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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Mirrodin Common

Reviewed July 13, 2004

Constructed: 3.7
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 1.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

You are seeing a lot of decks that are mana intensive popping up with Cloudposts and Urza Lands (Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, Urza's Powerplant). If you have only one or the other, it's not quite enough to depend on, but between the two sets, you can get some pretty crazy things going on, especially in this artifact heavy environment. With just 4 Cloudposts on the board, you can create 16 mana.  The one drawback is that if you tap one, you have FOUR mana, and if you can't utilize all four, you will mana burn.

In Limited, this is pretty bad, ESPECIALLY in sealed deck where you'll see 2 at most (if you get a foil).  In limited, it could work out if you get passed enough, probably 4 minimum, and you also need heavy mana.  But usually it just doesn't work out well.

In Casual, Cloudpost (and the Urza Lands) are AMAZING!  Timmy, Powergamer, is just begging for ways to play his Leviathan, Darksteel Colossus, etc., and here's the ticket.  Reap and Sow & Sylvan Scrying can go and get your Cloudposts and Urza Lands.  Now go play your Leviathan. (I'm giving it a pretty high rating due to its being the mana engine to make SO many high cost casual things happen.)
Constructed: 4
Casual: 5
Limited: 1.5

   Current Price:
Cloudpost - Mirrodin - $0.51

   Combos Well With:
Urza's Tower - 8th Edition - $1.42
Urza's Mine - 8th Edition - $1.43
Urza's Powerplant - 8th Edition - $1.48
Darksteel Colossus - Darksteel - $10.67
Reap and Sow - Darksteel - $0.18
Sylvan Scrying - Mirodin - $0.87

Judge Bill

*Level 2
MTG Judge

*game store employee

Finally, a decent card to review again. This goes great in any deck you need lots of mana. The first one isn't a bargain, because it only produces one mana, and it comes into play tapped. The second one is where it starts to get good, at a net of 3 mana (2 mana for it and the other Cloudpost produces an extra now). 3 and 4 of these are just great.
Very playable in control decks in constructed. In casual, I'd imagine this would see quite a bit of play too, since it gives you more mana to cast you spells.
In limited, even if you manage to draft 3 of these, they usually aren't worth it. Especially with sunburst now, you need all the colored mana you can get.
Constructed: 4
Casual: 4
Limited: 1.5

2 Grand Prix Top 8's

Multiple Pro Tour appearances



The availability of Urzaís lands make this a tad less powerful in Standard, but this still makes a strong impact in block with Tooth and Nail.  Obviously this is a proven card in constructed, helping to make several of the control decks more powerful by enabling them to power out spells like Decrees, Vengeance, and a host of others.


In the slower world of random games, Urzaís lands are even better and let you play even more ridiculous spells.  This is unless you play the ďFour Cloudpost MandatoryĒ group game, where things will just spiral out of control at an obscene rate.  Fun for everyone!


If youíre wanting to try to make this work in limited, you probably need at least three of these in your deck, more if possible.  Then you need some spells to effectively abuse with it.  Then you need a really good draw.  Then you need to wonder why you 0-1íed the draft because you didnít draw colored mana.    

Constructed:  4.0

Casual:  2.0

Limited:  1.5


Jeff Zandi

5 Time Pro Tour

A bunch of us have tried to make this card good in limited. In limited, this
card can work, but only in the unlikely scenario that you have four or more.
Even then, once Darksteel arrived with Land Affinity cards that you often
want in your deck, the idea of devoting three, four or five slots in your
draft deck to Cloudpost is iffy. OBVIOUSLY you don't try to run this card
with only two copies in your deck (please don't ask why one copy is out of
the question). In constructed, this card can work beautifully. The best
thing about it is that when you play your second, third or fourth Cloudpost,
even though you are a turn away from using the one you just played, you have
ALREADY made your other Cloudposts better. Considered slightly less
desirable to Urza's lands for the job of making lots of colorless mana,
Cloudpost strategies are certainly good enough to play.
CASUAL:             3.5
LIMITED:             1.5

 Van Zandt

I actually think this is one of the best balanced "2 mana" lands out there. 
Obviously it has shown its worth in tooth and nail builds, but it also
worked its way into some slide and white control builds, and may see future
play as well...  and I'd play 4 in any group game deck I'd make.
constructed 3
casual 3.5
limited 2

Ray "Monk"
* Level 3 DCI Judge

While not a super strong card, the Nut Collector is the highlight of flavor. This guy belongs in any Squirrel deck, and is just too fun to not play. The problem is that he costs six mana, which is a ridiculous amount for a 1/1. Still, its not a tournament card, itís a fun card, play it in a game where you will live to turn six, and then go to town and have fun. Donít forget those Acorn Harvestís too!


Constructed:                 1

Casual:                         5

Limited:                        1


* game store owner (The Game Closet - Waco,TX)

I have a feeling that people are going to want to rate this really high, but I'm not so sure it should be rated show. The reason is that it doesn't go into every deck. Admittedly, the decks it goes in can really use it to good effect. I can't think of any reason that a casual player would really give this card a look when there are a lot more cards to produce a lot of mana with (and colored mana at that). Limited players aren't going to really want these, because you need them in multiples to be effective.

Constructed: 3
Casual: 1.5
Limited: 1.5

Cloudpost is being abused in some current decks but it doesn't have what it takes to be a real power card. While mana acceleration is important for most decks, Cloudpost is a slow means of achieving that goal. The card is only strong in multiples and also comes into play tapped. The fact that is can't generate mana the turn it comes into play is the greatest problem with the card and makes it only effective for decks that can force mid/late game control.

Constructed - You need to have a deck that can play for overcosted late game effects - 2.5

Casual - Longer games and less aggression focused on you allows for this card to be abused for late power plays - 3.0

Limited - Drafting them isn't a problem, you could get 2-3 easy but why would you want to? - 1.5

PEZ - A fast environment with access to better lands doesn't need Cloudpost - 2.0


Secret Squirrel on the

One of our colorless mana accelerators, the other being the Urzatron.  Tooth and Nail decks, and control have tried to decide with whether they should use the urzatron or the cloudpost.  I am always going back and forth about this card.  I think cloudpost is the most powerful, but if you can focus on bringing out each urza piece, it can be powerful, mainly because it only applies to you.  Then again, you can also use your opponentís posts with yours (not really against, as they can get some benefit depending on how many they have).  Then again, with the urzatron, you have more than 4 out.  All things aside, Iíd have to say that Cloudpost is better than the urzatron at the moment because the urzatron is too specialized.  With Cloudpost, you can pick up a few a go with the mana, with urza, you need 3 different cards.
Not really worth it in casual, though not bad either.  I donít mind if my deck is slow, I just want to get stuff out. 
In limited, itís definitely useful if you can pick up a few.  Any mana acceleration is generally good.  Especially since you can use colorless with all the artifacts running around.
Constructed: 4
Casual: 2
Limited: 3.5
Cloudpost --

By far, I think this is one of the best lands printed in quite a while. It isn't too far out of the question to draw more than one of a card during the course of a game, meaning you will already begin to reap the rewards of playing Cloudpost. Once you add green, however, Cloudpost really goes nuts. Tooth and Nail decks are running Sylvan Scrying and Reap and Sow (both Type II and MBC) to help their mana by searching down Cloudpost, and judging from the results from many National events, that plan is working.

In limited, Cloudpost is less than stellar. I usually won't ever pick one up, unless I see three or four running around in the later picks. If I can scoop three, then they might have a shot at making the cut in a limited deck with a high mana curve, but other than that, forget 'em.

In casual play, I like Cloudpost. A lot of the better cards that want to see play in a casual environment are high cost, and Cloudpost can definitely help with that.

Constructed Rating: 3.5
Limited Rating: 1.5
Casual Rating: 3.0

Cloudpost -
Constructed - When building decks that need a lot of colorless mana, you decide between Urzatron, and Cloudposts. Which is better? You decide. Cloudpost needs 4 land, while Urzatron needs to run 12 usually. Cloudpost has seen more use in Tooth & Nail, and even in some March builds. Cloudpost definitely cuts the cake, 12 colorless mana on turn 4? Unlikely, but hey, that's still a lot of mana. 9 For 3 posts, 4 for 2, 16 for 4.
Casual - Timmy players love cloudpost. You can put it in your deck praying to get turn 4 Darksteel Colossus's. You can throw in Non-basic land fetchers and make it even easier to get all the mana. In Multiplayer team games, having all partners run cloudpost can get you 32 mana max. from 4 lands. On average, it will probably be about 4 mana a land. Do I even need to say how you can use this land? Blaze, Colossus, etc.

Limited - Not worth it. You'll have to hope to get more than 1, because otherwise its a dead pick.

Constructed - 3.5
Casual - 2.5
Limited - 1.5

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