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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

What if...Raditz never came to earth?


From: EricM3742@aol.com [mailto:EricM3742@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 4:04 PM

Well it would propably go like this. Nappa and Vegeta would come one year after Raditz was supposed to come. Goku and the others were unaware of everything that was comeing so Goku is only 525( He was stronger because the saiyans came one year than they did in the normal timeline so they trained but didn't know about the saiyans so they're not amazing), Piccolo was 500, Tien was at 280, Krillen was at 255, Yamcha was at 200, Chaioutzu was at 180, Gohan is at 35 normal but 2,800 angry but doesen't go to fight since Goku doesen't know about his hidden power. Nappa would fight first. Everyone would would attack together. Tien would be destroyed with an energy ball. Chaioutzu would self destruct and Nappa would be completly unharmed. Yamcha would fire a kamehameha followed by a mini spirit Bomb. Nappa would deflect them back at him complelety desroying yamcha. Goku would step up to the battlefield. Nappa would offer him a chance to join him and Vegeta. Goku would refuse. Goku would then get pissed at the loss of his friends and shoot the strongest kamehameha he could ever hope to generate at power of 3,900. Nappa would struggle with the beam but would get rid of it eventually. Goku would remember the Hyperbolic time chamber and try to get away. Goku would start to get away but would get a fist in his face and Nappa would offer him onelast chance to join. Goku would say no Nappa would say that he will end up just like his friends. Goku would then tell thm that they will be alive again after this is over. Goku would say out loud( after being beaten up somemore) '' If only i could get to the time chamber!''. The saiyans are intriged and they let him go. He says he needs one day to train meanwhile the saiyans start to look for the dragonballs. Goku and Piccolo go in first They train for 24 hours and then they come out Their power levels are:


                              Goku: 12,000


                             Piccolo: 10,000


              They would go to the saiyans Goku would fight Vegeta and Piccolo would fight Nappa. Goku would hold his own but Vegeta would get serious and start to win. Piccolo wouldfight Nappa and beat the crap out of him and kill him with a Special Beam Cannon. They would double team him. Vegeta would go to his max. of 18,000. Goku would fire a Super kamehameha doing damage. Piccolo would fire a Mesenko that would destory half of Vegeta's armor. Vegeta would get pissed and fire a Galik Gun that would do heavy damage to Piccolo. Piccolo would then fire a Special Beam cannon that would nearly criple vegeta's arm. Vegeta would blast Goku and Goku would get launched a few islands back. Vegeta would then kill Piccolo Goku would get pissed and fire another kamehameha that vegeta would deflect at Krillen killing him. Goku would get realy pissed off. Vegeta would beat on Goku sommore. Gohan( he came to watch aswell as Chi Chi) would get pissed and headbut Vegeta. vegeta would kick him into Chi Chi. Chi Chi would run at him and Vegeta would kill her Goku would get pissed and go false super saiyan he would get up to level 300,000. Goku would punch vegeta into the air and Blast him to pieces. Goku would give Gohan a Senzu and relize that he has tremendouse power and take him with him to Namek( along with Bulma). Goku and Gohan would train for one month on the space ship. After the training their power levels would be:


                                          Goku: 65,000


                                         Fss: 1,625,000


                                          Gohan: 10,000( I know this seems high but he trained with someone much stronger so he progressed quicker).


              Well anyway they would search for the dragonballs and along the way they would encounter Freiza. Goku and Gohan would rescue dende. Goku sencing how strong frieza is would go False super saiyan Freiza would go to his second form and say that he had to other stages like this. Goku would use a solar flare to get away. Freiza would send Zarbon and Dodoria. They would be killed and Raditz( He stayed with Freiza of course) would request to go Raditz would get there and tell Goku he is his brother. He would ask if he could join goku and help kill Freiza( Raditz had been training since he was supposed to come to earth and is at 7,000). Goku would have Bulma construct a gravity chamber while he Gohan, and Raditz went to go look for the dragonballs. They would get to guru's palace and get guru power ups. Their power levels be Goku 325,000, Raditz is at level about 100,000. Gohan is at level 90,000. They would train under the immense graivty and Freiza would call the Ginyu's.  Goku would be at level 400,000 after his training Raditz would be at level 225,000 and Gohan at level 195,000. The Ginyu's would arrive they would battle Goku kills captain ginyu. Raditz takes on Jeice and Burter. Gohan takes on Recoome. They easily win. Freiza notices this and goes over to fight them. Goku, Raditz and Gohan are about to call the dragon when Freiza shows up. Goku starts off as a False super saiyan and get up to 10,000,000. He would easily beat the hell out off Freiza.Freiza would go to 50% and lose Freiza would go to 100%. It would be fairly even. Goku would punch Freiza and Freiza would fire a ki blast that would rip his shirt Goku would then launch some ki blasts then he would fire a kamehameha that would do some damage Freiza would fire a huge ki wave that would blast Goku miles back. Goku would fire a Super kamehameha that would cover freiz with bruses Freiza would fire a Huge death ball at Goku which would do heavy damage. Raditz and Gohan would team up and fire kamehameha and Keep your eyes on the birdie. Freiza would deflect them back and fire a death beam killing Gohan. Goku would become super pissed and go super saiyan and get up to level 20,000,000. Goku would then beat up Freiza. Freiza would fire a Huge death ball that Goku would be trapped in but through inspiration for avenging Gohan would shatter the death ball by yelling. Goku would then say he can't allow him to harm anyone else. Goku would then fire a Huge Super kamehameha. Freiza would be cripled Goku would then fire a simple ki blast that would kill Freiza. Goku and Raditz would then use the Dragonballs to wish back. Chaioutzu, Krillen, and piccolo. He would then contact the earth in the ship and tell them to wish back Gohan, chi chi, Tien and yamcha. Goku, piccolo, Raditz, Krillen, and chaioutzu would all look for a place to train. Their power levels after the Yardrat training would be like this:



                                  Goku 16,000,000


                                      ss: 40,000,000


                                  Raditz: 11,000,000


                                       ss: 27,500,000( He learned it from training)


                                  Piccolo: 1,500,000( He didn't fuse with nail so he's not as high)


                                Krillen: 500,000


                              chaioutzu: 300,000


                   They would go back to earth and encounter Garlic Jr.. But that wouldn't matter because the saga would be about 2 episodes long. Then since Vegeta died trunks wouldn't come. But king kold would be stopped. Well the androids would come and their power levels would be better but not amazing since they didn't train for the androids. They would be like this:



                             Goku 21,000,000


                                ss: 52,500,000


                          Raditz: 18,000,000


                                ss: 45,000,000


                          Gohan: 12,000,000


                          Piccolo: 10,000,000( He is exactly like vegeta was at this point since he didn't make a friend so he's half and half all though he does kind of keep himself under control since he did sorta befriend Goku in the Hyperbolic time chamber)



                          Tien: 4,000,000


                          Krillen: 5,000,000


                         Yamcha: 2,800,000


                          chaioutzu: 3,900,000


     Well android 19 would fight first Goku would go super saiyan. He would beat up 19 but catch the heart virus. By the time he caught the virus 19 would have half of his face missing aswell as his left arm, his right arm destroyed up to his shoulder and half of his chest on the left side missing. 20 would retreat and while the fight was taking place Goku would catch the heart virus and would calapse so Raditz would step in and go super saiyan and finish 19 with a kamehameha( He lives with Goku so he also trains with him and learnes his tecniques). Then Gohan would take Goku back to a hospital. Raditz would go and hunt down 20 so would all the others. 20 would try to steal energy from piccolo so he would call the others and they would save him and destroy 20( Trunks wouldn't come so their would be no one to distract Piccolo from destroying 20). So anyway Goku would be extremely sick and would only have about 1 day to live. Raditz won't take no for an answer and would try a Senzu bean but that wouldn't do anything. So one hour before Raditz asks about the dragonballs but they can't revive somone who has been killed from natural causes. So they would be very up set then about one minute before he dies Raditz has an idea He'll kill Goku so that way he'll be able to come back. So Raditz would tell Goku his plan and he would destroy him with a powerful energy beam. Then they would wish him back to life with the dragonballs. Then cell comes and Goku would easily kill him. Then seven years later the Z warriors power levels would be like this:



                           Goku: 250,000,000


                                 ss: 300,000,000


                                ss2: 350,000,000( He learned it during the seven years of peace)


                        Raditz: 225,000,000


                              ss: 275,000,000


                               ss2: 325,000,000( he also learned it during the seven years of peace)


                      Gohan: 160,000,000


                             ss: 210,000,000( He learned it during the seven years of peace)


                      Piccolo: 125,000,000


                      Tien 75,000,000


                      Krillen: 90,000,000


                     Chaioutzu: 70,000,000


                     Yamcha: 50,000,000


                     Goten: 35,000,000


                            ss: 105,000,000


             Well anyway Gohan would do the Great saiyaman thing and be confronted by videl. The series would go the same up to the part where the world tournament. This is how it would go.



        Match 1 Krillen vs. punta: krillen would kick his ass like normal.


        Match 2: Goku vs. Raditz: Well Goku and Raditz would both go super saiyan 2. Goku would punch Raditz in the stomach and Raditz would kick Goku in the Back. Goku would double kick Raditz in the back. Goku and Raditz would then fire dozens of ki blasts at eachother. Goku would win that Goku would then fire a Keep your eyes on the Birde( He learned it from Raditz). Raditz would fire a Super kamehameha as wold Goku. Goku would win but Raditz would use instant transmission to get behind Goku and knock him to the ring. Raditz would fire two energy blasts at Goku but they would be blown back at him. Goku would use an instant transmission and kamehameha to destroy all of Raditz armor. Raditz would be down for about 7 seconds Raditz would then fire a kamehameha at Goku and punch him in the face but Goku would knock him out of bounds and win the match.


        Match 3: Piccolo vs. shin: Well since Piccolo didn't fuse with kami he wouldn't know who shin was( I think) but if he did he would forfeit but if he didn't then he would go for a kick but kai ( who has a power of 250,000,000) would beat him up. Piccolo would fire a Special Beam cannon that shin would just block. He would fire a barrage of ki blasts that would knock Piccolo down for 9 seconds. Piccolo would fire a mesenko that shin would deflect back at him knocking him out and winning.


         Match 4: Videl vs. Spopovich: This fight would go normally.


        Match 5: Tien vs. kabito: Well kabito would fire an energy blast that Tien would barly dodge. Tien would throw alot of punches and kicks crazy. None of them would come even remotly close to hitting kabito. He would punch Tien down knee him in the gut, give him 20 punches and a headbut all topped off with an energy blast. Tien would be badly injured. He would fire dozens of Tri beams at him which would do minamal damagehe would bekicked in the gut he would use a Solar Flare to blind him and do multi form and a tri beam. He would do minor damageto him. kabito would stop waisting time and kick him out of bounds.


       Match 6: Yamu vs. Gohan: Gohan would be mad at Yamu and spopovich  for hurting Videl so he would go super saiyan and fire kamehamehas left and right but yamu won't staydown after about one episode of fighting Gohan would knock him out of bounds.


       Match 7: Yamcha vs. Hercule: yes! Hercule gets defeted in one blow by Yamcha( I hate that guy anyway).


      Match 8: chaioutzu vs. killer: this fight would last about 10 seconds with chaioutzu being the victor.


       Match 9: Krillen vs. Goku: Well krillen would be readyto chiken out. But he'd fight for about 1 minute( due to Goku's niceness). Goku would block his attacks but eventually throw him out of bounds.


      Match 10: Shin vs. spopovich: Well shin would waist no time and ring out spopovich.


     Match 11: Gohan vs. Tien: Gohan would be a nice guy and play around with him for a little while. But eventually he would rough him up and drop him outof the ring.


     Match 12:Yamcha vs. chaioutzu: Well this would be a very interesting fight here is thecatch chaioutzu is stronger because he went to yardrat and got all that training so this is their fight. Yamcha would punch but chaioutzu would kick him in the chin he would then kick but would freze and be blasted he would fire a kamehameha as a distraction but chaioutzu would blast the beam up ward he would then fire another blast yamcha would freze again and chaioutzu would fire a dodonpa that would blast yamcha he would think he won but yamcha would tunnel under ground and would get a few good hits and a kamehameha chaioutzu would stop playing and would paralize him he would blast him out of the ring.


      Match 13: Goku vs. shin: Well shin would tell Goku who he is and would reveal everything to him and the entire audience and say that after the tournament he will need someones energy so Goku would voluntire after so they would begin to fight. Goku would start as a super saiyan and would get in 7 punches 4 kicks and 1 ki blast on the kai. Goku would kick him in the back and the kai would go on the offense. He would attack goku but none of his attacks would hit Goku would kick the kai and nearly knock him out but the kai would fire a spread of blasts. Goku would fire a kamehameha that would knock the kai out.


      Match 14: Gohan vs. chaioutzu: Gohan would kick chaioutzu and be shot with a ki blast but he would throw out a couple of hits on chaioutzu which would knock him out for 6 seconds. Gohan would blasthim out of the ring.


      Match 15: Goku vs. Gohan: Goku and Gohan would go super saiyan and fight with Goku having the upper hand. Gohan would fire a Double sunday( don't know the real name so I'm using it from budokai 2 he learned it from Raditz). Goku would instant transmit behind gohan knocking him down and would kick him in the back. Goku would then fire the same move and would knock Gohan down for 2 seconds. Goku and Gohan would then do a fist fight Gohan would get a few good hits but Goku would still win the fist fight. Gohan would instant transmit behind Goku and kick him in the back Goku would knock him down and just as he was about to hit the ground he used a kamehameha to propel him back they start to fight again but in the end Goku wins the fight.


         Then afterward Goku would go super saiyan and give his energy and then get it back from kabito. They would follow him to the spaceship and begin their battle. Since Goku was only in normal he didn't give Buu much energy so the tank is 1 eigth full rather than half. Well Goku would fight Pui Pui he would easily beat him up in his normal state he would then go super saiyan and kill him with a Double Sunday. Next Gohan would fight Yakon well Gohan would fight him a while in normal but start to lose he would then go super saiyan and fire instant transmission and kamehameha to kill Yakon. Then Raditz would fight Dabura as a super saiyan 2. He would beat Dabura up and kill him after 2 episodes time with an energy beam. Then they would make their way through the rest of the levels with ease and kill Babidi and either destroy the ball with their best attacks or they would just give it to kai and he'd keep it at his planet.


       Then 20 years later the z warriors power levels are like this:



                                     Goku: 400,000,000


                                         ss: 450,000,000


                                         ss2: 500,000,000


                                        ss3: 600,000,000( He learned it during the 20 years of peace)


                                    Raditz: 375,000,000


                                           ss: 425,000,000


                                           ss2: 475,000,000


                                          ss3: 575,000,000( He learned it during the 20 years of peace)


                                  Gohan: 300,000,000


                                        ss: 350,000,000


                      ss2: 400,000,000( He learned it during thepeace since he trains alot more)


                                 Goten: 250,000,000


                                       ss: 300,000,000


                                 Piccolo: 360,000,000


                                 Tien: 200,000,000


                                Krillen: 165,000,000


                               Yamcha: 135,000,000


                                Chaioutzu: 100,000,000


                                Pan: 225,000,000


       Well since Uub wasen't born Goku wouldn't become a kid so anyway Pilafwould be stopped. Baby would still come 1 yearlater and start his attack. Babywould first take over Piccolo, Goten, Tien, krillen, yamcha and chaioutzu and pan. He would stay in piccolo's body. Goku, Gohan, and Raditz would all go super saiyan. Goku would take piccolo. Raditz would take on Goten and Yamcha. Gohan would take on all the rest. Goku would punch Piccolo in the face and kick him in the head and fire massive amounts of energy blasts at him he would then fire a kamehameha that would criple him. Raditz would then kick Goten and fire a double sunday that would knock him out of super saiyan and then kick yamcha and knock him out. Gohan would then elbow tien kick chaioutzu, blast krillen and karate chop Pan knocking her out. Goku would then tell baby to leave so baby would try to take over Raditz. They would both battle at super saiyan 3 Goku would fire a kamehameha that would do some damage to raditz. Bebi-Raditz would fire a saturday crush Goku would knock it away it would be a long battle with Goku being the eventuall victor. Note: Gohan has been battling the others and defeted them pretty quick but just been relaxing during the fight. Baby would then leave Raditz and go for Goku but be stopped by Gohan. They would use a triple kamehameha to destroy Baby once and for all. The Super 17 saga wouldn't happen since 17 was never activated and myuu never wanted revenge on Goku anyway and since no evil wishes were made no Evil shenlong saga.


    So there for by coming to earth when he did Raditz not only died but he missed out on  All the great fights in Dragonballz.




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