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Dreamblade 2-4 player board
by Jack (Vornargith)

Hey Pojo Dreambladers,

The PDF attachment is a low-res version of the Deamblade playing board for up to 4 players. A version in higher resolution and broken into 10"x10" panels is available if you like this idea... just let me know.

A couple of note on the gameplay ...

The limit for total characters per square is 8 (+1 location) with a max of 4 per player.

Optional: There are five "Vortex" squares on the map. If a character enters a vortex, it is teleported ... roll an initiative die to determine which vortex the character is teleported to. A roll of 6 means the character is banished.

Players may want to impose their own range limits on certain powers such as warp strike or teleport, but that's strictly up to individual gamers.

The map is a whopping 50" x 50" but can be printed down to 40" x 40"

Click here to download

11.15.06 Update:

Hi Dreamers ....

Here some optional material for use with the multiplayer map I submitted a while back ... hope it works out.

- Jack (Vornargith)

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