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Who'd Play Who?: by Eric
(From 2001 ... so forgive us if it's dated,
 it was good at the time  ;-)

Son Goku

Robin Shou of Mortal Kombat and Beverly Hills Ninja would be the best choice for the role of the great Son Goku. Give him that funky hairdo and an orange gi and he would be perfect. Also, due to Mortal Kombat, he has experience playing fictional characters of incredible strength.

Teenage/Adult Gohan

I think that Brandon Lee of The Crow would have made a great actor for this role. I mean, picture him with his hair straight up in the orange and blue gi. He would be perfect.


Jet Li of Black Mask and Lethel Weapon 4 would be the best choice for Vegita. He looks like he could be Vegita, and he is an amazing fighter.


In my opinion, Elizabeth Hurley of Austin Powers would make a great actress for this role. Of course she would have to use more of an American accent, but that's what being an actor is about.


Nicole Kidman of Batman Forever and Eyes Wide Shut would have absolutely no problem getting this role. She is beatiful, a talented actress, and even has the body of Buruma.


Racheal Leigh Cook of She's All That would be the ideal woman for the role of Mr. Satan's daughter. She obviously looks just like her and, though she's only been in crappy movies so far, she is still a very talented actress.

Kamesennin a.k.a. Muten Roshi

Dana Carvey of Waynes World and Saturday Night Live would be the perfect choice for Roshi. Not to offend Mr. Carvey, but he is rather bony physically, yet he still has a little muscle tone showing, just like Roshi. He is also a great impressionnest in characters such as George Bush and the Church Lady. He would probably be the only actor that could pull off Kamesennin's personality.


Sarah Michelle Gellar, best known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer could be the perfect actress for this role. All she would have to do is dye her hair blue, and she would almost be a identical match for Vegita's daughter. She is also a martial artist, so that would work out as well.

Android 20

Sean Connery of The Rock, Entrapment and former James Bond, would be the ideal choice for this role. Though it is a pretty small part for an actor of his state, his demeaner would be the perfect resembalence for the doctor. I've also always seen Dr. Gero with an English accent. Though I know he did not have one in the series, please don't hate mail me calling me a FUNimation wanna be

Android 18

Cameron Diaz of The Mask and Something About Mary would be the best choice for this role. (Notice how I am using the same words over and over again. Where the hell is that thesauras?) Though her height is a little different than what Android 18 appears to be, her facial features and body are too much of a match with the android that she would be the only choice for this role.

Android 17

Joseph Gorden Levitt, best known for his role in 3rd Rock From the Sun would have to be the one to play #17. He would just have to grow his hair out again and the resembalence between the two would be uncanny.


I have received many suggestions for this guy, and after seeing him, I completely agree that Goldberg of WCW is the perfect Nappa. Just look at this guy, he is the only person that I have yet to see that looks this much like Nappa. But, I don't watch wrestling, so I don't know anything about his acting ability.


Danny Devito, best known as Penguin from Batman Returns and Renaissance Man, would be better for this role that Bobcat Goldthwait as I had previously posted. I can just see this guy stuffing his face claiming to be the one that trained Goku.

Son Goten ( GT )

Keanu Reeves from The Matrix would be the best person to play Son Goten in Dragon Ball GT. I have also received many suggestions for this, so I figured why not. If everyone else agrees, why not let it be. He is also experienced in martial arts due to the Matrix.


Dolph Lundgren from Universal Soldier and Showdown in Little Tokyo would be the perfect choice to play the role of the legendary Super Saiyajin. He is big enough, height and size of muscles, and kind of looks like Burori if you imagine Dolph with long hair.

Mirai no Trunks

I have received many e-mails stating that Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic and The Beach would be the choice actor to play Mirai no Trunks. Personally, I don't agree with this, but if he is who all of you would want, then you got it.

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