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 Welcome to Pojo's DragonBall site!

The following information was taken out of the fourth Daizenshyu. :cough:rip off:cough:Dragon World:cough:....No, No I did not take this from Dragon World. Yes, I do realize that this section was on his site, but I had this idea before I was aware of his site with this section. As you can see I have not taken the quotes because my Japanese isn't that good yet, but I am working on it. I will basically just say the question that was asked and then say his answer. Akira Toriyama did give a reason for each response, but I have not translated those yet. This is not one of the interview's that are given in the back of each Daizenshyu, but a special thing that was done in the fourth Daizenshyu. I [Andy] ask that you do not use this section only because I did not by my books for the whole world to use this information. Sorry, but hey you can still have fun reading it on Pojo's Dragonball.
Q: If Akira Toriyama was to create another Series who would be the main character?
A: The main character would be Mr. Satan

Q: If Akira Toriyama could could have one character be his mom who would it be?
A: Bulma

Q: If Akira Toriyama could could have one character be his son who would it be?
A: Dende

Q: Which character will live the longest?
A: Master Roshi

Q: Which character will live the shortest?
A: Vegeta

Q: Out of every character which one is the -??????-
A: Shy-Piccolo
Coolest- Gokuh
Wackiest- Kamesennin

Q: If Akira Toriyama could be born again what character would he be?
A: Trunks

Q: Who is Akira Toriyama's favorite Android?
A: 1. Cell Second Form
2. Android 18
3. Android 19 and Android 20

Q: What three techniques would Akira Toriyama like to do the most?
A: 1. Bukujutsu (Flying)
2. Shunkanido (Phase)
3. Kame Hame Ha

Q: What is Akira Toriyama's favorite fight?
A: 1. Gokuh vs. Piccolo Daimoh
2. Gotenks vs. Majin Buu

Q: What is Akira Toriyama's favorite Tenkaichi-Budokai match
A: Gokuh vs. Tenshinhan

Q: What is Akira Toriyama's favorite attacks?
A: 1. Kame Hame Ha
2. Buu Buu Volleyball
3. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Q: What is Akira Toriyama's favorite item he created for the Magna?
A: Hoipoi Capsules

Q: Where would Akira Toriyama most like to live?
A: Kame House

Q: Akira Toriyama's favorite building design?
A: 1. Karin Tower
2. Kami's Lookout
3. Tenkaichi-Budokai outdoor stage

Q: Where would Akira Toriyama most like to go on vacation?
A: 1. Kami-sama's Lookout
2. The Western Capital
3. Kaioshinkai

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