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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Phyrexian Negator

Reviewed August 17, 2004

Constructed: 3.00
Casual: 2.83
Limited: 2.41

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Judge Bill

*Level 2
MTG Judge

*game store employee

Tuesday - Phyrexian Negator
A classic risk/reward card. Against comb decks, this guy was golden to Dark Ritual out on the first turn. You took the risk, though, of your opponent going "Mountain, Shock (or Bolt)," which would make you sacrifice both the land and the Negator.
Kinda neat to build a casual deck around, especially if you can have some way of getting repeatable sacrifcial permanents.
In limited, it was OK, but not great. The sacrifice required was hard to deal with sometimes.
Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 2.5

Jeff Zandi

5 Time Pro Tour

Phyrexian Negator

Tacos and fajitas…I LOVE Phyrexican food! Seriously though, Negator was a very popular monster in mono black constructed decks as well as in limited (when you were lucky enough to see this rare). The two keys for the over-powered-black-card-with-serious-potential-downside are trample and a cheap casting cost. Phyrexian Negator has both. This card was good enough to see play in both aggressive and control-combo decks. This card transitioned well from Type II into Extended, where it is still a wrecking ball.


Ray "Monk"
* Level 3 DCI Judge
*DCI Tournament Organizer

Phyrexian Negator


Boy, did Dark Ritual make this guy good. Ok, ok, Dark Ritual made a lot of cards good, but it was a defining requirement for this card. Against any of the control decks of the time, a first turn Dark Ritual/Phyrexian Negator was game. The Nevinyrral’s Disk would come online one turn too late, as would the Powder Keg. Taken on its own, however, Phyrexian Negator was not nearly as good, as often by turn three an opponent could have a blocker or two, and the last thing you want to have happen is you Phyrexian Negator getting blocked. Still, it can have its place in MonoBlack Control, with a rash of Edicts to keep blockers out of the way while it delivers its fatal four hits.


Constructed:                 3

Casual:                         2

Limited:                        2


* game store owner (The Game Closet - Waco,TX)

Tuesday - Phyrexian Negator

This card is a prime example of "risk vs. reward." It's a huge creature for such a cheap cost, but he has a huge chance of backfiring on you. The truth is that you really want this against decks with few creatures or little direct damage. This minimizes your risk of playing it. Casual players don't seem to like this card because of the potential to lose your own permanents. I can't say blame them really, because of amount of burn spells showing up in casual games.

Constructed: 3.5
Casual: 1.5
Limited: 1.5
Phyrexian Negator --

I'm not really sure where this card stands in constructed right now. Even Psychatog is running burn in Extended, making playing an early Phyrexian Negator a scary choice. At best, it has become a sideboard card for Rock decks to play against match-ups where the coast is clear (see: no dudes or burn). I will give credit where credit is due: this card was much better in its day in Type II.

Negator can be a monster in casual play, where Dark Rituals are still around and crazy combos are taking a while to set up. Who needs to wait for their buddy to make an army when you can start swinging for five a turn, starting Turn 1.

In limited, Negator might or might not make the cut into my deck. It seems like he would be decent if your opponent got a bad start, but if they keep up, you are stuck with a close-to-worthless card on the board.

Constructed Rating: 2.5
Casual Rating: 3.5
Limited Rating: 2.0

 Van Zandt

 Phyrexian Negator
The measuring stick of fatties for suicide black, this guy is tougher and stronger than his casting cost (green's efficient creatures are usually just 3/3's for 3 mana, this guy doesn't just outstrip them, he leaves them in the dust for mana curve value), and he has what a lot of his "replacements"
(grinning demon, for instance) don't, trample. His drawback is often not as harmful during the early game, during which he is enormously powerful, and in any environment with dark ritual, he's absurd. He also seems custom tailored to go with other negative-effect cards in black you may want to sac, like Sarcomancy and Necropotence.

constructed 3.5
casual 2
limited 2.5

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