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Fullmetal Alchemist Anime
Episode Guide

  1. Those Who Challenge the Sun
  2. Body of the Sanctioned
  3. Mother
  4. A Forger's Love
  5. The Man With the Mechanical Arm
  6. The Alchemy Exam
  7. Night of the Chimera's Cry
  8. The Philosopher's Stone
  9. Be Thou For the People
  10. The Phantom Thief
  11. The Other Brothers Elric Part 1
  12. The Other Brothers Elric Part 2
  13. Flame vs. Fullmetal

  14. ------
  15. Destruction's Right Hand
  16. The Ishbal Massacre
  17. That Which is Lost
  18. House of the Waiting Family
  19. Marcoh's Notes
  20. The Truth Behind Truths
  21. Soul of the Guardian
  22. The Red Glow
  23. Created Human
  24. Fullmetal Heart
  25. Bonding Memories
  26. Words of Farewell

  27. -----
  28. Her Reason
  29. Teacher
  30. All Is One, One Is All
  31. The Untainted Child
  32. Assault on South Headquarters
  33. Sin
  34. Dante of the Deep Forest
  35. Al, Captured
  36. Theory of Avarice
  37. Reunion of the Fallen
  38. The Sinner Within
  39. The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant, & The Mystery of Warehouse 13
  40. With the River's Flow
  41. Secret of Ishbal
  42. The Scar
  43. Holy Mother
  44. His Name is Unknown
  45. The Stray Dog




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