blue.
Constructed - Confi - 1.5 Rewind - 2.0
Casual - 3.0/3.0
Limited - 3.0/3.0

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