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Pojo's Dragonball - DB vs. Pokémon

Welcome to DB vs. Pokémon. This is a humor section, and is also fanbased, though I will add some of my own later too. This is basically where you add reasons on why you think DB is better than Pokémon or vice versa. Thanks for checking out this section...

DBZ teaches us to kill people, but according to Pokémon, beating them to the point of fainting is the key

DBZ didn't have too many second rate crap of movies, but Pokémon is full of them

DBZ fans who make websites can actually create a good layout, where as Pokémon fans stick some links and some words without a table usually

All of DB-Z-GT is over 500 episodes long, and they were actually good. Look at Pokémon, can you say the same?

DBZ isn't continually milked by a company just trying to make money by releasing several similar games

In Pokémon, the humans get cute little animals to fight for them, but in DBZ they actually get off their lazy butts and fight themselves [ Submitted by Eimaj Nillirk ]

While Pokemon offers you kids that are under the age of, oh i'd say 12, DB-Z-GT has people of all ages. Take Chi-Chi and Bulma for instance. They sure are lookers, while in Pokemon they have that one girl who looks like she could use a few more years on herself. [ Submitted by XxPm5kxX4 ]

In Pokémon, the episodes are so continuous, every episode is basically just that Team Rocket tries to steal Pikachu, and they fail. In DB-Z-GT, different stuff happens in each episode, even if the same fight continues for several episodes, it is very exciting and some un-expected always happens. [ Submitted by Goten6641 ]

Because you can't give a good reason why DBZ is worse than Pokémon! [ Submitted by Whirkpat925 ]

There aren't NEARLY as many anti-DBZ sites/games as there are anti-Pokémon sites/games. [ Submitted by Wolf5614 ]

Pokémon can't say anything except their name and everyone acts like they know EXACTLY what they're saying, while in DBZ they can speak actual English and if a character speaks another language, the characters don't act like they know it unless they actually do know it. [ Submitted by Wolf5614 ]

In Pokémon they do the same thing over again.Ash and gang is in a place. He finds a Pokémon. Next,Team Rocket trys to capture Pikachu. Then fails and blast off again. While in DB-Z-GT,every changes. They never do the samething over again. [ Submitted by Cooldude2k ]

DB-Z-GT have evil villians like Frieza, Cell, Buu and Bebi where as Pokémon has hhmmmmm..... Mewtwo. I'm scared, my Pokémon might faint, nnooooo, have to heal at Pokémon Center. How lame !!!! [ Submitted by Symeog ]

Well the card game will never be as good as pokemon's in my opinion, but the show is definitly better. The english pokemon show is so corny and too full of stupid puns. Too much of the same old same old. Very predictable. For those of us who only watch english DBZ, and dunno what's gonna happen, it is barely predictable and can twistturn at any given time. It is also a very cool show. [ Submitted by tdOg ]

Pokemon has over 7 games for JUST GAMEBOY, NOT INCLUDING SNAP, STADIUM, AND STADIUM 2, just to keep them alive. Dragonball Z has only three games for Playstation, but THEY'RE AWSOME!!!! A Burger King Pokemon toy(the pokeball) killed a 13-month old child, so what do they do, REMAKE THE TOYS WITHOUT THE POKEBALLS!!! You don't see anyone dieing from the Burger King DBZ toys do you? And plus, the BK DBZ toys come with a promo battling card for the new series, BK Pokemon gave out cards with Pokemon pics and data. It's not that hard to tell which one is better, is it? [ Submitted by Alex L ]

Pokemon is like turning the blood off in Mortal Kombat and doing 25 friendships and babalities in a row. [ Submitted by Derek P ]

Because we'd rather see villans get put off the face of the planet than chanting every episode "We're blasting off again." [ Submitted by HaNKymAN04 ]

All I have to say is that DBZ and PokeMon are well different. The age group for PokeMon is much larger than it is for DBZ. So PokeMon has to try to make episodes that will suit a large age group. You cant compare 2 shows that are made for different viewers. [ Submitted by The PokeMaster ]

No...... No offense, but pokemon really sucks. DBZ actually has a good storyline. In, in Japan, pokemon might be a little cooler, but since parents in America are really pathetic, it sucks in America... DBZ has been so censored, that its almost getting annoying. But i tell you this DBZ is far better and will be forever better than Pokemon. DBZ forever !!!!! [ Submitted by PJROM007 ]

I have to say that i watch both of them but dbz is much better then pokemon because it has real"anime" while pokemon is too much of a kid show to be called anime. [ Submitted by Vicki Bragg ]

DBZ gets you up and rooting for a character and smackin the T.V. and it adicts people to watch it tons! People actually want to tape something worthwhile and go buy shirts for DBZ with their favorite characters on it. Even the shirts look better than the pokemon shirts! Cmon people, people on DBZ like Frieza can blow a planet up while Pikachu can do diddly squat and shock a person! [ Submitted by Stoney Lake ]

DB - DBZ - GT never gave anyone a seizure. [ Submitted by JinjoKid ]

Although the Nintendo videogames of pokemon are fun to play, the cartoon series is really bad because of how the characters are and the story. ITS TOO CHILDISH!!!!!!! Only SOME pokebattles are fun to watch, like when Ash is losing and pikachu getting beat. [ Submitted by MaverickHunterX ]

I'd say that Pokemon is more of a 'girls' thing, because of their Cash Cow. (You know who I mean.) DBZ has all genders watching. And, DBZ is more exciting and new every epesode. Pokemon is rerun, rerun, rerun... And a nother reason. DBZ is on a sucsessful network, Cartoon Network, while Pokemon is stuck with Kid's WB. [ Submitted by PikaChaz64 ]

The characters are more realistic. I mean, who would carry around disformed little monsters that only say their name and you can barely understand what their emotions are. But for instance when the gang was battling Vegeta, Chi Chi was balling her eyes out or fainting the entire time! [ Submitted by Mindy S ]

Who'd wanna watch Pokemon?? Every episode you see Pikachu use the same moves!!! Thundershock+Thunderbolt (i'm so scared.) And Team Rocket still got their same korny pokemon. [ Submitted by Kevin91287 ]

The pokemon tv show is only bad because the same thing happens evry episode however it is made for little children and little children like the seeing the same things. (that is what teletubbies is based on) But, DBZ has those STUPID action figures! I HATE them! also, DBZ trading cards?!?!?!? The ONLY good part of DBZ is the TV show! ANother thing is pokemon sites are only bad because they are made by 9-10 year olds (that is also why there aren't as many anti-DBZ sites -kids can't make them!) Oh yeah! one more thing, my pokemon site may not be the greatest or even great but it is still good! -dragonheadz (don't send hate mail, I never said I hate DBZ I just don't like the toys) [ Submitted by dragonheadz ]

Know why pokemon is better than DBZ? Once a character dies, it is dead. It doesn't get killed ten times in ten different sagas. And another reason pokemon is better than DBZ is because most pokemon viewers know how to spell and use proper grammar when they submit things to pojo's web page. I do think the DBZ webpages are very well set up and I believe you did a nice job on them. Still I enjoy watching both pokemon and DBZ but I enjoy poemon a bit better. Thanks for your time. [ Submitted by Draw2Day ]

DBZ is better than Pokemon in a number of ways. First of all, Dende can heal anyone(except himself), anytime. On Pokemon, it's the same old,"Pokemon Center! Potion! Super Potion! Full Heal! Max Potion!" Second, People die in DBZ, much more than you can say about Pokemon, like Goku thinks it out, flys by Frieza, and next thing you know he fell to pieces. Pokemon,"Thundershack! Make em' pass out! That'll teach em'!" Same old stuff. [ Submitted by Todd S ]

Dragon Ball is better then Pokémon because the graphic is much more better and if you play Chrono Trigger, you will know how good is the graphic compare to Pokémon because they were all drawn by the same artist. Pokémon is so easy to draw that I can draw it so quickly. Second, if you have the DBGT song, you enjoy listening to it but listen to pokemon music, it is worse than 'London Bridge is falling down'. [ Submitted by Edmun Etomac Chan ]
Please do not send any entries for now. I will open this section up again sometime in the near future, though. Thanks.


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