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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Eternal Witness 

Reviewed July 16, 2004

Constructed: 4
Casual: 4.2
Limited: 3.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

It seems there always has to be one insane uncommon in every block.  Skullclamp has the title for Mirrodin block, but lost it due to being just a bit TOO good.  Well, we have a replacement, and it's Eternal Witness.  This card screams "Control!" all by itself.  You can make a deck that can recur almost any theme, and some of them well enough to be tier one.  Permission, Land Destruction, Burn... recur your spells, and bounce back your Witness with a Crystal Shard to replay it and again recur the spell.  The combo is truly evil, and I'm sure the metagame will call for some "remove from game" counterspells.

In limited, Regrowth for any card is pretty damn good.  If you have the green to support it, you definitely play it.

In casual, this could be a true Combo king, and I'm sure there are a billion spells that Witness and Shard can abuse.  You are only limited by your imagination. Other spells mentioned by my team members include Viridian Shaman, Thirst for Knowledge and Krosan Tusker.
Constructed: 4.5
Casual: 5
Limited: 4

   Current Price:
Eternal Witness - Fifth Dawn - $6.19

   Combos Well With:
Viridian Shaman - Mirrodin - $0.58
Thirst for Knowledge - Mirrodin - $1.40
Krosan Tusker - Onslaught - $0.15

Judge Bill

*Level 2
MTG Judge

*game store employee

Wheee, an unrestricted Regrowth for type 1. (Well, for a short time, anyway. They seem to like to restrict all Regrowth type effects in Type 1.)
This has already seen play in Mirrodin Block Constructed. It will also see play in most other formats, as the ability to return a card to your hand from the graveyard is a powerful effect to build your deck around. As long as you can get the double green to cast it, I'd play it in any format, including limited, where you need the effect.
The only strike against this is, why isn't it an elf?
Constructed: 5
Casual: 5
Limited: 5

2 Grand Prix Top 8's

Multiple Pro Tour appearances

Eternal Witness


The only (and I mean only) reason that this doesnít get an outright five is because the mana-cost is GG1; the double-green limits it to play in certain decks.  That being said, this is the best card in Fifth Dawn.  Itís going to see play in just about every single environment, from Standard to Block-constructed to Extended,  and it doesnít require anything in particular to be useful; itís good all the time.  While the ability isnít overly and obviously powerful, itís ridiculously efficient and versatile.  Iím glad to see a card this good in print, but Iím also happy that there arenít too many like it.


Itís just as dumb in casual games as in competition.  The same remarks as above apply here; if you manage to find GG1 in Mental Magic, this is probably the first card you should think of.


While the cards you have in draft arenít going to be as powerful as in constructed, this is still probably the best green uncommon youíll happen across in draft.  It might even be the best green card of any rarity available in Fifth Dawn, due to what was listed above.  It doesnít swing a game, but it enables your good cards to be that much better since you can use them twice.


Constructed:  4.5

Casual:  4.5

Limited:  4.0


Jeff Zandi

5 Time Pro Tour

Eternal Witness
I don't think I like this card as much as Jonathan Pechon. (I don't think
ANYONE likes this card as much as Jonathan Pechon does!) However, let's all agree on one thing: Eternal Witness is a great card. Hmmm, Regrowth was
considered too powerful at 1G. Okay, now it costs one more green to cast.
Oh, and for the extra trouble, we'll throw in a 2/1 creature. In Mirrodin
limited, Eternal Witness goes with so many cards its just crazy, but no
better combo than bounce technology in blue that will put Eternal Witness in
your hand to be played over and over again. In constructed, this card is
good enough to go instantly on WOTC's watch list for every constructed
format it appears in. Currently, Witness promises to make Standard (Type II)
and Mirrodin Block Constructed formats a greener, and much more interesting,
than they were before.
CASUAL:              4.0
LIMITED:             4.0

Ray "Monk"
* Level 3 DCI Judge
*DCI Tournament Organizer

Eternal Witness


Talking to many of my friends, the overall consensus of this card is ďit would be great if it wasnít green.Ē While I understand the current bias against green, I have to disagree. I think it is one of the best Come Into Play creatures to hit in a long time. Regrowth has long been restricted for a reason, and getting a 2/2 beat stick with my Regrowth sounds like a good deal to me. Weíre already seeing this card in Tooth and Nail decks, and I expect to see it pop up a lot in block as well. A solid card.


Constructed:                 4

Casual:                         4

Limited:                        4


* game store owner (The Game Closet - Waco,TX)

OK, we know that Regrowth was good enough that it was a problem in Type one. However, they went and gave us this card. I'm not complaining though, I love it. There are a ton of tricks you can do with this little gem, just because it is attacked to a 2/1 creatures. You can expect to see a lot of this card around in the standard environment and block constructed for the next few months.

Constructed: 4
Casual: 4
Limited 4

 Van Zandt

 Eternal Witness
Um... well... they restricted regrowth,  then gave us things like elven
cache,  then they print this?!  cheaper than cache, and with a body
attached?  Seems someone changed their mind...  Obviously one of the best
cards in block, and everyone's talking about her use in multiple extended
decks already...  regrowth girl is gonna see some play.  A good follow up in
the "$4 uncommon" trend.
constructed 4
casual 4
limited 3.5

Secret Squirrel on the

Eternal Witness
I always thought this card was underrated when Fifth Dawn was released.  Now itís popping up in G/W Slide, because of its powerful ability to bring back Viridian Shaman or Krosan Tusker.  Maybe in Tooth and Nail builds too, but otherwise Constructed doesnít have a need for this ability in green, not to mention green isnít being played that much. 
In Casual, this thing is good with anything that has a come into play effect.  Plus itís an uncommon.
In limited, Iíd take it.  Brings back a creature and you have a 2 power creature.  
Constructed: 4
Casual: 4
Limited: 4
Eternal Witness --

By far, this is my favorite green card out of Fifth Dawn. Eternal Witness has way too many tricks attached to her to go into too much detail, but think of anything that bounces a creature as that much better when Eternal Witness is on the board. Although not popular now, control decks that utilize bounce as a defense will be a bit more careful when staring down the barrel of an Eternal Witness. Honestly, I like Eternal Witness in just about every format, so let's post ratings like...

Constructed Rating: 4.0
Limited Rating: 3.5
Casual Rating: 4.0

Eternal Witness -
Constructed - Im not as big of a fan of this card as well... The entire magic playing community. It really depends on whether or not UG Control is a fluke or not. I believe it is, but for the sake that it seems to be doing well, I can't deny that this is one dang good card.
Casual - JohnnyCard! Putting this into a desire deck can be sick. Putting it into your Green Beats deck can help make your opponent wish he had more removal. This can go into nearly every green deck. Combine it with the ever popular bounce and crystal shards, and your combo deck is set.
Limited - 3 mana for either, that removal you used on the Clockwork Vorrac, the turn before your opponent played his Platinum angel. Or the creature, your opponent killed 2 turns back that was going to win the game for you a turn later. Or the Thirst for Knowledge you used on turn 3, hoping to dig for some resources with no luck. This card will let you reuse any of them. Just tap the lands, and you get back your bomb.
Constructed - 3.5
Casual - 3.0
Limited - 3.5

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