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Reviews and Rebuttals from Rurouni KJS
January 13, 2009

Here are a couple of responses to recent HC articles on Pojo. 


To jberclaw: Team Rebuttals!


U Owlman 87

 + Nanobots 10

 + Lucky Break 5

 + Running Start 5

U Karnak 79

 + Nanobots 10

 + Lucky Break 5

V Storm (Danger Room) 40

 V Lockjaw 38

+ Double Time 5

Maggie Sawyer 10

Professor Storm 4


Josh's team (reprinted above) is good...for two years ago. With only one unretired element on the squad, it's absolutely no good for restricted tournaments, but with WizKids gone, "retirement" is little more than a word, depending on your venue.


More problematic is the fact that the current (and perhaps final?) Heroclix rules cap feats at 10% of your team build (to prevent rampant feat abuse). So this team is over the limit by 10 points. This is a GAME rule, not a tournament one, so WizKids' demise doesn't grant a pass here.


Fortunately, both Lucky Breaks could be dropped with virtually no effect to the team thanks to Owlman's CSA offering rerolls on those critmisses. Or dump Double-Time, which Lockjaw really doesn't need all THAT much, even with the new Carry rules (unless your opponent is a punk who hides in the corner all game) and keep LB on Karnak for those occasions when Owlman can't save a bad roll.


Finally, how would I do a restricted version of this team?


Karnak 79

Question 37

E Mr. Miracle 98

+ Takedown 6

+ Loner 6

JL Green Arrow 70


Miracle functions as a vicious tie-up and support element to stall for Karnak. Loner (since he's the only one on the team with his keywords) makes him very hard to hit and Takedown makes it hurt to even try. Green Arrow replaces Storm. He's not Stealthy, but he has much longer range to compensate (10 + Running Shot) and a longer dial. Question is Stealthed Outwit on top of Miracle's. Or you could drop her for SR Scarlet Witch if you want Prob.Control more than hidden Outwit.


At 288-290 points, this team leaves about 10 points for extra feats, too, but it'll work just fine without them.



And now, a response to Mennisor's top WORST sets:



10. Icons - totally agree with this selection. Just too few pieces, especially with so many unneeded -- and unimproved -- remakes. (Starfire? Cyborg? Beast Boy? WHY?)


9. Secret Invasion - You're out of your mind if you don't think Dr. Strange and Skrull Ms. Marvel aren't two of the best pieces in the game, let alone the set. Then there's Gee, who's the among the cheapest TK and can actually fight a little (and boost teammates' health if KO'd). Hercules, who's a great brick. Spider-Man, who's EXCELLENT. Skrullojacket, who's shockingly effective. Iron Fist. Best Iron Man yet. Best Elektra yet. Annihilus. Super Skrull Avengers. GAMORA. NAMOR!!!!! SI is a great set. Even if you don't like it, it oughta be better than Icons!


8. Collateral Damage - Though I loved a lot of this set, I can't really disagree. Aside from Dr. Mid-nite, there's not much I pull to play from this one.


7. Avengers - Moon Knight's SP version of Perplex/RCE/CCE is a microcosm of everything that was wrong with WizKids -- tries to do too many things at once and kills itself trying and failing to do the most important one. And then, as you said, there's A-Bomb.


6. & 5. Xplosion & Critical Mass - X-Plosion's cheap non-comic-based generic supports were the worst thing for the game. (What's a paramedic doing IN a superhero fight? They don't show until it's OVER). Critical Mass is one "I" from being what it really is, as a set.


4. Sinister - would have been better with the 60 character format than with the REV format. Three versions of Jack O'Lantern in one set is two more than anyone ever wanted. ANY. ONE.


3. & 2. Marvel Universe & Batman: Alpha - Batclix was supposed to be an easier-playing version of HC designed to ease newbies into the deep and often complex full version of the game. And there are some decent pieces in Alpha, though none are nearly as elegantly or efficiently designed as Seth Johnson's in the main game. Including team symbols would have made them SO much better.


Universe, though? No excuse for that pile.


1.Hypertime - No sir. I don't like it, either.


Dishonorable mentions?

Fantastic Forces - I agree, but only because 3-figure boosters do not rock and the transporters and giants didn't rock ENOUGH.


Days of future past & 2099 collectors sets - 2099 has Doom. That alone is almost enough to make it worthy. (Almost.) DOFP, though? Colonel Logan is NOT enough to make up for the lamosity that is Hound.


Arkham Asylum - Can't agree here, so much. But then, I'm fairly well-versed in comics lore. Only a fig or two I didn't recognize.


Giants - Giants DO rock. Atom Smasher alone was enough to convince me to buy a brick, but the other 6 giants all compelled me to get the set. 


Great article, despite my difference of opinion!

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